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Newest Stages from Scott. Scott Neal. Spz Kaz's Public Library. Discover Yourself! Video Games Gaming Videos. Spzkaz's favorite websites. Spzkaz's soup. Abe Normally (@SpzKaz) Twitter... Odds and ends, mostly stumblr. Videos. Getting started. Facebook Likes Page. Pearltrees videos.

  1. spzkaz Jun 13 2012
    I understand completely...thanks for your reply...and have fun!
  2. paty Jun 13 2012
    sorry i didn't accept your invitation but my main goal with pearltrees is organize my own favourites... good luck with your pearler;) hugz
  3. electronics Mar 13 2012
    Sorry: I'm still learning about pearltrees--I normally write a long article to team members, I usually state that I will leave pearltree-teams w/o notice in first 6 months to 1 yr of membership. You are totally cool, I will delete my comments from your stream: they are totally in the wrong place. I appreciate you being part of my teams, you seem to be intereseted in space and I appreciate that. There are some people I respect, and take a lot of notice of--in this case I think I missunderstood them--so really sorry I concerned you for no reason.
  4. spzkaz Mar 13 2012
    I am sorry..I did not realize I took a pearl. I look to see if I replace it. Can you grab it back?
  5. timepeaces Mar 12 2012
    Hi Welcome to the Secience with out of this world info team. Happy Pearling