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Pier 1 Grandiose Wall Clock Knock-off. Wooden Sign "Family" Hey there!

Wooden Sign "Family"

It was such a beautiful weekend for us here! We were able to enjoy our little league opening day and a birthday party for my niece and although it was jam-packed, I managed to squeeze in a little DIY! It took about 30 minutes and $20! The giant blank space above our PB Inspired Storage System , in our gameroom, finally got the best of me and inspired me to make this Wooden Family Sign;) Here’s how I did it! Supplies: MDI letters from Hobby Lobby ($1.25 after sale) 4 – 1×4 furring strips ($1 each) cut down to 58″ 11 - 3/8″x1″ Hex Lag Screws (hardware store $0.36 each) and 1 bag of 5/16″ flat washers (hardware store $2) These were in the nuts and bolts isle.

I started by spray painting the letters with Rust-Oleum Heirloom White While I waited for the letters to dry, I built the sign. I then stained the sign with Rust-Oleum Dark Walnut Stain. Next, I used Gorilla Glue Epoxy to attach the letters to the sign. Now for the fun, finishing touch! That was it:) 30 minutes and less than $20! Illuminated Canvas. Twinkle Board. Inspired by karyn’s twinkle blackboard, d*s reader maya lee created this beautiful wooden panel. aya decided to use a large panel of wood, instead of a chalkboard, and drilled in holes and inserted lights to spell the word “delight”, inspired by an essay from milton glaser. great work, maya!

Twinkle Board

CLICK HERE for maya’s full project instructions after the jump! [have a diy project you'd like to share on d*s? Just shoot me an email right here with your pictures and instructions] What You’ll Need: -wooden board -christmas lights -drill -computer/printer Here were my steps: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. DIY Light Up Headboard. Today we are teaming up with Valspar and their Love Your Color Guarantee to share our latest addition to Elsie’s guest bedroom: a light up headboard!

DIY Light Up Headboard

We wanted to create something unique and playful for this room in her home. We were inspired by marquee signs and wanted to create that feeling but in our own homemade way. We’re not exactly master craftsmen, so we kept our design simple and enlisted a little help from our dad. Here’s what we did: First we built a headboard. Next we used a projector to trace the word onto the bedframe.

Driftwood & Terrarium Airplant Wall Hanging. Lindsay and Jeremiah of the Portland-based blog Ladybird and Fellow sent in this fantastic "weekend project" to us today but we couldn't wait till the weekend to share.

Driftwood & Terrarium Airplant Wall Hanging

Vintage Signs. Today I have a little tutorial for you.

Vintage Signs

I'm going to show you how to (easily!) Make these sweet wooden signs. Burlap Laundry Sign. Basketweave Wall Hanging. Our project today involves a little light woodworking. There is nothing too intense here. You could pull this off with minimal skills and some rather rudimentary tools. For your efforts you will be rewarded with a very nice piece that can be used in a variety of settings.

It can be used as a focal point or as background to the overall scheme.I find this project perfect for apartment dwellers, particularly those who don't have the ability to paint. This large piece will bring in some color, texture, and natural element without too much commitment. For what you get, the cost of this project is very reasonable. Savour ... natural elements Get the rest after the jump...

Basketweave Wall Hanging Before you start: You should be able to find the dowels pre-cut at your local home improvement store. If you have a saw at home cut the remaining pieces or ask the home improvement center to cut them for you. Pre-drill pilot holes if possible. Bicycle Brake Disc Clock. Now get your cheap unbranded quartz wall clock, just like in the picture here.

Bicycle Brake Disc Clock

It helps that when you are choosing the clock, the length of the minute hand of the clock is a little less than the radius of the brake disc. I went for a clock with metal gold coloured hands, but the black or the silver ones would look as nice i think. Take out all the screws on the back of the clock that hold the front and back together, normally 3 or 4, so that the front of the clock comes off. Sometimes, the front transparent screen of the clock is held in place by a few little plastic clips, so use a thin flathead screwdriver to get it out.

Now gently remove the clock hands, first the second hand, then the minute one, then the hour hand.


Artwork. Organization Tools. Photo Frames. The Concrete Cottage: Latitude & Longitude Signs. I'm a fan of personalized artwork, but more than that, I'm a fan of CHEAP personalized artwork.

The Concrete Cottage: Latitude & Longitude Signs

So, when I saw L.L. Bean's Latitude/Longitude Sign's on Mandi Tremayne's blog, I was pretty smitten with them. Oh the fun I could have customizing them to any city or town I want, I mean come on, who wouldn't love them? I'll take FIVE! Then I saw the price, $34.95 per sign. Deal Breaker!!! Thumb Print Guest Book (name + date) Tiny Cork Planters.