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Bali cultivation

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GUEST ARTICLE: Indonesian group revitalizes economies, cultures, farms and ecosystems. In a race to create green economies, the IDEP Foundation is reviving local sustainability to regenerate ecosystems and restore traditional cultures across Indonesia.

GUEST ARTICLE: Indonesian group revitalizes economies, cultures, farms and ecosystems

IDEP Foundation is a grassroots nonprofit that helps rehabilitate prisoners, regenerate depleted farmland, restore damaged ecosystems, and revitalize local economies…all while renewing both cultural customs and the use of traditional food crops. A world of catastrophe seemed to unfold after Asia’s financial crash of the 1990s, with poverty worsening from natural disasters and deforestation, the team of resilience experts began a mission to revive social strengths and protect natural resources in Indonesia, with bottom-up inclusive conservation that communities help to design according to local customs. Bangli prison inmates enjoy organic vegetables from their garden. – Photo: Kerrie Hall Reviving a toxic paradise Toxic coconuts – Poisoned plantation on Karekelang island, N. Red-and-Blue Lory. Aquaponics How To - The Aquaponic Source Rules of Thumb. By Sylvia Bernstein and Dr.

Aquaponics How To - The Aquaponic Source Rules of Thumb

Wilson Lennard Many aquaponic gardeners have pointed out that we need some basic “Aquaponic Gardening Rules of Thumb” for DIY aquaponics. Why? Because the beginners among us could use some help with “Aquaponics How-To” without spending weeks researching what to do. I’ve had the distinct honor of collaborating with Dr. In 2006 Dr. Nothing we say in the Aquaponic Gardening Rules of Thumb is set in stone and there are exceptions to almost every one of the listed rules-of-thumb given certain conditions. Let’s get started with aquaponics how-to tips… Aquaponics System Type Media bed is recommended for new, hobby growers.

Eddy the robot can help you grow vegetables hydroponically. He wants to teach you to grow the most delicious, nutritious vegetables you can possibly imagine.

Eddy the robot can help you grow vegetables hydroponically

Eddy is a gardener unlike any other you’ve met. Is there a bowl of strawberries from your childhood that you still reminisce about? A decadent tomato salad you once enjoyed while traveling in the Mediterranean? If you can describe those dreamy vegetal encounters to Eddy, he will help you recreate them at home. Eddy is a cute little robot, less than one foot high, made of blue and black plastic. Map of Bali, based on GIS data (Southern et al. [32]), with... - Figure 1 of 6. Our Story - The Kul Kul Farm. ByeByePlasticBag. We need your support!


Plastic Bags are everywhere! We only use one for 30 minutes before it gets thrown into nature! There are already millions of plastic bags on Bali and we need you to helps us stop there being more! Plastic bags can take up to 1,000 years to break down, so even when an animal dies and decays after eating a bag, the plastic re-enters the environment, posing a continuing threat to wildlife! Plastic Bags are ruining Bali's economy! Itself! Sign The Petition! Bali was an island paradise Now it has lost its beauty to the mounds of trash piled on the Beaches, the Rivers, the Forests, It's simply everywhere! That's where we come in.

Our mission is to rid Bali of plastic bags by banning the use, sales and production of plastic bags on Bali. What do we need to achieve? Facebook. Jiwa Damai Bali Retreat - Contact & Reservation. Jiwa Damai Bali Retreat - Contact & Reservation. The Jiwa Damai Blog. Organic honey from Bali Posted in From the Founder, tagged bali, balinese bee hive, balinese bees stock, Balinese honey, bee hive, biological gardening, honey production bali, indonesia, jiwa damai, organic farm, organic honey, permaculture, retreat center on March 22, 2012 | Leave a Comment » Recently we relocated our bee family from the traditional Balinese bee hives hanging up in the trees to a more classical bee stock – square wooden boxes.

The Jiwa Damai Blog

Bees in their new bee stock Bee stock Here you can see the first results of the organic honey production. Honey Honey production We already manufactured the first jars of organic honey. On our website you can see the results: Our products Read Full Post » Bee hives at Jiwa Damai Some of our readers might already know about the Balinese bee hives that we set up some time ago in the organic garden. Bee hive up in the tree We started out with only few bees living in these traditional Balinese bee hives located in different locations all over the garden. Permies: a big crowd of permaculture goofballs. Plants For A Future : 7000 Edible, Medicinal & Useful Plants. Recommended this month New Book ** Plantes Comestibles: Le guide pour vous inspirer a choisir et cultiver des plantes comestibles hors du commun [Paperback] Edible Plants: French Translation.

Plants For A Future : 7000 Edible, Medicinal & Useful Plants

La traduction française du livre Plantes comestibles (Edible Plants) est maintenant disponible! Partagez ce lien avec vos amis. Nous sommes convaincus que les plantes peuvent répondre à la majorité de nos besoins, tout en respectant la santé de notre planète. Cet ouvrage vous fera découvrir comment cultiver et utiliser quelques-unes de ces plantes moins connues, en particulier les plantes vivaces.

Plants For A Future: A resource and information centre for edible and otherwise useful plants Plants For A Future (PFAF) is a charitable company, originally set up to support the work of Ken and Addy Fern on their experimental site in Cornwall, where they carried out research and provided information on edible and otherwise useful plants suitable for growing outdoors in a temperate climate. More. Yayasan IDEP - Welcome to IDEP Foundation. Organic Farm. Baliwood Organik Farm.