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Virtual Wide Area Application Services: Cloud-Ready WAN Optimization Solution  [Cisco Virtual Wide Area Application Services (vWAAS) What You Will Learn Organizations are increasingly moving their applications to the cloud to increase their business agility, and achieve cost savings by consuming infrastructure resources in a usage-based model.

Virtual Wide Area Application Services: Cloud-Ready WAN Optimization Solution  [Cisco Virtual Wide Area Application Services (vWAAS)

Cloud service providers fulfill this demand by offering a service that allows on-demand, elastic, and multi-tenant provisioning of computing, networking, and storage resources for applications. During this transition, organizations first have adopted public clouds and then, more recently, have built private clouds and virtual private clouds.

Private clouds typically are co-located on the enterprise data center premises, whereas virtual private clouds are built by cloud service providers to allow enterprises to extend their data center networks as needed (Figure 1). Organizations have been cautious in their adoption of cloud services, and the transition to cloud services has not been rapid. Figure 1. Role of WAN Optimization in Cloud Figure 2. Figure 3. Conclusion • Cisco WAAS: TsengJosh_Role_of_WAN_Opt_Cloud_3-18-2011. Cloud Steelhead Cloud-intelligent WAN Optimization. WAN optimization headed to the cloud. Network World - WAN optimization has grown from a way to squeeze more out of corporate bandwidth to an enabler of data-center consolidation and now is helping move those data centers into the cloud.

WAN optimization headed to the cloud

The technology continues its main function -- making response times faster over WAN links -- but now through software that runs on virtual machines it is becoming practical for use in public and private clouds where virtual environments rule. A few years ago, WAN optimization was locked within hardware appliances, but that is no longer the case. CUSTOMER VIEW: Users find the secrets of WAN optimization Virtualized versions of the old hardware appliances make it possible to deploy optimization within public cloud provider networks, meaning cloud-based applications respond better. It also means data can be sent in less time to cloud storage facilities where it occupies less disk space (and so costs less) and is secure because it is encrypted. Optimizing Oracle Streams with BIG-IP WAN Optimization Module.

Oracle-streams.png (PNG Image, 800 × 506 pixels) - Scaled (66%) Blue Coat Breaks the Barrier for Public Cloud Optimization. SUNNYVALE, CA -- (Marketwire) -- 05/10/11 -- Blue Coat Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: BCSI), a leading provider of Web security and WAN optimization solutions, today introduced its CloudCaching Engine for its Blue Coat® MACH5 WAN Optimization appliances and Virtual Appliances to uniquely address the challenges and opportunities of public cloud-based applications. The CloudCaching Engine, an advanced asymmetric acceleration technology, breaks the barrier that has prevented traditional WAN optimization solutions from optimizing most applications based in the public cloud. The CloudCaching Engine enables businesses to more readily adopt cloud infrastructure to achieve operational savings. Through efficient use of the cloud, companies can also meet the increasingly complex challenges of evolving communication and collaboration and enhance business processes for the distributed enterprise.

Blue Coat's Public Cloud Optimization solution includes the following key components: WAN Optimization Shifts Toward the Cloud. Cloud Computing Starts to Mature The emphasis in the cloud is shifting from public to private cloud computing deployments.

WAN Optimization Shifts Toward the Cloud

More and more enterprises are dipping that first toe into the cloud and as a result are quickly learning that extending their data center footprints over public networks is not as easy as it sounds. Public networks are messy, bandwidth-constrained and unreliable, which is a shaky stool on which to base such a far-reaching expansion of data infrastructure. Small wonder, then, that interest in new cloud-ready WAN optimization technology is heating up.

In the past few months, a bevy of new solutions has hit the channel as vendors reposition their platforms from their traditional roles as remote/branch office solutions. Silver Peak, meanwhile, is out with the NX-10K appliance, which specializes in accelerating performance over 2.5 Gbps OC-48 links. And at Blue Coat, the major development is the CloudCaching Engine for the MACH5 appliance. Cloud-ready networks, WAN Optimization, Visibility, QoS & Control - Ipanema Technologies.