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SpyTech Shop offers you an amazing collection of quality manufactured spy products that can be placed feasibly anywhere without any hindrances. They can help keeping a vigilant eye on any type of premises whenever you are not available. Check out our website and get such products for your home or business without paying any sales tax. We guarantee the lowest prices in USA!

AC Adapter Hidden Camera. Extra Pair of Eyes Have you ever wondered what goes on when you aren't around?

AC Adapter Hidden Camera

Do you have that deep gut feeling that someone you know is being deceitful? How many times have you stayed up late at nights wondering on how you could gather evidence to solve the problems you can't get an answer to? The answer to your questions is the hidden SPYcameras; an extra pair of eyes that will help you get to the truth without you being in harm's way. They are simple to use, easily camouflage in any environment, and are inexpensive than ever before. Simple To Use - No Experience Necessary Our hidden SPYcameras are highly rated by our clients as one of the top must have spy gadgets for covert ops. The SPYcameras record superb quality videos, they are motion-activated, meaning that they start recording when they observe any movement and can sense movement at any distance. The Two Variations of Hi-Tech Teddy Bear Hidden Camera. The very first digital camera was invented by Steven Sasson in 1975 at Eastman Kodak weighing 3600 grams (8 pounds) and megapixels were 0.01 only. 23 seconds was the time it used to capture a digital image.

The Two Variations of Hi-Tech Teddy Bear Hidden Camera

With this changing world, cameras are also changing. Today, we have cameras that we cannot even see. Though, there is nothing called invisible camera. Hidden Camera SPY Watch. This watch has a stylish design that suits any occasion.

Hidden Camera SPY Watch

You will appreciate having an inexpensive, covert device you can rely on for any event. The modern black face of the unit conceals a recorder capable of gathering video data while still keeping time. This particular watch is the latest step in technology, providing not only a higher resolution than previous watch cameras but also has a multitude of options to tailor to your needs. It also delivers quality video at 640x480 VGA-quality video at up to 30 fps. Images and sounds are stored safely with in the internal memory so there's no need to fumble with SD cards. Easy to use, simply begin recording with a single touch. When the surveillance is complete files transfer quickly and easily to a computer via the included USB cable so the next person who needs to use the unit can take it away.

Three Spy Glasses That Will Make You a Stylish and Smart Detective. After legalization, the demand for spy equipment in the general public has suddenly increased.

Three Spy Glasses That Will Make You a Stylish and Smart Detective

The latest developments in the spy industry have flooded the market with numerous options for people who want to spy on. However, the majority of customers prefer wearable spy equipment only as it does not add anything extra to their body that may sound suspicious. There is nothing unusually and suspicious in wearing a wrist watch, eyeglasses, sunglasses or keeping a pen in the pocket. POV Action SPY Eyeglasse - SpyTech Shop. With these HD Video Glasses, you can record everything from your own perspective and you can do it in style.

POV Action SPY Eyeglasse - SpyTech Shop

These stylishly designed glasses feature a hidden camera located in the bridge of the glasses that allows for complete discretion when recording. The glasses records at 720p HD video at 30fps giving you a perfect clear picture. Additionally, the camera has a battery life of up to 90 minutes and can be programmed to take still photographs. The stylish design of the Clear HD Video Glasses also means that the glasses can be worn both functionally and for everyday use, allowing for discreet recording wherever you go. And because the camera is level with your eyes, it’s also ideal for perspective-filming such as when skateboarding, skiing, running, driving, and more. High Definition SPY Sunglasses - SpyTech Shop. Covert gadgets aren't always used for spying.

High Definition SPY Sunglasses - SpyTech Shop

These Stylish Spy Sunglasses Record High Resolution Video with One Touch and the metal-front frames and soft-touch plastic make these glasses sturdy but comfortable. Between assignments you can use this ultra-advanced pair of glasses to give yourself a trendy, intelligent look. Just put on the camcorder sunglasses, hit the power switch press record and you are recording amazing audio and video! Covert HD Sport Sunglasses – SpyTech Shop. This pair of sunglasses have a hidden camera in the frames.

Covert HD Sport Sunglasses – SpyTech Shop

These sunglasses are great for spying because they're compact, lightweight, and portable. You'll be ready to film wherever you go. Wear at an event or special occasion to leave your hands free for food and handshakes. People will act more natural than if you were lugging around bulky camcorder. Spy Gadget – A Genius in Action to Uncover a Double Agent – SpyTech Shop. When there is an unfettered competition in the business, by knowing the next move of the rival, one can easily stay one step ahead.

Spy Gadget – A Genius in Action to Uncover a Double Agent – SpyTech Shop

An insider having access to the confidential information give can his right arm to one of the rivals? It takes no time to divulge that there is a double agent in the office. However, without knowing exactly who is backstabbing, you cannot bring all in the circle of doubt. It can demoralize your employees. Night-Vision Covert USB. You suspect there is some shady business going on at work, but you need proof before you can bring your suspicions to anyone’s attention.

Night-Vision Covert USB

You need professional-grade equipment that works at a novice level. You need something that will serve multiple functions, performs exceptionally, and is easy to use. 9 Everyday Objects You Won’t Believe May Have a Hidden Spy Camera – SpyTech Shop. The third eye that is always on the alert has become incredibly powerful and smaller in past few years.

9 Everyday Objects You Won’t Believe May Have a Hidden Spy Camera – SpyTech Shop

The hidden camera technology is changing from one moment to next and this is clearly evidenced by the size and power of camera hidden inside objects we use regularly. People became familiar with spy pens more than a decade ago. Top 3 Hi-Tech GPS Tracking Devices You Can Purchase In Houston – SpyTech Shop. History is not always boring. As we are to discuss GPS trackers, it is good to start with the history of Geo Positioning System used in these devices. Initially, only military was allowed to access this navigation system to fulfill its navigation needs. It was developed to serve the purpose of navigation during the cold war.

They got the idea from Loran and Decca Navigation System used during World War II to navigate ships and planes at a long range. Covert Key-Chain Hidden Camera. Have you ever been in a collision or accident and needed visual evidence of the damage for the insurance claim? You know with confidence that you are a good driver but you can't say the same about everyone else on the road. Smartphones have made it easier for us to record video and take pictures these days, but they could easily be destroyed in the impact. Don't be caught without a way to record that damage to your vehicle. The Stylish Economical SPY Pen. This high-tech spy pen is our most economical spy pen that constantly has our customers saying "it feels like this product came right out of a spy movie! " This stylish pen records audio, video, and takes pictures. This fully functional pen doubles as a device that takes still photos, makes video recordings, and takes notes of lectures meetings and more.

The hidden camera is positioned to record everything you see by placing the pen in your shirt pocket. The pen also features next generation technology for great 1280 x 960 resolution video quality. Instead of limited internal memory, this pen features SD Card support for up to 16GB Micro SD Cards. Spy camera Watches. This particular watch is the latest step in technology providing not only a higher resolution than any other watch cameras but also has a multitude of options that tailor it to your needs. It has a stylish design that suits any occasion. This is an inexpensive and covert device you can rely on for any event. The face of the unit conceals a recorder capable of gathering video data, and the sporty design is perfect for outdoor escapades. You are Genius Enough to use Spy Equipment – SpyTech Shop. Spy Game, The Bourne Trilogy, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Argo, Skyfall, and Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation are some of the best spy movies of the 21st century so far.

We have seen how the villain and hero of the movie use an array of hi-tech devices to reveal Achilles’ heel of their enemies. A number of the gadgets and spy devices they use are commonly available and we can acquire for private use. Some of the gadgets we see in these movies are surprisingly advanced; too advanced to believe that these hi-tech devices actually exist. Detectives and agents of investigation agencies use a wide range of highly advanced spy equipment to track movements of suspects, record conversations, and gather evidence. However, one thing is sure, we all want to use spy equipment. Micro Pocket Hidden Camera. When searching for a covert device, its difficult choosing the perfect gadget. 6 Most Advanced Audio Recorders to Spy On – SpyTech Shop. When you want to monitor the activities and behavior of a suspicious person, you can use one of the advanced spy equipment.

It can help you in staying one step ahead. Black Box Micro Hidden Camera. Extra Pair of Eyes. 1080P HD Black & Silver Spy Pen. This particular pen is the perfect on-the-go recording pen. Bodyworn Spy Camera Stick. Don't let size fool you. High-Definition SPY Pen. This high definition professional grade spy pen is the perfect, stylish writing instrument concealing a high def 720P video camera. This particular pen is used by the police department and DEA when performing search and seizure, by secret shoppers, or by parents or grandparents who want to take pictures of their little ones.Thats not all! Button Hidden Camera Pro. The Original Button Camera. The Executive SPY Pen 1.0. This stylish pen records audio, video, and takes pictures. USB Flash Drive Spy Camera. 1080p HD Keychain Hidden Camera. This day in age, everyone that has purchased a car in the last decade has a keychain that looks similar to ours.

And since mostly everyone carries their keys around with them, and due to its size, this product is the perfect covert spy gadget. The device fits right in the palm of your hands, making it one of our best selling product we carry because it quietly lets you tape anyone without them ever realizing it. The Classic Executive Spy Pen 2.0. Must Have Features and Accessories in a Spy Pen – SpyTech Shop. Shield Your Home with Hidden Camera Security System – SpyTech Shop.

Internet-Ready Yard Rock SPY Camera. Internet-Ready Plant Hidden Camera. Internet-Ready DVD Player Hidden Camera. Internet-Ready Wall Clock Spy Camera. Internet-Ready Oscillating Fan Hidden Camera. Internet-Ready Mantel Clock Spy Camera. Internet-Ready Black Box Hidden Camera. Internet-Ready Air Purifier Spy Camera. Internet-Ready Rectangle Clock Hidden Camera. Teddy Bear Spy Camera. Internet-Ready Smoke Detector Spy Camera. Shop for #1 Internet Spy Cameras. Five Essential Features of a Wireless Internet Spy Camera – SpyTechShop. Elite Collection of Spy Products Available Online – SpyTechShop. Bug Detectors. Cheap Spy Gear. Track Vehicles with Advanced Spy GPS Tracker – SpyTechShop. Computer Monitoring Software. A New Breed of Audio Surveillance Equipment – SpyTechShop. GPS Tracking. Hidden Audio Surveillance Equipment. How to Secure Home with Cheap Hidden Camera – SpyTechShop. Spy Tech Shop. Buy Hidden Camera on Affordable Price. Wearable Cameras.