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Our shop was founded by Scott Hyland in 2010 to be a one stop for all of your kite, surf, skate, paddle, and adventure related apparel. Scott is a pioneer in the Kiteboarding world and has a wealth of knowledge that he loves to share with our clients. We operate on three simple principles; 1) our clients will always come first, 2) integrity is the most important aspect of our company, 3) be a down to earth approachable and caring steward of the community. We go above and beyond to ensure the safety and comfort of our clients. All of our instructors are PASA/IKO/CPR/First Aid certified.

THE KITEBOARD GEAR CHARLESTON SOUTH CAROLINA. One of the adventurous water sports known as kiteboarding is surely an extreme sport like no other.


This extra ordinary water sport is the combination of paragliding, wakeboarding, and surfing. The mentioned water sports make use by the power of the wind to move a rider across a physique of water on a kiteboard, which is basically a surfboard. There are distinct methods to enjoy the ride in this water sport like the freestyle, wake-style, totally free ride, jumping, cruising as well as the wave riding. Those people who are interested with this breath taking sports, they are heartily invited for Kiteboarding Charleston South Carolina.

Here you'll find some kiteboarding gears that you need to use. The size of this kite varies from 0.7 square meters to 21 square meters. The other type is known as foil kites which are typically made of nylon fabric and contains air pockets to offer it a lift. The sport also has few kite harness. PADDLEBOARD TOUR CHARLESTON ARE IN GREAT DEMAND. If you ask what you can do in Charleston?


Paddleboard tour Charleston will definitely make your tour unforgettable. This tourist known for several enjoyable water events in which people of all ages and children can participate. Along with all kinds of adventurous land sports, the water sports have also come to the leading forefront. Paddleboards Charleston S. C. Increase adrenaline rush by kiteboarding by choosing Paddleboard rentals Charleston. You must have heard about kiteboarding, especially near Charleston.

Paddleboard has become a happening sport all over the world. One of the major factors about a stander paddle board is the stability and the amount of weight which it can carry. Thrill Yourself with Paddle Board Tour Charleston – Sealand Adventure Sports. Sea land Adventurous Sports is only local Slandered Paddle board Supplier Company of high quality Paddleboards.

Thrill Yourself with Paddle Board Tour Charleston – Sealand Adventure Sports

We can ship you a brand new paddleboard in Sullivan Island, South Carolina. You can easily get paddleboard rentals Charleston from us. Standup paddle boarding can be a fantastic workout. Paddleboard rentals Charleston increase adrenaline rush by kite boarding. Kite boarding is enjoyable, above all when the layers of wave are cut through. Contact us or pay a visit to buy your own paddle board, or schedule a time to take a ride on our demo boards. Get Best Kiteboarding Gear Charleston, South Carolina – Sealand Adventure Sports. Kiteboarding is one of the most adventurous water sports.

Get Best Kiteboarding Gear Charleston, South Carolina – Sealand Adventure Sports

It is as exciting as thrilling. Kiteboarding is a hazardous sport and you need best kitesurfing kites to avoid the dangers and problems that you will be encountering while starting to learn this sport. It requires the strength of limbs as well the mental ability. You can get proper lesson regarding used kiteboarding gear from Sealand Adventurous Sports, Sullivan Island, South Carolina. The kite surfer or windsurfer uses Used Kiteboarding gear by hiring them, much like water sports people use wakeboards or small boards, to push the wind through a big but controllable power kite.

If you’re planning for a lovely holiday at Sullivan Island kiteboarding gear Charleston can be your most enthusiastic choice. You should not only pick the best Kiteboarding gear Charleston, but also should check the kite size and wind capabilities, when you are choosing one. Like this: Like Loading... Paddleboard Tour - 2 hour - Sealand Adventure Sports. Surfboard. Electric Power Bike - Rental. Kiteboarding - Sealand Adventure Sports.

Kiteboarding - Sealand Adventure Sports. Peek. Surfboards - Sealand Adventure Sports. Paddleboarding - Sealand Adventure Sports. Whether you are exploring our lowcountry creeks and rivers, finding a quiet place to challenge your yoga routine or surfing the break or foiling the swell, we have the latest gear for what you need!

Paddleboarding - Sealand Adventure Sports

We offer a variety of stand up paddle boards, foil boards, paddles and add ons to ensure that you have an unforgettable time! 10' 6 Oxbow Play Wood SUP WE CANNOT SHIP PADDLE BOARDS FROM OUR SHOP. PLEASE CALL BEFORE YOU ORDER IF YOU ARE WANTING THIS SHIPPED. Allround Flatwater SUP Unique board for... View full product details 2017 BOTE Bucket Rac 2017 BOTE Bucket Rac Introducing the Bucket Rac, a smaller version of the Tackle Rac. 2017 BOTE Travelink Sling 2017 BOTE Travelink Sling Featuring durable swivel clips, the Travelink™ Sling clicks right into the latch points allowing you to lift and carry the board...

Boardworks CHINOOk Paddleboard 12'6'' WE CANNOT SHIP PADDLE BOARDS FROM OUR SHOP, PLEASE CALL BEFORE ORDERING IF YOU WANT IT SHIPPED. Boardworks NAVIGATOR Paddleboard 11'6'' F-One - Sealand Adventure Sports. Kiteboarding Lessons - Sealand Adventure Sports. *Free Neck Gaiter/Mask w/ purchase lessons.

Kiteboarding Lessons - Sealand Adventure Sports

Kiteboarding = Social distancing* Kiteboarding in Charleston? If you ever thought of picking up the sport of Kiteboarding, we highly recommend you to take a lesson from a Certified Instructor who will teach you all you need to be safe starting out and progress in your riding the right way! Here in Sullivan's Island the kiteboarding craze is high, so don't miss out! Get your lessons in and start shredding! How to sign up: Purchasing Online: On our main page go to Book a Lesson on top menu then select Kiteboarding lessons. Lessons Packages: Kiteboarding Lessons - Sealand Adventure Sports.

Kiteboarding Lessons - Sealand Adventure Sports.