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Augenblicklich. Felsenfest. Flugunfaehig. Irgendschoen. Kreative EsKa(lation) 365 days. DIY Crafts and Design for Kids. Spiegelreflex. Eileen Josephine - A Cute and Easy Moleskine Cover Tutorial. I always have a pocket-sized Moleskine sketch book and an 05 Micron nearby in case I get any random ideas that I feel like jotting down or sketching.

I'm more likely to look back through a little sketch book for ideas rather than look through the notes section of my phone. I think it's more fun to doodle or write than type, and I have an easier time building on ideas when I write them down or draw them than if I'm just tapping away on a keyboard. So, I decided it would be fun to make a cute little cover for my trusty Moleskine, and even better if I added a spot to keep my pen.

Here's how I did it: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. You will notice that my two sides aren't even - I was working very quickly! 6. 7. And there you go! It would be just lovely as is, but if you feel like getting a little fancier, keep going... 8. 9. See the pins? Notice, the placement of the pins will not interfere with the sleeve of the book cover. Then, take the pin out and sew. 11. Cute, right? <3 Lindsay. Matz ab. All good things. ... Die Welt eines Gefühlsfreaks ... A Valentine’s Day Gift Box of… Cake… Yes, cake.

A Valentine’s Day Gift Box of…

The truffles… The box…all cake! Don’t believe me? Well keep reading and I’ll show you how to make this little Sweet Heart Cake. First, you’ll need to grease and flour at least one heart-shaped cake pan. After you’ve outlined your cake, draw a second outline about .25 inch around the outside of the first heart shape. Work on a clean dry surface and sprinkle a little cornstarch before you begin working with the fondant. This piece of fondant is going to be the bottom of your cake box.

Place the fondant heart shape on top of the cake so that it’s centered with the bottom layer of fondant. Now, you just need to fill it with truffles. You can use the other cake and excess trimmings to crumble and make red velvet cake balls.Read the original how-to for the Red Velvet Cake Balls. I just decorated these different ways with candy writers , heart sprinkles , nuts and drizzled candy melts. ...lost in Vienna... We all got our ways . A red apple. . . HERZMELODIE . . * i've come to watch your flowers growing.

* c i t y g l a m b l o g ♥ w i n t e r m o m e n t s. Nothing in the light. Squeaky Swing. Funkytime. *panic and punkrock. Meine Erlebnisse. Anna Sterntaler. Creative Ideas Gallery - Creature Comforts - daily inspiration, style, diy projects + freebies. ' Nicest Things. Bee in our bonnet: Valentine's Cake Pops. Happy Valentine's Day!

bee in our bonnet: Valentine's Cake Pops

I hope you are celebrating with the ones you love, and with chocolate! I'll take some chocolate cake pops over traditional chocolates any day of the year! Yum! I adore the fabulous bakerella for inventing these! {I finally picked up her book this week! It's hard to make these any cuter, but I stand by my policy that everything is better with some cellophane, some ribbon and and tag! Daydreamer. ♥elycia. Craft & Home Decor Ideas — Creative Blogs for DIY Crafts and Home Decor. A Beautiful Mess. Hey, friends! I'm here to share my new favorite happy hour recipe! It's fresh, herbal-y, and citrus-y.

Mojitos were my first favorite cocktail, and I still love them, but finding new combinations is my current obsession. I'm thinking about planting an herb garden on my porch this weekend. Have any of you done this? Needed: White rum, club soda, fresh basil, fresh mint, fresh raspberries, two limes, basil raspberry simple syrup (recipe below). Raspberry Basil Simple Syrup, makes two cups. 1 cup sugar 1 cup water5-10 raspberries 3-6 basil leaves In a small pot, combine all ingredients and bring to a simmer. Allow your syrup to cool completely in the pot, then strain it into a glass or jar. You can keep this syrup covered for two weeks or longer in the refrigerator. Raspberry Basil Mojito, serves one. 2 ounces white rum1 ounce simple syrupjuice of one lime5 fresh mint leaves, chopped5 fresh basil leaves, choppedfresh raspberries club soda.

I can read. Loite Blog. H i m b e e r m a r m e l a d e . d e. Erklär mir das gute Leben. Glashaus. It's never been like that! 'Pays des Merveilles♥ Creativemoments - @ Raspberry1989 - @ I TRIED TO TOUCH THE CLOUDS.


Langweilig, strebsam, ...? Verträumt. Das Krimskramskästchen.