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Virtual reality in real estate. Virtual reality is spreading its wings fast in every sector one can imagine!

Virtual reality in real estate

Real Estate being one of them. Now house-hunting no longer means getting frustrated with traveling across the city, spending months in research and visiting locations. Thanks to the immersive experience being provided by the real estate portals. Real Estate is one sector where VR has shown tremendous advancement in India too. Portals like,,, are vying to grab a piece of the VR pie by introducing newer immersive experiences in their portfolios.

While every player has dabbled into virtual reality by offering virtual tours to the customers like’s slice view, India property’s Truview, and 99acres’s iHomes. To use it, a user simply needs to sport the headgear to experience virtual tour of the property of his/her choice. We can see that VR is picking up fast in real estate replacing the need for brochures, mini-scale models or short videos.

Virtual Reality in Engineering. When the famous Tony Stark a.k.a iron man suits up to take on to the world…no wonder we are left in awe of his powerful armour.

Virtual Reality in Engineering

If you are an iron man fan, you’ll remember how he checks each and every function of the suit virtually. From its superhuman strength, the ability to fly, and function of weapons, he can actually feel and see each and everything in a 3D environment. And how can we forget Jarvis, a highly advanced computerized artificial intelligence, who handles all the tricky calculations for iron man. All this is nothing but use of virtual reality to see the potential design flaws and eliminate the errors. Projection mapping in tourism.

Whenever we visit a city for the first time, we are curious to know about its history, culture and development.

Projection mapping in tourism

And we rely on tour guides who bombard us with stories which mostly remain incomprehensible. Isn’t that the most boring way of doing so? Immersive Media Experiences for Event, Film & Gaming Industries. What is Holographic 3D? NASA will let you explore Mars in 2016. Advantages of projection mapping. Imagine looking at a sky full of stars onto one entire wall, there is no way you can take your eyes away from a visual like this.

Advantages of projection mapping

Now imagine a 360 degree panoramic image of the sky, which takes your brain to the universe in seconds. That’s the magic projection mapping weaves into your brain, leaving you enchanted. Image Projection Mapping is a technique that uses specialized software and other technologies to manipulate projected images so they fit perfectly on any three-dimensional object. The images create an illusion so strong, that it becomes immersive. Let’s see what are the advantages of using projection mapping to theme or brand your event. Portability Projection does away with the need to have physical sets and props which consume a lot of time for building, transportation, setting up and at last dismantling. Flexibility The projected content can be altered according to the needs of the projection backdrops.

Limitless imagination. Augmented Reality and It's Various Applications- Srushti IMX. Pictures in a book coming to life, walking inside a 3D virtual room, moving paintings, holographic displays of information… sounds like a scene from a sci-fi movie, or a page ripped out of a Harry Potter novel, doesn’t it?

Augmented Reality and It's Various Applications- Srushti IMX

Well, Augmented Reality is no less than magical. Now you can actually experience all of this, with Augmented Reality. Augmented Reality is being perceived as “the technology of the future”. The use of Immersive Media in Industry Applications -Srushti. How Virtual Reality is Poised to Change The Way We Live? Image Source: How often do you find yourself shopping online and struggling to return the clothes because they didn’t fit well.

How Virtual Reality is Poised to Change The Way We Live?

What is immersive media experience? At different stages in our lives, we dive into the fantasy world.

What is immersive media experience?

Be it as a child who loves to dress up as a cartoon character or as an excited adult who fulfils his dreams of becoming a pilot through simulators! After all, slipping away from reality breaks the monotony of life. This shift from the real world into a fictional one is called immersion. In today’s world, where technology controls most part of our lives, immersion means not just being informed or entertained but actually slipping into a manufactured reality, also called virtual reality. Image Source : Thanks to some technological developments, we can now live the virtual world experience sitting at home.

History of Virtual Reality(VR) - Srushti IMX. Virtual Reality (VR) has been making headlines for quite a while now.

History of Virtual Reality(VR) - Srushti IMX

But did you know that the technology dates back to the 1950s? When the world was engrossed in Rock ’n’ Roll and jiving to the tunes of Elvis Presley, this technological innovation was slowly paving its way. Image Source: Douglas Engelbart, a young engineer was struck with a disruptive idea, to use computer for digital display. He connected the computer with a screen, and thus began a new chapter in the history of digital projection.

Advantages of projection mapping. What is Holographic 3D? Impact of Immersive media on the movie Industry. Image Source : People say that movies help them escape from reality.

Impact of Immersive media on the movie Industry

Movies take you to the unseen lands and unexplored waters. You could be anywhere in the world and yet be watching snow-clad mountains of Switzerland and Kung fu Masters of Shaolin. But is watching enough? What if we told you that now you can literally escape reality, and be transported to a whole new world, with movies.

There’s a thin line, they say, between real and unreal. Indie Game Studio & Publisher of Mobile Games. Animation and Visual Effects Studio. Interactive,holographic & virtual learning content.