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7 ideas to use your receipt to increase revenue. Every time a customer visits your spa or salon, you’re likely generating a receipt.

7 ideas to use your receipt to increase revenue

It’s something that clients glance over when handed a printed receipt, or sent an emailed receipt. That makes receipts the perfect marketing vehicle. Check out these 7 ideas on using receipts to increase revenue, customer engagement & more 1. Promote Specials Print a coupon for the guest’s next visit directly on the receipt. 2) Encourage Customer Feedback There are a number of ways to collect feedback using Zenoti, like setting up a tablet at the front desk to capture feedback before the guest even leaves, or setting up a follow-up email that requests the customer to share feedback. You can also choose to solicit feedback directly from a receipt. 3) Promote Online Booking & Your Mobile App Online bookings help free your front desk and enables them to focus on guests that are on premise. 4) Sell More Gift Cards Promote your gift cards on the receipt. 5) Increase Retail Sales 6) Showcase An Employee.

Optimize "always-on" marketing at salons, spas, med spas, and fitness centers. The first step to getting more customers through the door is crafting the right marketing strategy.

Optimize "always-on" marketing at salons, spas, med spas, and fitness centers

And for businesses that rely on close relationships with their customers, like salons, spas, medical spas, and fitness centers, sending text and email messages is particularly effective. The downside is most staff are too busy to send personal messages to each customer. That’s why many businesses take advantage of smart marketing features like ‘always-on’ messaging. What is ‘always-on’? ‘Always-on’ is automated marketing where text or email messages are sent to the right customers at the right time without ongoing management. How Does Zenoti's All-In-One Spa and Salon Management Software Make A Difference? Bioessence chooses Zenoti as their med spa management software.

Top 3 ways to manage pilferage at your spa or salon - Zenoti. Pilferage may mean petty theft, but there is nothing petty about the hit it can have on your bottom line if left unchecked.

Top 3 ways to manage pilferage at your spa or salon - Zenoti

From an employee perspective, the best way to handle pilferage is to be transparent with your staff about the impact theft has on the business and on them. Sometimes a quick list of ideas is just the thing to get started, so here you go! Creating a clear policy that describes what does and doesn’t constitute pilferage is the first step in dealing transparently with pilferage. Once you do so, you reduce the possibility of any misunderstanding with your staff. It will also help you deal with staff in a clear cut and fair manner if you catch them stealing. The only way to identify theft or wastage for back bar products is to implement a control system that projects product usage. Giving staff discounts, free services, free products, or even birthday gift cards will create a positive workplace culture where generosity and appreciation are of value to you. Choosing the Best Salon and Spa Software-Zenoti. Software that helps you manage your salon or spa is similar to other tools of your trade, it’s a critical factor in the success of your business.

Choosing the Best Salon and Spa Software-Zenoti

With the right software, you can increase revenue, increase customer loyalty, lower costs and run your operations more easily. The task of identifying the right software can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. In this article, I’ve distilled the process down to 6 steps that will ensure you know how to go about evaluating the best salon management software or spa management software for your business.

8 ways to use text messages for spa and salon businesses - Zenoti. Zenoti Blog - An Easy To Use Spa Software & Salon Software. Massage Heights Elevates Guest Experience with Zenoti. Maximize Revenue with Marketing Campaigns for Your Spas and Salons. Spa and salon owners invest a lot of money in developing the right services, designing the right ambiance, training staff and attracting customers through marketing campaigns.

Maximize Revenue with Marketing Campaigns for Your Spas and Salons

However, many overlook a significant amount of revenue that can be gained from existing customers. In this white paper, youll learn how to build simple and low cost strategies to get your customers to spend more Beyond the Traditional Methods Traditional marketing methods include external marketing programs that use newspaper advertising, flyers or mailers. While these methods can be effective in attracting new customers they can also be costly and difficult to track.

Internally focused marketing programs help you get more from your existing customers. Spas and salons, if they attempt to get more from their existing customer base typically do so by introducing new, innovative services and through up-sell strategies. Up-selling requires that staff is well informed about services products.

Personalized Marketing. Zenoti-All-in-one, cloud software for your spa, salon and fitness business. Achieve Revenue Targets Month Over Month with Zenoti. Zenoti (formerly ManageMySpa) helps you achieve your revenue targets by providing you with the tools and access to data you need to keep your center on track.

Achieve Revenue Targets Month Over Month with Zenoti

Whether you’re a single center spa or salon or a multi-center chain, our software helps you achieve employee, center, category and org level revenue targets. Here’s A List Of Reports You Need To Look At Our real-time reports, make it easy for you to monitor your performance and see if you’re on track to meet targets. You can track performance on a daily basis and easily see how you’re performing to date in the month.

View The Center’s Monthly Performance To Date When you’re in the Admin dashboard, you’ll see exactly how much revenue and sales you’ve collected to date for the month. View Daily Reports You should receive a daily report by email, which includes a revenue and sales summary. You can access the same daily revenue reports directly from your Zenoti account. Help Managers Achieve Center Level Targets. Upsell Your Spa Using Zenoti Software. Zenoti Salon Software. Make every day a busy day with the industry’s best salon booking software Book here, book there, book anywhere—and anytime!

Zenoti Salon Software

Appointment Booking Zenoti’s appointment book goes beyond the calendar with unique list view features and a booking wizard your front desk will love. Online Booking Clients can find, book, and even pay for an appointment on a webstore custom-designed for your brand. Mobile Booking With iOS and Android apps, customers can make an appointment anytime they have their phone or tablet handy. Massage Green Fuels Business Expansion With Zenoti. Feb 29, 2016 Seattle, WA, February 29, 2016 Zenoti, a cloud-based spa management software, today announced that Massage Green, one of the largest massage chains in the USA, is using Zenoti to manage their network of spas.

Massage Green Fuels Business Expansion With Zenoti

With help from Zenoti, the company is rapidly expanding their brand and delivering significant quarter-over-quarter growth. Allie Mallad, Founder and CEO of Massage Green, launched the brand in 2008 to offer spa treatments at affordable prices. Mallad’s timing proved perfect as the public more readily embraced wellness services as part of a healthy lifestyle. Massage Green has grown to a network of over 80 locations and plans to expand to 500 branches in the next few years. To capitalize on the growing market demand and achieve aggressive expansion goals, Massage Green adopted Zenoti’s platform in late 2015. Zenoti adapts to any Mobile Devices. Zenoti-Appointment Booking.

All-in-one, cloud software for spas, salons and fitness business-Zenoti. Zenoti-Medical Spa Management Software.