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Important facts for cooking

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How to make food go further if money is short or you have unexpected guests. How to cook perfect cheese soufflé. Soufflés are God's gift to the dinner party cook.

How to cook perfect cheese soufflé

Somehow, this classic egg dish has acquired a fiendish reputation for failure that quite belies its simplicity, which means that anyone who manages to serve anything more voluminous than a water biscuit will be feted as the greatest chef since – well, that one who won the latest series of MasterChef. Even the name is in on the joke: far from the whispered breath of the word, soufflé is actually both tough and dependable. Hardly romantic, but a useful recipe to have in one's armoury nevertheless. To master the soufflé, you must first understand it. As ever, Harold McGee is good on this point, writing in On Food and Cooking that, "if you manage to get any air into the mix, an inexorable law of nature will raise it in the oven". Cooking Converstion Calculator. Liquid Conversions Enter the value, select the units of measurement, and click convert to see the result.

Cooking Converstion Calculator

Weight Conversions Enter either grams or ounces and click the button above to find the conversion. Temperature Conversions. Misc Funnies.