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Augenblicklich. Felsenfest. Flugunfaehig. Irgendschoen. Kreative EsKa(lation) 365 days. DIY Crafts and Design for Kids. Spiegelreflex. Eileen Josephine - A Cute and Easy Moleskine Cover Tutorial. I always have a pocket-sized Moleskine sketch book and an 05 Micron nearby in case I get any random ideas that I feel like jotting down or sketching. I'm more likely to look back through a little sketch book for ideas rather than look through the notes section of my phone.

I think it's more fun to doodle or write than type, and I have an easier time building on ideas when I write them down or draw them than if I'm just tapping away on a keyboard. So, I decided it would be fun to make a cute little cover for my trusty Moleskine, and even better if I added a spot to keep my pen. Matz ab. All good things. ... Die Welt eines Gefühlsfreaks ... A Valentine’s Day Gift Box of… Cake… Yes, cake.

A Valentine’s Day Gift Box of…

The truffles… The box…all cake! ...lost in Vienna... We all got our ways . A red apple. . . HERZMELODIE . . * i've come to watch your flowers growing. * c i t y g l a m b l o g ♥ w i n t e r m o m e n t s. Nothing in the light. Squeaky Swing. Funkytime. *panic and punkrock. Meine Erlebnisse. Anna Sterntaler. Creative Ideas Gallery - Creature Comforts - daily inspiration, style, diy projects + freebies. ' Nicest Things. Bee in our bonnet: Valentine's Cake Pops. Happy Valentine's Day!

bee in our bonnet: Valentine's Cake Pops

I hope you are celebrating with the ones you love, and with chocolate! I'll take some chocolate cake pops over traditional chocolates any day of the year! Daydreamer. ♥elycia. Craft & Home Decor Ideas — Creative Blogs for DIY Crafts and Home Decor. A Beautiful Mess. Hey, friends! I'm here to share my new favorite happy hour recipe! It's fresh, herbal-y, and citrus-y. Mojitos were my first favorite cocktail, and I still love them, but finding new combinations is my current obsession. I can read. Loite Blog. H i m b e e r m a r m e l a d e . d e. Erklär mir das gute Leben. Glashaus. It's never been like that! 'Pays des Merveilles♥ Creativemoments - @ Raspberry1989 - @ I TRIED TO TOUCH THE CLOUDS.


Langweilig, strebsam, ...? Verträumt. Das Krimskramskästchen.