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The Grass is Always Greener Sign. Before I show you the project for the day I wanted to tell you about a Silhouette promotion going on from now until March 28th. Here's the deal: You get 1 Silhouette CAMEO and 1 Silhouette Studio Designer Edition Software for $269.99 (MSRP $350)! Click the picture to go to the deal and use the promo code "ROAR. " OR, if you already own the Cameo, you can buy the software for 50% off! Features of the Design Edition Software: Silhouette Studio® Designer Edition contains all the same functionality as Silhouette Studio® plus the following designer features: Ability to open, manipulate, and cut .svg filesRhinestone tools to convert designs into rhinestone templates and create your own rhinestone designsSketch tools to convert designs into several styles of sketchable artCreative knife tools to allow you to clip designs using different patternsEnhanced eraser set to modify designs with more precisionBuilt-in ruler and guide lines for precise alignment and drawing I'm so excited to hang it up.

Pallet Subway Art. Make Wood Pallet Wall Art. [pinit] [pinit] Do you love the wood shipping pallet signs infiltrating home decor lately? Learn how to make your very own aged pallet art. The quote from Moulin Rouge is provided for you to use in your die cut machine, or as a tracing template. You will also see how to age your sign with Cece Caldwell wax! This project is easy and can be completed in an afternoon. Supplies: STENCIL TEMPLATE – for mine, just click thumbnail below and save full res version that appears DIE CUT MACHINE – to create stencil from vinyl or contact paper TRANSFER PAPER – to outline letters onto pallet That is it!

Check out our Wood Pallet 50+ Roundup for more inspiration: Art You Can Do: Grackle Line. Fall is all around (even here in Dallas). As the weather cools and sunset occurs earlier, the grackles seem to gather together even more than the rest of the year. I must admit that (unlike many I know) I am fascinated by them. I have been honked at many times for not moving at a green light because I am mesmerized by the hundreds of grackles delicately perched on the wires at the intersection. The grackles are the inspiration for our Art You Can Do project today. Savour. .. social gathering Get the rest after the jump... Art You Can Do - Grackle Line Before you start: You could do this with a graphic other than grackles, but I would stick to something that looks better in masses, such as butterflies or flowers or the like. If you venture out on your own be sure to use areas with differing depths.

As you might imagine, a light is critical to the success of this project. You could make your frame from differently sized trim. The materials: The steps Cut the door with the saw of your choice. Dictionary Art: Laundry. Ooooh… I love how this baby turned out!! I love having a few hooks in my laundry room to hang clothes I don’t want going in the dryer. I also had a big blank space that needed some filling. My next project knocked out both problems! I was so happy to find… I looked through her goodies and found laundry definition vinyl. Love it! This was super simple… I started with a piece of MDF. I found these great hooks at Hobby Lobby. I used some 1″ wood screws to attach them to my board at the bottom. Then I was ready for paint! This is the spray paint I used… And while it was drying I played with my helper… Here is how the vinyl comes to you… First, I peeled off the white backing paper.

Then, I just placed the words onto my board and pushed down really good to have it stick well. It’s hard to get a great picture but this is where it is from a different angle… Now here is the fun stuff… Say It on The Wall is giving one Shanty reader a $30 gift certificate!! How do you enter??? That’s two ways to enter!! Also!!! Pallet Board Art.

In the midst of moving and getting one house ready to sell I was finding myself well a bit grumpy and drained. My husband kindly pointed out that Julia with a project is a happy Julia and so I took a break from packing, unpacking, touch up painting and cleaning and started working on a project. When we were first married we wrote a family constitution. We wrote down things that we wanted to see our family doing and typed it up in a consitution style and it adorned our wall for the last almost 10 years. We now have 3 more children and so we asked them what they would like to see our family doing and I wrote a list of the things they said and then I wrote a secondary list that brought them altogether so my project wouldn't look like a jumbled mess of words.

Now that I havve explained the why of the project lets get to the how of it. First you are going to need to collect some pallets. Next removing all the nails and staples. Then to cut the boards to size. Like this: Girl in Air: Pottery Barn Knock-Off Giant Map. I got a request to made this GIANT map from an Etsy customer….. She seen my smaller USA hanging map I have listed and ask if I could recreate it on a larger scale. Of coarse I said YES! I'm always up for a fun challenge.... Please excuse my poor hanging…this was the only wall large enough to hang this 80”x 60” wall art.

This project is a Pottery Barn Knock off….the original can be found HERE for $349{Which I think is a very fair price considering the time and materials it takes to recreate} I think I came pretty close to recreating the original for a fraction of the price….. I’m excited to share with you how to make your very own! First you will need some 1x4’s. I used my compound sliding meter saw to cut the 1x4 in various lengths. This thing is HUGH! I use two 12ft 1x2’s to hold the whole thing together. I cut up the 1x2 and slid it under the boards in 4 areas…I just secured it enough to move it, paint it and cut it up.

Then I stained it using my vinegar/steel wool stain. $1 Ginormous Scissors. I love these scissors from Pottery Barn, but they don't sell them anymore ( and let's be honest I would have probably been too cheap to buy them anyway). The Dollar Store does sell these "Ginormous Scissors". I figured with a coat or 2 of Oil Rubbed Bronze Spray Paint, they'd look pretty cool. What do you think? The craft room is still a work in progress, but you can check out all my projects HERE. To see where I link up or to add your party, please click here. I am super thrilled that this $1 project was featured at: Sand and Sisal: Pallet Art: Shark. Shark sighting!!! Jaws is lurking around the kids’ playroom. He may not be a Great White, but he’s a ferocious black tip that dwells in the waters right off my coast!

This fun shark pallet art is about as close as I ever want to get to meeting a shark. I’m in love with pallet art right now. I started off the project printing out an image of a black tip shark onto a transparency. Next, using my overhead projector and transparency, I traced the shark image onto the back of some wrapping paper and then cut the image out with scissors. I lined up the boards that were cut from a pallet and glued them together with wood glue and held them snug with clamps. TIP: Now if I had to do this all over again, I would find a thin board to use as a backing. After all the pallet wood was glued together, I placed my shark cut out on the boards and traced around the image. I’ve used a jig saw to cut shapes out of pallet wood, but this time I was able to try out my hubs new Father’s Day gift! Kim. DIY Restoration Hardware Art. Large Scale Printable Maps. So, while my bedroom makeover drags on and on at least I can share some insightful snippets of the journey thus far to (hopefully) keep you keen.

I know a lot of you have been hanging out to know how I was going to create a massive wall map on a budget – cause, dang, those things can be super expensive. Well, it all started with this image… Which got the cogs a-turning, and then evolved further when for $40 I scored this… It was one of those, “Honey, stop the car!” Moments when I spotted it outside our local charity store. And finally, after some deliberation, I settled on this map… So gorgeous. And now, after some further research and a little bit of work I have this… (Okay, still to actually be hung though you get the idea – BTW, that’s my TV bench it’s sitting on and overhanging…it’s biiig!).

And all for just $70 total (that’s $40 for the frame and only $30 for the massive map!). So, here’s how I did it… 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. ✥ Easy Restoration Hardware Subway Sign "95th" Knock Off ✥ Life has been kinda busy- you know, with having to read the whole Hunger Games series on top of real life commitments! So this week will be an easy peasy little project!

Good news is- it will be easy peasy for you guys too, if you plan to make your own!! Back when Z had a real office, ahem- before the living in the condo-ness- I had a bunch of black frames up in there. Since then, they've lived in a box in storage. When I saw this subway art on the Restoration Hardware site I knew my frame was a dead ringer for theirs!

Well, almost perfect, see theirs is ginormous. Buuut, mine was almost free since I had the frame on-hand. HOW TO: I used the background for my one of my other knock offs, for Z Gallerie subway art. I made mine an homage to Boston. What do you guys think? ✥ Z Gallerie Subway Art Knock Off ✥ I've been longing for some subway art for awhile. I didn't want to do a stencil or paint project because I wanted it to look legit! I wanted to basically have this Z Gallerie piece that costs hundreds, but of course I'd like to pay umm, nothing 40 bucks. One day I came across this tutorial from A Thoughtful Place. Courtney has done a smart remake for this well loved project. She uses Microsoft Publisher to create a template which she has made into a poster and then attaches it to a canvas. I thought to myself, self, you can do that.

So I did. I found it to be just as easy as the regular word program. First, you want to format your text box into the same dimensions as your canvas will be. Second, content, decide what you're writing on your canvas. Third, pick your fonts. Fourth, layout, I tried to keep the overall visual flow the same as my inspiration-specifically the L.A. canvas. Fifth, matching the black background using shading effects. OK, you're done with your poster! Pallet Art Silhouette. DIY: Handmade Subway Sign.

I have an awesome home decor project to share with you all. You know those trendy subway signs that are for sale for RIDICULOUS amounts of money at places like Restoration Hardware? Well, I made my own for super cheap! This one is for sale at Restoration Hardware for a meer $650. Yes, I said $650. Who has that kind of money to spend on wall decor? So, a few months back when my friend Courtney at A Thoughtful Place posted a tutorial to create your own sign for less than $40, I was sold. So pretty Courtney! I immediately emailed Courtney gushing about how I loved her sign, asking for any tips, and declaring my intention to create my own. Yeah, that was about 2 months ago.

See, Mod Podge and I don't get along very well. Don't. Here is a shot of the wrinkles I was talking about: And a closeup of the sanding I did to hide the wrinkles: You can see how the sign looks like it has white cracks running through it thanks to some sandpaper. ~Jen. ~restoration Hardware Subway Art Knockoff. Do you remember this post where I said I really needed to find out a way to recreate Restoration Hardware's subway art for less than their $550 price tag? I have admired their subway art for so long, well, since it first came out, but I am cheap thrifty, and racked my brain until I came up with a plan.

Here is my version: And here is there's: Pretty close huh? Wanna see how I did it? It started with this frame. I new I needed a HUGE frame and I found this one at a garage sale on Friday. $15.00 friends! Do you even know how fast I ran over to it and snatched it up? Now, if you are looking to do the same thing, don't worry about the color or finish on the frame. It's the "bones" of it that matter because it is going to get painted. I was lucky enough to find one with a matte {but you could get away without one} and glass. I figured I'd find a frame without the glass and have to get a piece cut, and at this size I'm guessing it would be around $50-$60. So, total bonus there. Much better. {cost, $2.50} xoxo. Pottery Barn Inspired Sign. Quote Cutout. I love a wall I can read! Take your favorite quotes and put them up on the walls with this easy, inexpensive idea!

Supplies: Canvas (found mine at Hobby Lobby in a 2 pack for $7.99) Fabric contact paper spray paint staple gun printer and exacto knife or a cricut machine Step 1: Cover your canvas in the fabric you selected and secure it with a staple gun on the backside of the wood frame. Step 2: Using contact paper cut out the letters of your saying on a circut machine. Position the letters on the canvas. Step 3: When all the letters have been placed, spray a thick layer of spray paint over the entire canvas. Step 4: When it is dry, peel the letters off. Hang it on your wall and enjoy! Another design option: Instead of covering the canvas with fabric, just place your letters onto the canvas, spray and peel. **edited to add: I get several emails asking about how to get the letters to stick better and prevent the paint from bleeding underneath. Modern Paint Swatches Wall Art. Looking for a way to fill that blank wall but don't have permission to paint?

All you need is a trip to a major hardware store and an afternoon in front of a good movie to take care of that little dilemma. Supplies Needed: Large frame with paper insert, a ton of pretty paint chips, double-sided tape squares, and vinyl letters appropriate to the size of your frame or phrase (4" - 6"). I went with a color scheme that involved a variety of tones from some of my favorite colors.

It's basically a muted rainbow with plenty of lighter shades to keep things from getting too busy. 1. Experiment with your color layout. 2. Take a photo of your layout in case your dog runs across it and your colors get all mixed up. 3. Paint chip art is a great option for renters looking to fill a big space without spending a small fortune! Typewriter Letters. Laundry Sign. Ben Franklin Printable Subway Art Quote — Printable Decor. It's always autumn - itsalwaysautumn - Make: Sunshine Printable {free download!} and triple panel wall art tutorial.

Watercolor Stencil Portrait. Wooden World Map. Nail Mosaic. Acrylic Paint and Letters. How to Block Print. Text art: I can't do this but I'm doing it anyway. Bird and Text Collage Wall Art. Nail and String Art - States. String Art "Dream" String Art DREAM. Paper Cut Map. Rustic Vinyl Wall Decal Art Tutorial. Repurpose Old T-Shirts and Wear them on Your Wall Instead: Super-Fast T-Shirt Wall. Typographic Colour Pop. Tutorial: Vintage-looking painted sign from salvaged wood.