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Why good governance applies to everyone. We believe that a high standard of governance is one of the most important factors in preparing any type of sports organisation to be fit for the future.

Why good governance applies to everyone

The approaching deadline for compliance with tier 3 of A Code for Sports Governance at the end of October provides an opportunity to reflect on why good governance is relevant to all sports organisations. If your organisation is small, in the process of launching, or run entirely by volunteers, you might think that it will be extremely difficult to comply with the Code. In addition, you might feel that it isn’t worth the effort given it won’t dictate whether you receive funding. That’s where you are wrong. If your organisation is well run, has a clear mission and vision with strong leadership and an effective board, you will be a far more attractive proposition to public funders and commercial partners.

It’s not as hard as you think Tackling governance can appear overwhelming. Sport and Recreation Alliance. The governance library contains a selection of guidance and resources to support your implementation of The Principles of Good Governance.

Sport and Recreation Alliance

The information contained here is designed to help sport and recreation organisations develop effective organisational structures, policies, procedures and governance. Over time we'll be adding further resources, but if there's a resource you're looking for now and can't find please contact us. Principle One: IntegrityThe resources within Principle One have been provided to help boards work toward upholding, protecting and exemplifying the very highest standards of integrity within their organisation and the wider environment. Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport.

Hottest Fundraising Tips from this Financial Year - Australian Sports Foundation. Your story should get potential donors (your target audience) excited and motivated about your fundraising project.

Hottest Fundraising Tips from this Financial Year - Australian Sports Foundation

However, don’t presume your audience knows everything about your organisation or why you’re trying to raise funds. In fact, you should write your story as though you’re talking to someone who has never heard about your organisation or its fundraising goal. Inform people of why, how and when they should donate. The story is the bedrock of any campaign.

It’s central to all fundraising activity. Your story should answer the following questions: Why does your club need this money? An engaging and successful story will have four key ingredients: Need– This is the starting point for any fundraising story. Cause– What EXACTLY are you raising money for? Impact– You need to share the emotion of your story. Ask– Don’t be afraid to ask. Some great examples of fundraising stories can be found on our website Leadership Framework for the sport and recreation sector » Search for a Resource » Sport New Zealand. Back A consultation process is underway in the sport and recreation sector to create a shared vision of what great leadership looks like (or could look like) in our sector.

Leadership Framework for the sport and recreation sector » Search for a Resource » Sport New Zealand

This shared vision will underpin the development of a world-class “Leadership Framework” for the sport and recreation sector. To be successful, the sector needs more than leadership training programmes. It needs a culture of broad and deep leadership, with development opportunities for future leaders to acquire the important core skills at early stages in the leadership pipeline.

Over recent years, the Deloitte Global Human Capital survey has consistently highlighted ‘leadership’ as one of the most significant talent issues facing organisations around the world. 8 tips for achieving a high standard of governance within a grassroots setting. Share these 8 top tips with your grassroots clubs to help them get to grips with how to achieve good governance 1.

8 tips for achieving a high standard of governance within a grassroots setting

Make sure your club’s constitution is comprehensive and kept up to date A club’s constitution is its foundation – it sets out the rules that govern how the club operates and defines the relationship between your members, participants and club officials. You can find resources and guides to help you prepare your constitution on Sport England’s Club Matters website. 2. Unincorporated association status allows for your club to be recognised without requiring too much in the way of administration or cost. 3. If your club has a large turnover or it owns property, it’s worth considering becoming incorporated. You can find more guidance about the difference between incorporated and unincorporated organisations on our website. 4.

Why recruiting your board to be diverse and skilled will benefit your organisation. Governance Officer, Rob Tate, explains the benefits of an organisation having a diverse and objective board.

Why recruiting your board to be diverse and skilled will benefit your organisation

The board is the primary decision-making body in an organisation, with overall responsibility for promoting the organisation’s interests. Given this pivotal role, the quality and composition of the board needs to be spot on. The Principles of Good Governance. Critical Ingredients for Board Effectiveness: A Discussion with Cari Din and Carolyn Trono. Author: Carolyn Trono and Cari Din Good governance is essential to advancing the mission and vision of every organization.

Critical Ingredients for Board Effectiveness: A Discussion with Cari Din and Carolyn Trono

However, governance is often cited as an issue within many sport organizations and is viewed as a very complex and sometimes challenging topic. Within the following discussion, Carolyn Trono and Cari Din share their insights based upon critical gaps that they see in their professional and volunteer work within the world of governance. ASOIF Governance Task Force Report to the ASOIF 2016 GA ENG. Play the Game - The Sports Governance Observer. Implementing good governance principles in sports organisations.

Vicsport – Good Governance. Good Governance Framework Good Governance Framework Research conducted by Vicsport from July 2007 – June 2009 revealed a scope of recommendations and potential strategies to improve governance practices and diversity on boards of SSAs.

Vicsport – Good Governance

These recommendations and strategies recognise that individuals, organisations and the sport and active recreation sector together play an important role in creating change and achieving significant progress towards board diversity and good governance practices. These evidence based strategies form a Good Governance Framework that identifies opportunities across the three key areas: Things to Think About. This tool sets out the standards we assess in our core-funded sports bodies and provides prompts or Things to Think About in relation to the principles that support those standards.It also provides links to some other specialist websites, which may be of help to you and your organisation.

Things to Think About

The Things to Think About self-help tool can be used by all those involved in governing and managing sport, from your Board and senior managers to your finance staff and those who are involved in putting organisation-wide policies in place. This tool is not an off-the-shelf package that gives instant answers and solutions. Instead, for our core-funded sports bodies it provides a year-round resource which we hope will help you to constructively challenge how you do things as you continue to improve and develop your organisations. Leadership. Jump to navigation Search form Leadership Welcome to Leadership SIRCuit.


Board Evaluation – Basic Steps to Maintaining Good Governance on Your Board. Board Evaluation – Basic Steps to Maintaining Good Governance on Your Board Wednesday, May 4, 2016 - 10:04 (Full article can be found in the Leadership SIRCUit – Winter 2016) Good governance is the goal of all not-for-profit sport organizations and having an effective Board of Directors is a key tool in achieving good governance. In order to make sure that your Board is performing to its best capacity a regular Board Evaluation should be integrated into the organization’s governance procedures. Most Boards perform some level of performance assessment whether they realize it or not, making sure that the process is formalized should be seen as a positive step in maintaining governance standards.

Mandatory Sports Governance Principles FINAL. Leadership winter 2016 by Sport Information Resource Centre (SIRC) SportNZ GovernanceDocument. Voluntary Code of Good Governance V3. Parkrun UK 2016 Run Report by parkrun. Board Governance – Succession Planning: Volleyball Canada. Author: Nora Sheffe, Certified Professional Facilitator, Sheffe Consulting Inc Recognizing the importance of engaging highly qualified leaders on the Board of Directors, Volleyball Canada recently completed a succession planning process. Mark Eckert, President and CEO recognizes that, “With only 7 people on our board, it’s critical that we continue to attract exceptional directors to govern our organization.”

After reviewing a number of on-line resources, Volleyball Canada created a customized approach to succession planning which included the following 3 steps: Step 1 – Identify the key skills, experience, knowledge and diversity you need Step 2 – Create a skills matrix for current board members Step 3 – Conduct targeted recruiting Details on the steps and the tools are outlined below: Step 1 – Identify the key skills, experience, knowledge and diversity you need Step 3 – Targeted Recruiting Closing Thoughts References Appendix 1 – Initial Menu of Core Skills. Cycling Australia Strategic Vision. Sport and Recreation Alliance. We have spoken to a number of organisations that have signed-up to the Voluntary Code of Good Governance for the Sport and Recreation Sector and asked them: Why they decided to sign-up to the Code.How they signed-up.What they intend to do now they have signed-up.What advice they would give organisations not yet signed-up to the Code.

British Orienteering using Principle One — Integrity: Acting as guardians of the sport, recreation, activity or area. Strategic Plan – BC Rugby. BC Rugby, the governing body for Rugby Union in British Columbia, today announced the key priorities and initiatives of its new Strategic Plan. The five-year Plan aims to leverage the success of the HSBC Canada Sevens and Canada Women’s Sevens Tournaments and the success of Rugby Sevens and the Canadian Women’s Sevens Team at the 2016 Rio Summer Olympic Games and simply get more British Columbians involved in Rugby.

The six priorities outlined in the new plan include: Briefing Paper: MBIE Proposals to replace the Incorporated Societies Act - Hui E! Community Aotearoa. Milestones so far The Law Commission commenced a review, at Government request, in 2010Issues paper published June 2011, and received about 200 submissionsLaw Commission final report published in 2013See the reportGovernment in December 2013 agreed to 101 of the 102 recommendations in full or in principle, including to replace the 1908 Act with a new ActSubmissions on the Draft Bill close 30 June 2016 – send them to What’s wrong with the current 1908 Act? “The Act does not set out the obligations of those who are involved in the running of incorporated societies. It fails to give sufficient guidance to those many New Zealanders who volunteer to run societies. Moreover the statute says little about how disputes, which inevitably occur, should be dealt with. Why People Give to Sport Research Report.