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UK Spray Rendering is the foremost provider of spray rendering in England and Wales and covers the two countries from eleven offices. We can provide a variety of different renders depending upon individual requirements and any given situation. For instance, we use flexible synthetic silicone rendering in coastal areas because it is extremely weather resistant and can tolerate salt air. Other renders include acrylic render, monocouche render, and more, and we also provide thermal wall insulation.

Some Of Your Options When It Comes To Wall Cladding. It is a fact of life that everything ages.

Some Of Your Options When It Comes To Wall Cladding

As time passes, we get older, and we don’t look as great as we did at 20. A lot of plants are annuals and only live for a year. Many birds only live for three or four years. So, different things age at different rates. Take your house, for instance. Rendering Your Walls Provides Many Benefits. As the years go by, the walls of a home suffer from wear and tear.

Rendering Your Walls Provides Many Benefits

Let’s face it, they are out there in all weathers, and they suffer damage as a result. If your walls are painted, you have to repaint them every couple of years in exposed areas, just in order to keep them looking nice. The Many Benefits Of External Thermal Wall Insulation. Most people today are keen to become more “green”.

The Many Benefits Of External Thermal Wall Insulation

They recognise that the planet is suffering from climate change, and that a lot of the reason for that is in the way that we use energy. This is why more and more people are looking to invest in solar panels, heat pumps, solar water heating, and so on, all of which can reduce our carbon footprint. However, before you start spending money on these sorts of things, you need to take a step back and consider your home’s insulation. You probably have insulation in the loft, and that makes a considerable amount of sense because a lot of heat will otherwise go straight out through the roof.

But what about your walls? If you have cavity walls and your home has been built since the 1990’s then it will have cavity walls and they will almost certainly be insulated. Understanding The Pros And Cons Of Thermal Wall Insulation. If you are considering adding thermal insulation to your home in Aylesbury, you probably want to understand all the pros and cons.

Understanding The Pros And Cons Of Thermal Wall Insulation

After all, there is a cost involved, so you want to be certain that you are getting the best bang for your buck. Quite right, too. As thermal wall insulation specialists ourselves, at UK Spray Rendering we obviously understand all the in’s and out’s of thermal wall insulation so we are able to advise you. What You Need To Know About Rendering The Walls Of Your Home. Render is a coating applied to the external walls of a building, often with the sole intention of improving the appearance, and indeed a coat or two of render on the walls can make your home, shop, or office look like brand new.

What You Need To Know About Rendering The Walls Of Your Home

However, renders can perform some other functions as well as just the aesthetics. Adding a render will give your home some extra insulation. It will also help to protect the walls from the effects of weather, and some renders are perfect for use in coastal homes where there may be salt spray, or other areas which are exposed to the weather such as high hills.

Traditionally a render was made of lime, sand, and water which created a coating that was flexible and breathable, so is ideal for use on walls which needed to breathe. Over the last few decades, it has lost a certain amount of popularity, but just recently has been making something of a comeback. Lime mortar does require a specialist who knows how to work with it. Should You Insulate Your Walls Inside Or Outside? If you want to reduce your heating bills by quite a considerable amount, it would be well worthwhile to consider installing thermal wall insulation in Guildford.

Should You Insulate Your Walls Inside Or Outside?

Around one third of all heat lost from a home goes out through the walls, and according to the Energy Saving Trust a typical semi-detached home could save £165 a year by adding insulation to the walls, while a detached home would save £280 ( There are some other benefits too, one of which is that by adding thermal wall insulation you will also help to keep your home cooler in the summer.

Insulation slows down the transfer of all heat, whichever way it is going, so not only does it stop heat going out in the winter, but also helps prevent it coming in during the summer. Heat always moves towards cold, so in summer your home will remain cooler. Now if you have solid walls on your home, which you will if it was built before the 1920’s, there are two ways that you can add wall insulation – either internally or externally.

Why Render Your Home In Reading? It’s a fair question, but in fact there are several reasons why you might want to render your Reading home.

Why Render Your Home In Reading?

The first thing is that by rendering your home you will make the brickwork weatherproof. That means that, regardless of the condition of the brickwork itself, the render will protect it and prevent damp and rain getting through. Next, and from the point of view of many people the most important point, is the aesthetics. A coat of render on the walls of your home will make it look as though it has just been built – and what is even better is that many renders today are what is known as through-coloured.

That means that they have pigments mixed in with them so that the colour is the same all the way through. If you have had an extension added to your home, it may well look completely different from the main part of the house and stand out as an add-on. Another very big issue is pebbledash. Some Of The Different Types Of Render For Your Home. There isn’t a person in the land who would not like to save money on their energy bills.

Some Of The Different Types Of Render For Your Home

We may use gas or electric for heating and cooking, but we all use electricity for lighting and to run TV’s, laptops, and other electrical gadgets. However, a major part of energy bills goes on heating – whether that is by gas or by electric – so anything that you can do to reduce that cost has to be a good idea. Internal Or External Wall Insulation: Which Is Best? If you are considering investing in solar panels, solar water heating, or perhaps a ground source or air source heat pump for your home in Milton Keynes, the first thing to do is to maximise the insulation.

Internal Or External Wall Insulation: Which Is Best?

Far too many homes spend a lot of money on energy for heating which is then wasted for the simple reason that the heat gets lost through the walls. The answer is to install thermal wall insulation in Milton Keynes in order to reduce heat loss to a minimum. Some Of The Different Types Of Render For Your Home. Quite possibly the very best way to brighten up the outside of your home is to cover the walls with a render.

Some Of The Different Types Of Render For Your Home

This is an external coating which is applied quite thickly when compared with paint, and will hide all those cracks and damaged brickwork and cover up faulty pointing. Not only that, but depending upon the type of render that is used, it will make your home waterproof, it won’t attract algae and dirt, and best of all, you will never need to paint the walls again. So instead of paying for the walls to be painted every two or three years they will look great for as long as the render lasts and, again depending on the render, this can be as much as 50 years.

Render it now, and never worry about it again. The type of render that we will suggest at UK Spray Rendering will to some extent depend on what type of walls you have. How Thermal Wall Insulation Can Help To Tackle Climate Change. There seems to be little doubt that climate change, or global warming as it is also called, is having quite an effect across the world. In the Arctic the ice is melting and this is going to have the consequence of seas rising, although I can say that this will not affect me directly, even though I live right on the south coast. This is because we have cliffs that are 90’ – 100’ high. However, it will probably have a devastating effect on low-lying areas including some areas around the Solent and the river Hamble. In the UK there seems little doubt that we are seeing warmer winters and more rain overall, which has been causing some serious flooding. How Much Will It Cost To Render My Home?