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Asos: Being open and transparent is key to building brand trust. Asos had to take a number of difficult decisions at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic to mitigate the impact on its business.

Asos: Being open and transparent is key to building brand trust

This included turning off its next day delivery service for seven weeks in the UK and increasing its standard delivery proposition by up to 11 days. While these are what CFO Matthew Dunn describes as “cornerstones” of the Asos proposition, it had to make the changes in order to ensure it didn’t disappoint customers or force its supply chain to take undue risks. Key to ensuring there was little negative kickback from customers was being “open and transparent”. “We took a number of customer-facing decisions to avoid stimulating demand we couldn’t effectively service to ensure we didn’t disappoint customers on our delivery promise and also to ensure no one took undue risk across our supply chain,” he said, speaking on a call with analysts after the brand’s latest results. Sourcing: How the pandemic is affecting global fashion supply chains. The Corona pandemic has hit the apparel industry’s global supply chains hard.

Sourcing: How the pandemic is affecting global fashion supply chains

Sourcing: How the pandemic is affecting global fashion supply chains. Consumer sentiment and behavior continue to reflect the uncertainty of the COVID-19 crisis. Heading into the fall season, there is a renewed sense of caution as coronavirus cases soar in parts of the world.

Consumer sentiment and behavior continue to reflect the uncertainty of the COVID-19 crisis

While the uncertainty from COVID-19 persists throughout the globe, its impact is felt differently across countries. As a result, there is significant variance in how consumers respond to the crisis and adapt to the next normal. While these themes hold true across the 45 countries we have tracked through the crisis (see sidebar, “About our surveys”), the following exhibits focus on a subset of 13 core countries, selected because of their economic significance and the impact that COVID-19 has had on their populations. We strive to provide individuals with disabilities equal access to our website. Fashion Of The Future: What Retail Customer Experience Will Look Like In 5 Years. Fashion trends come and go.

Fashion Of The Future: What Retail Customer Experience Will Look Like In 5 Years

It might be difficult to predict what’s coming down the runway in five years, but we already have a good idea of what to expect for customer experience. Here are four trends to look for in fashion of the future. Why the Future of Online Retail Isn't Apps. HuffPost is now a part of Verizon Media. HuffPost is part of Verizon Media.

HuffPost is now a part of Verizon Media

We and our partners will store and/or access information on your device through the use of cookies and similar technologies, to display personalised ads and content, for ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. Your personal data that may be used Information about your device and internet connection, including your IP address Browsing and search activity while using Verizon Media websites and apps Precise location. Future beauty trends to watch out for in 2020. The Future of the Beauty and Wellness Industry.

For its nearly 30-year history, Allure has been steeped in science.

The Future of the Beauty and Wellness Industry

6 Trends Shaping The Future Of The $532B Beauty Business. Today the global beauty industry is a $532 billion business.

6 Trends Shaping The Future Of The $532B Beauty Business

The U.S. currently is the world’s largest beauty market, with about 20% share, followed by China (13%) and Japan (8%). While projections for growth vary, most agree it will continue to advance at a 5%-to-7% compound-annual-growth-rate to reach or exceed $800 billion by 2025. The future of the beauty business. Things were starting to look pretty for a moment, with the beauty industry poised on the cusp of a boom.

The future of the beauty business

The L’Oréal group ended the past decade with its best sales since 2007; like-for-like sales were up eight per cent year on year, boosted by a growing demand in Asia for active skincare and “natural make-up” looks which – contrary to the name – are incredibly product-intensive. Make-up sales at Estée Lauder Companies Inc were up four per cent, also led by a boom in Asia, where MAC lip products, Estée Lauder Double Wear foundation and Tom Ford eyeshadows were flying off the shelves.

How COVID-19 is changing the world of beauty. How the beauty industry might change after coronavirus - Insider. As a result of the coronavirus, beauty workers and retailers across the nation are struggling to maintain their businesses as usual, according to a new report from data company Poshly.Speaking to Insider, Poshly CEO Doreen Bloch said beauty service workers, like makeup artists, are facing the most difficult challenges in the industry, as many salons have been temporarily closed.She estimates that, in the future, people might become less reliant on beauty professionals and high-end cosmetic brands.Visit Insider's homepage for more stories.

How the beauty industry might change after coronavirus - Insider

The beauty industry is changing rapidly in response to the coronavirus pandemic. In a new report from data company Poshly, it's revealed that both cosmetic retailers and beauty service workers are facing unprecedented challenges to keep their businesses running as usual. UK skincare sees surge in facial care during COVID-19 says Mintel. In 2019, British consumers spent €1.28bn (£1.18bn) on women’s facial skin care products, according to Mintel.

UK skincare sees surge in facial care during COVID-19 says Mintel

Within this, 50% of women used face wash; 25% micellar water; and 25% toner. But over the last 12 months, usage rates in these facial care categories had risen, now at 55% for face wash; 29% for micellar water; and 31% for toner. The rise, Mintel said, had been driven by “heightened hygiene and increased time at home”​ during the COVID-19 pandemic. “And it’s not just cleansing which has witnessed a COVID boost, moisturising has proved popular too,” ​the market research firm said.​ The numbers of women using moisturiser had gone from 60% in 2019 to 67% in 2020 and night cream had also flourished, increasing from 44% to 47% over the same period. Savage X Fenty - TechStyle Fashion Group. Rihanna promotes diversity and inclusion at Savage x Fenty Vol. 2 fashion show - REVOLT.

Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty Vol. 2 fashion show is now available exclusively on Amazon Prime, and as many people expected, she did NOT disappoint. The singer was joined by a slew of her celebrity friends who helped present the brand’s fall collection in front of a garden-themed backdrop among many others. A Lesson on Diversity & Inclusion from the Savage X Fenty Show. Rihanna Opens Up About Diversity In Savage X Fenty Fashion Show. Rihanna Savage x Fenty: Fans call for diverse show to replace Victoria’s Secret. About — desibeautyguru. Della Vite. Gobi, la gourde française éco-conçue. Women Were Moved by Rihanna's Savage x Fenty Show on Twitter. At the stroke of midnight, Rihanna's highly-anticipated 2019 Savage X Fenty show finally premiered on Amazon Prime Video.

In behind-the-scenes footage, the singer-turned-designer talks about "not trying to make history," but everything she did on that runway made history. Like last year's show, it was all about the celebration of women's bodies and sexuality in an inclusive and diverse environment. There were women of all sizes, races, ethnicities, trans women, disabled women. “Every woman deserves to feel sexy. 1469540517717775. How the 'ideal' woman's body shape has changed throughout history. Yet no matter how aesthetically unique or historically significant a particular piece of fashion may be, most visitors to the museum typically ask one question, said Emma McClendon, the museum's associate curator of costume.

"Whether it's contemporary or 19th century, they want to know what size it is or what size it would correlate to, or what measurement it is," she said. "We as a culture, as a society, are obsessed with size. It's become connected to our identity as people. " This obsession fuels societal pressures to appear a certain way and to have a certain body type, particularly among young women, stemming from a cultural construct of the "ideal" body, which has in turn changed over time -- as long ago as pre-history. : An unexpected error has occurred. The Economics of Luxury Fashion: Is luxury fashion sustainable? Haute couture vs. fast fashion vs. prêt-à-porter Consider the consumption behaviours in luxury fashion. Although fewer garments may be purchased, how many wears does a haute couture piece get? Mintel Portal. London Fashion Week: Plus-size models protest outside calling for body inclusivity. Body positivity activists have staged a protest at London Fashion Week urging for more curves on the catwalk.

On Friday morning, the group of plus-size models and social media influencers gathered outside the British Fashion Council’s central LFW space at 180 Strand. Confronting social narratives, Camila Falquez's impactful photo project celebrates beauty and power in all forms. STILLS — CAMILA FALQUEZ. Jackson Bowley on how he exaggerates a subject's personality in his portraiture. Photographer Romany Francesca is improving inclusivity in the fashion industry. Now, she shoots with brands like Illustrated People, Asos and Los Angeles Apparel. Beyond commissioned work, Romany’s self-initiated projects are centred on improving representation within the industry for people of colour and people with diverse body types.

Her personal portraits embrace a range of visual identities, and all pay close attention to the unique character of her sitters. Lookbooks — Romany Francesca. Supermodel Slams Victoria's Secret For Body Shaming And Calls For A Boycott. Australian supermodel Robyn Lawley believes enough is enough. Amazon. Victoria's Secret unveils new campaign with trans, plus-size and older models. Victoria's Secret Is out of Touch with Real Bodies. Victoria's Secret Model Opens Up About Her Struggle With Self Esteem. The Victoria’s Secret ‘woke’ rebrand is only skin deep. Victoria’s Secret seems to be having a change of heart. Fashion Industry Funds Body Image Problems – Bodylore. The fashion industry is an industry that is growing and changing all the time. Fashion is a way of expressing who you are throughout clothes and is considered a type of art form. Fashion + Body Image Archives - Mindless Mag.

10 Authentically Body-Positive Fashion Brands That Are Changing the Industry. The body image discrimination in fashion - Mindless Mag. Home - The Fashion and Race Database. The Theft of Black Creations by the Fashion Industry Needs to Stop - Arts + Culture. Essence. Gucci, Dapper Dan, and How the Fashion Industry Fails Black People. Fashion’s Racial Divide. Black Designers Expose Fashion Nova For Knocking Off Their Designs.