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Python page Richard Gruet @ Created Oct 8, 2001.

Python page Richard Gruet @

Last updated on Apr 21, 2013 Welcome to this page, entirely dedicated to Python. A bit of propaganda I am a big fan of Python, a so called scripting language comparable to Perl but far more readable and elegant (in my opinion, no offense ;-) It is free and available for a wide variety of platforms. As a programmer I have been using many different languages ranging from Assembly language to Java, including VB, C, C++, Delphi, and even Lisp or Forth.

Eric Raymond, author of the famous essay on the Open Source movement "The Cathedral and the Bazaar" explains why Python is his favorite programming language there. Just try Python! Python Quick Reference This is a (relatively) Quick Reference for Python in a single long HTML page. If you want to print the Quick Ref, try first from your browser (I suggest to select styles Printing or Modern B&W). This version of the Quick Reference has been created by Stefan McKinnon Høj-Edwards from the PQR 2.6. OmniORBpy utilities ipy idlb. Free mail server software for home and small businesses - AXIGEN Office Edition. The Axigen Free Mail Server is a great alternative to open source: it is a turnkey messaging solution with an amazing number of free email users.

Free mail server software for home and small businesses - AXIGEN Office Edition

Free Mail Server & More Rely on our unique technology... Axigen's high performance mail server technology is specifically built to provide a fast & secure email transfer, processing & delivery. Gather all your emails in one place Retrieve messages from external accounts (e.g. ... adapted to work the way you do Address Book, fast, index-based search, contacts import / export, out-of-office messages, rules & filters, and many others.

Schedule meetings & organize tasks The Free Mail Server includes 5 users with access to effective time-management tools such as calendars, tasks & notes. Anytime & Anywhere Access, Via Your favorite email client (POP3 / IMAP) Send & receive emails from your favorite POP3 / IMAP email client, such as MS Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird or Apple Mail. Outlook Connector add-on Wireless mobile sync add-on The Axigen WebMail. Add-on Software. To have information listed on this page, please send mail to

Add-on Software

The information listed here is maintained by the respective authors. It is listed without formal evaluation, in other words, no implied warranty of any kind. This page lists tools, add-ons and howtos by subject. Just to be clear on what I am talking about, here is a brief definition of the terminology that is used below: Utility, system - requires no change to Postfix source code. Authentication Prefix WhoIs Milter annotates an email message with information about the remote SMTP client IP address (City, Country, ISP).

Webmail Modoboa mail hosting platform by Antoine Nguyen. PGP/SMIME Gateways DjigZo Open source email encryption gateway. Policy servers/libraries Gross greylist server by Eino Tuominen and Antti Siira. pfxpold policy daemon with plug-in policy support by Martin Schmitt. Note: Postfix already ships with SPF support, in the form of a plug-in policy daemon. Open relay/proxy detection.