{Vintage} Metal Stencils Last month when I did a post called, "Think Big", I showed you a terrific industrial-looking display of metal stencils from Restoration Hardware that I love. At $16 per letter, I didn't love the price. Getting the whole alphabet would have cost $416 + tax and shipping! I don't think so. {Vintage} Metal Stencils
Leather Nailhead Letter
My cats are bored. If you're honest with yourself, yours probably are, too--let's face it, the average urban dwelling doesn't offer much in the way of excitement for felines genetically predispositioned to hunting in the jungle. So, in order to give them some exploration options (and because I thought it would be adorable), I decided to give them access to the top of my entertainment center from the back of one of my couches via a series of shelves spaced on the wall at with cat-navigatable spacing, aka a Cat Ladder. Modular Cat Ladder (or shelves) Modular Cat Ladder (or shelves)
DIY Beach Glass Jars & Bottles
Foreclosure Bowl Pushed by unfolding events, a crop of "For Sale" signs has been popping up all over the country this summer; selling houses, boats, cars, motorcycles, RVs, and many other things. A lot of these signs are made from thin sheet steel or aluminum. One might inquire on Craigslist about possible used signs, or perhaps harvest directly from the sale or purchase of something. At the end of the last step, there are some other bowls I have made with this method, out of license plates and a stop sign. Pretty much any thin sheet metal will work. Foreclosure Bowl
Low-cost Spherical Speaker Array Low-cost Spherical Speaker Array The goal of this project was to be as cheap as possible. You'll want eight (8) loudspeakers. I would have used these speakers: $5.50 speaker

Weaving a Complex Ojo de Dios

Maybe you’ve made a god’s eye with a couple popsicle sticks at camp one summer in the hazy past, but have you considered the beautifully vast possibilities of this art form? South Carolina-based Etsy artist Jay Mohler has found a calling making Ojos de Dios (a.k.a. god’s eyes) with up to six sticks, twelve sides, and undulating intricate woven patterns. His creations are constructed from the very same humble materials that many of us associate with a camp craft — colorful yarn and sticks — plus, a healthy dose of ingenuity and a deep interest in Tibetan and Huichol artifacts and mandalas. Weaving a Complex Ojo de Dios
Keyboard Cat Keyboard Cat Have you looked at your desk latley and said.... this clearly doesn't accuratley reflect my sheer nerddom? Well, let your desk reach new nerd heights. Presenting... the unholy fusion of longcat and keyboard cat, with a little extra nerd thrown in for good measure. And it keeps your wrists comfy! Hand embroidered and made out of a tea towel. Longkeyboardcat is loooooooooonnnnggg.
Chalkboard Wall Map Chalkboard Wall Map A few months ago we painted our bedroom to cover up a bright orange accent wall. I mean, I love orange, but maybe not looming overhead in our already bright bedroom. We used black chalkboard paint because I wanted to draw something graphic and awesome on the walls, maybe inspired by Dana Tanamachi: But I had other ideas floating around too, and I couldn’t make up my mind. It’s completely ridiculous – the whole thing is going to be chalked and couldn’t be easier to change. Finally I settled on a map of Chicago for a few reasons: 1.
pipe curtain rods Hey everyone! Remember my photo studio in part 1? Here’s the promised tutorial for the pipe curtain rods and sheet curtains. The rods Cutting your pipe. pipe curtain rods
I love coffee bean sacks! Not only is the burlap perfectly rustic, the added stamped graphics give them the ability to turn something ho hum into art. There’s a bank of 3 windows in the kitchen I thought could use some warming up. So after I landed a certain sack lately, my brainstorm kicked in. burlap coffee bean sack window shades burlap coffee bean sack window shades
Step 1: Purchase two, four-foot-tall cardboard tubes, one measuring 10 inches wide and the other 12 inches wide. Use a jigsaw to cut each tube into smaller tubes of varying heights (refer to the photo at left for guidance). Step 2: Cover the outside of each smaller tube with contact paper. Cut away any excess paper with a utility knife. Step 3: Arrange the tubes on the floor as you'd like them to hang. Ruler Drop Cloth Table Runner Ruler Drop Cloth Table Runner
I recently went on a Christmas crafting frenzy so I could stock my space at the shop with some cheerful goodies for those early-bird holiday shoppers. I gave you a sneak peak of some of them in this photo a couple of posts ago. And today I'm going to give you a closer look. I've said it before and I'll say it again- I am not terribly original but I can copy just about anything. Typographic Wooden Box
Wood & Rope Doormat
The Concrete Cottage: How to Make a Faux Cork What?So not everyone NEEDS a faux cork?I know that's what you're thinking!
World Piece
Washer Panache
Clothespin Candle Holder/Planter
Tree Trunk Planters
Hanging Planter