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Good time to invest in Lower Parel and Thane. The last few months seemed to have worked well for Mumbai’s office market.

Good time to invest in Lower Parel and Thane

Many transactions have taken place. The demand from the corporates are not limited to under construction buildings only. This development in turn seems to be slowly influencing the residential market as well. To name a few transactions in the office real estate market that have taken place in the recent past are Dot Solutions and DCT Infotech. The demand for office space in this node of Mumbai is increasing consistently. Shantanu Chakraborty, a sound engineer who has several popular tele series’ background scores under his credit says, "The line I am in does not follow any schedule.

Residential realty attracts 60% of overall investment in 2016. While residential and office real estate remained favourite asset classes for domestic and foreign investors, residential property market has edged the commercial segment in in 2016 and the first quarter of 2017.

Residential realty attracts 60% of overall investment in 2016

During this period, residential projects including townships across India attracted an investment of over Rs 26,000 crore, while commercial projects including IT, on the other hand, got almost half of this amount at slightly over Rs 13,600 crore, showed a JLL India report. Land attracted 2.5% of the overall investment at Rs 1,065 crore, while retail could attract only 2% or Rs 870 crore due to the lack of quality mall supply, the report added. These investment figures are a combination of debt and equity. "Only in 2014 did investment in the office asset class go past the corresponding figure for residential. In all the other years from 2010 to 2016, residential has been the preferred asset class for both institutional and private equity (PE) investors.

Source - Budget Properties in Mumbai. The concept of shared accommodation has existed since time immemorial.

Budget Properties in Mumbai

This unique arrangement not only saves money but also fosters a sense of bonding among tenants. Let's revisit this realty trend that has only gathered momentum over the years... Vijay Nambiar took a transfer from Kochi to Mumbai and while searching for a rental accommodation, he found out that the rents in his targeted localities were beyond his budget.He then stumbled upon an advertisement on a website, which allowed him to share a house with a roommate for a deposit of Rs 20,000 and a rent of Rs 8,000 at his desired locality. Since this arrangement suited him, he opted for it. Residential projects in Kasarvadavali Thane. Suburbs are yet again in the limelight and rightly so.

Residential projects in Kasarvadavali Thane

Here's why... For finance consultant Nitesh More, buying a 3-BHK in Andheri was a far-fetched dream. But with the emergence of many upcoming residential projects in the area, he did not hesitate while booking a flat with a leading developer. With the expansion of the Mumbai Metropolitan administration area, hundreds of upcoming housing projects in the suburbs, which are offering the benefits of an urban lifestyle and facilities, are being targeted by home-buyers.

It's a known fact that the island city has remained one of the most expensive real estate destinations in the country. Residential projects in Kasarvadavali Thane. You don’t have to spend a fortune on making your home look as good as the houses you see on TV shows.

Residential projects in Kasarvadavali Thane

There are tons of cheap and easy ways to turn the interiors of your home into a work of art. When you decide that your home needs some interior remodelling, you might immediately think of how expensive and exhausting it’s going to get. But guess what, you don’t need to take a week off and redo the whole house from scratch. Well, we at Quikr believe that anyone can become an expert in making the most of those plain white walls or that mundane-looking room.

All You Need Is A Little Color It’s time to take out those leftover paint cans from storage. Use the paints to do up the sides of your dresser drawers, the vase that’s missing its shine, and maybe even paint some plates and hang them up on the wall to give your living room that artsy look. Budget Home in Thane Mumbai. After the recent changes in the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY), it seems that theinterest in the scheme is picking up.

Budget Home in Thane Mumbai

Developers have started promoting their offerings in the affordable housing segment, which may sound tempting to those interested in government subsidy. Real estate has its own share of concerns, both for the end-consumer as well as an investor looking to lock in funds for a quick gain. From a delayed home possession to oversupply of units, there's a lot to tackle in such an illiquid and immovable asset class. PMAY may, however, still generate a positive response, especially if the builders live up to their promise in terms of construction quality and timely delivery. The infrastructure related to affordable housing is also something the government needs to address.

Budget Home in Thane Mumbai. Residential buildings tend to be more vulnerable to burglaries around the vacations as the number of strangers visiting rises sharply and several flats are closed, warns Vijay Pandya In major Indian metros, the hectic pace of life and late working hours can often result in disconnect at the residence.

Budget Home in Thane Mumbai

There are often situations of residents being quite friendly with the security guards but not knowing their neighbours on the same floor. Therefore. the urvival strategy for summer vactions, the rare occasions when one is at home, is to bestow a big smile on whoever you come cross, even total strangers.

Similarly, with leave and licence transactions also on the rise during the vacation period. It is not unusual to see trucks being filled with furniture and gadgets leaving the building or complex premises. 1 BHK affordable Flats in Thane. How will the granting of `infrastructure status' to the affordable housing sector revitalise the government's `Housing For All by 2022' mission?

1 BHK affordable Flats in Thane

Let's understand from the experts... Housing For All by `2022' has been a key initiative announced by the Prime Minister in his election manifesto and the Modi government is leaving no stone unturned to achieve it by announcing various sops under the Prime Minister Awas Yojna (PMAY). And Budget 2017 this year, has given a further impetus to this agenda by granting an `infrastructure status' to the affordable housing sector. The infrastructure status granted to the affordable housing sector will enable developers operating in this segment, to raise loans at a cheaper rate through the ECB route and from banks as a priority sector lending, with banks now also being able to fund purchase of land as well.This reduction of cost will ultimately be passed onto the homebuyers.

1 BHK affordable Flats in Thane. With a tweak in definition, finance minister Arun Jaitley has made affordable housing more affordable.

1 BHK affordable Flats in Thane

Henceforth, instead of built-up area, carpet area will be considered for low-cost housing. This will broadly increase house sizes by 30%. While a 30sqm (300sqft) cap will apply to municipal limits of the four metropolitan cities, for rest of the country, including in peripheral areas of the metros, a limit of 60sqm (600sqft) will count. This should cheer people in Noida, Gurgaon and Ghaziabad in NCR-Delhi; Navi Mumbai, Basai, Thane and Kalyan around Mumbai; and Chandan Nagar and Howrah near Kolkata.

1 BHK affordable Flats in Thane. Finance minister Arun Jaitley in his Union Budget for 2017-18, has proposed granting of ‘infrastructure status’ to the affordable housing segment.

1 BHK affordable Flats in Thane

We examine the implications of this move and how it will impact home seekers With the real estate sector hoping for a push from the Union Budget 2017-18, the announcement of ‘infrastructure status’ to the affordable housing sector, can serve as a significant step in achieving the government’s ‘Housing for All’ mission. Affordable Houses in Thane. With lending institutions having access to your credit history and score, honesty is now the best policy for applicants There is a certain thrill Involved In trying to swing a better deal than what one should normally be getting.

From being overly critical of the quality to lower the price of vege ables in the market to crea. thel declaring finances while trying to leverage a larger home loan. there is a bit of bluff and sometimes. double bluff involved. 2 BHK apartments in Thane. Numerous banks have recently announced sizeable cuts in their lending rates. How does this affect you and how can you derive the maximum benefit from the reduced home loan rates?

We explain The year 2017 has begun on a good note for home loan borrowers, with significant cuts in interest rates being announced by most banks. Experts point out that the reduction in the interest rates, will serve as a catalyst to revive the real estate sector. However, the question is: Will all home buyers benefit, because of the fall in rates? “If the existing borrowers have borrowed home loans at fixed interest cost, based on the base rate system and not the marginal cost of funds-based lending rate (MCLR) system, where the interest rate was around 10%, then, he will not benefit from the rate cut and will have to pay extra money as compared to new home buyers,” points out Ajay Jain, executive director – investment banking and head real estate group, at Centrum Capital.

Source - Budget Home in Thane Mumbai. In a first for Indian home loan borrowers, Bank of Baroda has announced differential rates for its home loans, linked to the borrower’ credit score. We examine the implications for home loan seekers and the housing finance industry Your credit history and credit score used to play a decisive role in determining whether you would get a home loan or not and it would stop there. You would get a home loan, if you had a good credit score and would fail to qualify for the home loan, if your credit score was not up to the minimum fixed by the lending institute. Now, Bank of Baroda has gone one step further and will offer differential rates of interest on home loans, based on your credit standing.

How does it work? Properties in Kasarvadavali Thane. What are the factors that make Thane an attractive destination for potential home-buyers? We find out... Real estate consumers are turning their focus on Thane's realty market. Apart from the significant price rise in both, under construction and ready possession units, Thane had witnessed some infrastructure development, which prompted buyers and investors to take a look at its market.

The residential realty landscape 60 percent of the listed localities saw a price increase averaging at around 2.3 percent. The balance localities witnessed an average price decline of 1.8 percent. Real Estate Projects in Thane. Times Property and CREDAI-MCHI (Thane Unit) have partnered to offer potential home-buyers, `Property-2017 Thane', a unique platform to realise their realty aspirations. Not only buyers, but also developers can make optimum utility of one of Mumbai's biggest real estate and housing finance expos. Here's how... TO BUY OR NOT TO BUY, is the quintessential question that every potential home-buyer has been contemplating with for a very long time.So, if you too are sitting on the fence and waiting for the `right time' to buy your dream house, experts suggest that your `wait and watch' approach may not bear any fruits, for now is the right time to seal the deal.

And in order to make your home-buying decision a seamless and hassle-free one, Times Property and CREDAIMCHI (Thane Unit) will be hosting one of the largest property expos ¬ Property-2017 Thane, on February 10-13, 2017, at Highland Gardens, Dhokali. Real Estate Company Thane. Time to embrace the blues, because deep, dark blue shades are making their way back; and for good reason. They pair beutifully with natural woods and metallic finishes. Home gardens have become increasingly popular over the last few years, and now they’re being incorporated into home decor in chic and contemporary ways. Think hanging vases, and wall art. Move over metal and wood, acrylic furniture is back in business! Property in Ghodbunder Road. Projects in Thane. Property in Ghodbunder Road. Housing, auto and corporate loans are all set to become cheaper, with half a dozen PSU and private banks, announcing steep reductions in their benchmark lending rates by up to 1.48%, after a spurt in deposits following demonetisation.

Property in Ghodbunder Road. Move over minimalism. Affordable Flats in Thane. 1 BHK affordable Flats in Thane. With the Real Estate Act set to be implemented in 2017, developers have started exploring alternative business strategies, to minimise its impact. 1 BHK affordable Flats in Thane. 2 BHK affordable Flats in Thane. Styling your home can be time and money consuming so make sure you do it right.

Here is the list of the major interior decor faults to avoid. Real Estate Company Thane. Something as simple and practical as a chair, can be used as an eye-catching décor element at home. Properties in Kasarvadavali Thane. Rented and studio apartments come with space limitation but simple home decor tricks like limiting yourself to a single look for the entire house and ditching louder colour shades that absorb light can give your small abode a more spacious and welcoming look, says an expert.

Ritu Malhotra, co-founder and chief of Operations of Renomania, an online home decor platform has shared a few tips that can help you make your appartment look more spacious: Use light colours. Home loan rates set to drop. 3 BHK Flats in Ghodbunder Road, Thane. Fixed, Semi-Fixed or Floating Home Loan: Which is the best option? Studio Appartment in Thane. Spacious 2BHK 3BHK Flats in Thane. Real Estate Projects in Thane. Real Estate Projects in Thane. Afforadable 2BHK 3BHK Flats in Thane.

Afforadable 2BHK 3BHK Flats in Thane. Afforadable 2BHK 3BHK Flats in Thane. Afforable Flats in Ghodbunder Road, Thane. 3 BHK Flats in Thane Ghodbunder Road. Upcoming Projects in Ghodbunder Road Thane. Real Estate Property in Thane. Real Estate Property in Thane. Affordable Property in Thane. 2 BHK Spacious Apartments in thane. 1 BHK and Studio Apartments in thane. Real Estate Projects - Home Decor Tips. State plans 4-km coastal road to ease Thane-Bhayander connectivity. Thane's Real Estate Sector is Expected to Swing.

Five Steps to your Home Loan. THANE: Mapping the Growth Tale. Get ready for the rains. State-of-the-art Kalwa bridge to end traffic woes. Real Estate Resources. Buyers opt for homes in posh areas. Property Investment is the most efficient way to save tax. How to afford a second home? Real Estate Resources. Walk-to-work culture gaining immense momentum in Thane. Taxability of second home. The Power of One BHK Apartments. Affordable 1 BHK and 2 BHK Flats in Bhiwandi. Realty Watch - The Five Pillars Of Affordability. Push for affordable housing in Budget 2016. Affordable Properties in Ghodbunder Road, Thane. How 'affordable' is affordable housing? 3 Ways to Make a Small Space Look Larger. THANE: A GREAT METAMORPHOSIS THAT MUMBAI IS WATCHING IN ANTICIPATION.

Real Estate Resources. Affordable houses in Mumbai, Thane, Mumbra, Ambarnath, New Bhivandi. Buy Affordable 1 BHK / 2 BHK Flats in Thane. Real Estate Developers. Ace Square - Ghodbunder Road. Upcoming Projects in Thane, Mumbra, Ambarnath, New Bhiwandi, Mumbai. Low Budget Flats in Ghodbunder Road. Sarvoday Square Property in Ambernath. Real estate projects in Kasarvadavali. Orion Square in Ambernath Chikloli. Orchid Square Property in Ambernath. Imperial Square in Ghodbunder Road, Thane. Projects / Properties in New Bhiwandi. Ace Square in Ghodbunder Road Thane. 1 BHK / 2 BHK Affordable Flats in Thane‎

Budget Properties around Mumbai and Thane. THANE: Mapping the Growth Tale. Ready Possession Properties or Under Construction Properties: Which one is better to buy? Invest in property to Save Capital Gains Tax. Top 11 must checks before buying a second home. Property Thane, beyond. Thane is becoming the First Choice. Why you must know APF number of a project? Add a touch of splendour to an entire room with chandeliers. Thane's Housing Market Sees Consistent Growth. Thane Scripts a New Realty Tale. Home Loan schemes with an overdraft option helps save time & money. Projects / Properties in New Bhiwandi. Grace Square Kausa Mumbra. Ace Square in Ghodbunder Road Thane. Squarefeet Group.