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John Cage

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John Cage : 4'33" JOHN COLTRANE Alabama. John Coltrane’s Handwritten Outline for His Masterpiece A Love Supreme. Click the image above to view it in a larger format.

John Coltrane’s Handwritten Outline for His Masterpiece A Love Supreme

The great jazz saxophone player John Coltrane was born 87 years ago today. To mark the occasion we present this rare document from the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History: Coltrane’s handwritten outline of his groundbreaking jazz composition A Love Supreme. Recorded in December of 1964 and released in 1965, A Love Supreme is Coltrane’s personal declaration of his faith in God and his awareness of being on a spiritual path. “No road is an easy one,” writes Coltrane in a prayer at the bottom of his own liner notes for the album, “but they all go back to God.” If you click the image above and examine a larger copy of the manuscript, you will notice that Coltrane has written the same sentiment at the bottom of the page. In the manuscript, Coltrane writes that the “A Love Supreme” motif should be “played in all keys together.”

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Le calendrier

Vortex Temporum n'est peut-être que l'histoire d'un arpège dans l'espace et dans le temps, en deçà et au-delà de notre fenêtre auditive et que ma mémoire a laissé tourbillonner au gré des mois dévolus à l'écriture de cette pièce ». Ce chef-d'œuvre de Gérard Grisey a provoqué de nombreux artistes à l'image d'Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker qui l'a chorégraphié, avant d'en faire l'exposition du mouvement pour un espace muséal. Trois images archétypales caractérisent ce « tourbillon du temps » : le temps des hommes et du langage, le temps large des baleines et du rythme du sommeil, le temps contracté à l'extrême des oiseaux. Chez Daniele Ghisi, marqué également par Grisey, An Experiment with Time enchâsse plusieurs cycles temporels - un jour, une année, une vie. An Experiment With Time © Daniele Ghisi Programme Autour du concert.

John Cage about silence. John Cage Performs Water Walk on US Game Show I’ve Got a Secret (1960) Back in 2011, we featured John Cage’s 1960 television performance of his piece Water Walk.

John Cage Performs Water Walk on US Game Show I’ve Got a Secret (1960)

Its video quality may have left something to be desired, but now, thanks to the YouTube channel of Bard College’s Richard B. Fisher Center for the Performing Arts, you can watch the entire ten-minute segment in much crisper quality than most surviving programs from that era. This unlikely happening occurred on I’ve Got a Secret, the long-running occupation-guessing game show whose guest roster also included chess prodigy Bobby Fischer, “fifth Beatle” Pete Best, and fried-chicken icon Colonel Harland Sanders.

For this particular episode, wrote Dan Colman in our earlier post, “the TV show offered Cage something of a teachable moment, a chance to introduce the broader public to his brand of avant-garde music.” You can learn more about this intersection of far forward-thinking artistry and the midcentury televisual mainstream in Laura Paolini’s piece “John Cage’s Secret,” available at From the Archives: American Mavericks: John Cage Remembers Schoenberg and Talks 4:33. Cage 6 [897-6] » Art » Gerhard Richter. Cage 4 [897-4] » Art » Gerhard Richter.