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How to Make Your Day 30 Hours Long?

14 may 2019

How to Make Your Day 30 Hours Long?

Want to overcome challenges associated with time management? Looking to improve productivity? Check out our tips and become an ultimate time master!

How to Add More Hours to Your Day

It is common for people to think that there are not enough hours in a day to accomplish what they desire. However, increasing your productivity at the expense of cutting down on your personal time does not guarantee better outcomes. What follows below is a collection of various tips that will help you manage your time more effectively while increasing your overall productivity.

Figure Out When You Work Best

We all know that we’re more productive during some parts of the day and less energetic during others. You should, therefore, identify your peak performance period and make the most of it to be able cope with the bulk of your workload.

For instance, if you feel more productive in the morning, it is critical for you to ensure that you avoid checking e-mails, browsing social media networks, or catching up with the news. You should ensure that there are absolutely no interruptions when you work on your most important tasks. Overall, this approach will ensure that you complete your crucial tasks quicker and more thoroughly, while still having time to handle other less important things.

Make a Work Schedule

Another significant thing in enhancing time management and productivity is ensuring that you not only do things faster but also the right way. Therefore, you should prioritize essential tasks in your daily schedule and leave out all inconsequential things. Additionally, you should monitor your progress to ensure that you are focusing on activities that bring actual value. Ideally, you should simplify or eliminate those of them that have little significance.

Make Your “Dead Time” Constructive

“Dead time” implies undertaking repetitive tasks that do not require active thinking (e.g. eating, running, driving, taking a shower, etc.,). For instance, if you drive regularly, you still have to rely on your brain; however, it plays a progressively less important role. Rather than waste time commuting to and from office, you can educate yourself by listening to audiobooks or podcasts that will assist you in enhancing your performance at work. For example, there are numerous free podcasts on iTunes that you can take advantage of for boosting your business acumen or climbing the career ladder.

Find the Most Efficient Way to Work

It is common for people to do things in a particular manner even when there are quicker and easier ways of achieving the same result. You should, therefore, be resourceful when completing essential tasks and not be afraid of trying new things. For instance, if you take a lot of time writing long papers, you can make an outline and seek the help of the best custom essay services. One way of boosting your productivity and achieving better time management is thinking outside the box. Only by coming up with new ideas, including the most unconventional ones, can you accomplish your tasks faster and more efficiently.​​​​​​

Eliminate Timewasters

If you feel under pressure because you do not have enough time to complete your tasks, you will have to make some sacrifices that will allow you to focus more on your job or business. In this case, you should consider giving up on things like television, social media, and video games. However, that doesn’t mean you should quit doing stuff that helps you unwind or spend more time with your family and friends. The goal here is to minimize the time allocated to the activities that sap your energy or distract your attention, especially during your most productive periods.

Enjoy Your Work

If you really enjoy your work, you will only be happy to put in extra hours to achieve better results. You will be excited to see the outcomes of your efforts if you enjoy the process. It is easy for you to overcome difficulties at work or in business if you find the things you do really exciting. Otherwise, you will find yourself caught up in a dead-end job or a business venture that will fail within a short period. ​​​​​​

Lead a Balanced Life

People often reach their productivity plateau. If that is the case with you, it is a good idea to ensure that you do not take on any additional responsibilities or projects until you have completed the existing ones. Also, it is critical to take time off to recover mentally and regain your energy. Ideally, you should take regular breaks at least once a week. It is also a good idea to spend this time with important people in your life. Besides, you need to change your eating habits and have nutritious meals that strengthen your body and mind. Sleep is also essential - consistently avoiding a full night’s rest will lead to burnout and reduced productivity. Also, doing physical exercises is critically important for boosting your brain power, reducing work stress, and building your confidence.


The most vital resource in ensuring that you boost your productivity is undoubtedly time. Therefore, it is critical for you to make sure that you use it as efficiently as you can. We hope that our tips will help you not only allocate sufficient time to the most important tasks but also let you recover and re-energize for your most productive sessions.