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SpotServe is an online marketplace for prepaid recharge, credit cards, Salik recharge, nol recharge, prepaid & postpaid recharge and many more.

Recharge Your Nol Card Online with Easy Steps - SpotServe. It wasn’t too long ago when the RTA (Roads and Transport Authority) added a Nol card top up facility to their list of electronic services, making life much easier for commuters by providing mobile payment options for basic services.

Recharge Your Nol Card Online with Easy Steps - SpotServe

Also underway are number plate’s auction and mobile fine payment options, which are geared up to be added to their online services. When Nol card recharge online services went live, may service providers joined in on the effort to make payments easier for users and commuters. Spotserve is one such affiliate, offering Nol card recharge options online through their own unique, well-designed, multi-service platform. Du Online Recharge: Enhance the Benefits of Du Recharge Card - SpotServe. Things to do and Places to visit in Dubai on a Low Budget – SpotServe. I have been working in Dubai for over 2 years now but I never had the time to go around and visit the city thoroughly.

Things to do and Places to visit in Dubai on a Low Budget – SpotServe

I’ve always wanted to visit the UAE attractions since I came to Dubai; I had a few things in mind that I wanted to do as soon as I get to Dubai apart from looking for a job. Going on the desert safari, eating a fancy brunch, going on top of Burj Khalifa, visiting Atlantis, visiting the Zabeel park were just a few. However, when I finally landed in Dubai, I realized that Dubai is definitely a luxurious tourist attraction.

It can be very expensive and can be fairly over the budget a lot of the times. Dubai has the reputation of being the rich man’s playground as people here define lavish lifestyles for the rest of the world. So what kind of a tourist are you? If you are the outdoorsy type them you should give Zabeel Park a try. Dubai has many public beaches where tourists and the local residents can go to for free. Resource: Like this: Like Loading... Top 10 Tips to Choose the Perfect Credit Card for Yourself in UAE: – SpotServe. 1.

Top 10 Tips to Choose the Perfect Credit Card for Yourself in UAE: – SpotServe

Affordability. SpotServe: Market Saturation – Telecommunication Industry in the UAE. The United Arab Emirates has a pretty well-developed telecommunication infrastructure and it benefits a lot from high penetration rates in both the mobile as well as fixed-line networks.

SpotServe: Market Saturation – Telecommunication Industry in the UAE

This telecommunication infrastructure is further enhanced by the Dubai City Smart Initiative. Even though UAE itself is considered to be one of the most advanced markets of the Middle East, it is also the least liberalized when it comes to its telecommunication sector which remains a duopoly with only two telecom operators with limited foreign investment. The TRA is the main regulator and it was established in 2003 under the 2003 Telecom Law and has the responsibility to manage each and every aspect of the telecommunication and Information Technology industries in the UAE. Some of the responsibilities of the TRA include issuing licenses, enforcing regulations, promoting e-government, establishing access management policies, resolving conflicts and disputes, ensuring service quality and access equity. SpotServe: Salik Gates Increase All Over Dubai. Owning a car in Dubai is not as easy as it used to be and day by day it is becoming more expensive for people to own and maintain a car in Dubai.

SpotServe: Salik Gates Increase All Over Dubai

Apart from the steady increase in fuel prices and insurance rates, the government has also made using the Salik gates more expensive for the car owners in Dubai. To reduce congestion of traffic on Sheikh Zayed Road, the RTA has implemented a plan in which it has de-linked Al-Barsha and Al-Safa Salik gates so that now those travelling form JLT to DIFC have to pay AED 8 every time they cross a gate whereas in the past, the travelers were charged only once. SpotServe: Things to do and Places to visit in Dubai on a Low Budget. Get Done Etisalat Recharge Online. Get Done Du Recharge Online.

Recharge your Etisalat Online. Most of the people feel worrisome while making online transactions.

Recharge your Etisalat Online

SpotServe’s creation is to eliminate all such worries from you as it helps you make Visa credit cardor MasterCard transactions in the safest way possible. Apart from offering retail services, SpotServe also offers different types of banking services. If you do not have a visa credit card then you can easily apply for one through your SpotServe app. Nol Card Top up - Recharge Online. If you use public transport on your daily basis then you must have a nol card in your wallet.

Nol Card Top up - Recharge Online

Since its origin, nol card has made life easier for millions of people traveling throughout Dubai on public transport. It is safe, secure and highly convenient. However, the convenience fades away once your Nol card balance goes empty. Recharge a Salik Account Online. A person feels extremely stressed if you are getting late from an important business meeting and you need to pass Salik and yourSalikcard is empty.

Recharge a Salik Account Online

In such a case, you have to face the fines imposed passing Salik tolls with no balance on your card. In addition, it could cost you the business deal of a lifetime. Thus,instead of letting your precious opportunitieswasted, it is best that you must keep your Salikcard recharged anytime, anywhere. SpotServe is the only digital market that provides you with instant opportunity to get a Salik recharge by mobile and continue with your fast and furious life routine. Online Recharge of du.