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KONZERTHAUS DORTMUND. THE KONZERTMILCH CASE.‬‏ Charge Your Phone or iPod on Vitaminwater's USB Bus-Stop Ads. 99% Conference 2011: Key Insights on Idea Execution. Just over a week ago, 400 creative professionals from around the world packed the Times Center in New York City for the third annual 99U Conference, presented by GE.

99% Conference 2011: Key Insights on Idea Execution

With tickets sold out over five months in advance, anticipation was high, and the audience arrived buzzing with energy – ready for a deep dive into the mechanics of making ideas happen. Lucky for us, with an expanded lineup of 14 speakers and 3 master classes, we had an incredible group on hand to deliver actionable insights. Making ideas happen is a unique process for everyone – and the speakers tackled the topic from a variety of fascinating angles. 200 Years of the Advertising Business in One Handy Infographic. Feel like reliving all of advertising's big milestones, including major agency launches, mergers, and acquisitions since the 1830s?

200 Years of the Advertising Business in One Handy Infographic

Sure you do. Thankfully, Aquent has done the work for you. h3ddbuozj Shared by spookette. Twitter Job Hustle. Cher voisin de transport. Vitamintalent. Friskies : Games for cats, la première gamme de. The 1st radio ad for dogs. GENTRY. Search results for: qwiki. Goldenhook, votre création tricottée par des supers mamies. LoudSauce: Crowdfunded Advertising for Causes that Matter. By Maria Popova What bus shelters have to do with civic engagement and Marshall McLuhan.

LoudSauce: Crowdfunded Advertising for Causes that Matter

The key folly of cause marketing can be reduced to low awareness and an unconvincing voice — weak, creatively uncompelling messaging that fails to reach a sufficient number of people and fails to engage those it does reach. Or, to frame it in Marshall McLuhan‘s famous medium/message paradigm, an insufficient medium carrying a toothless message. We’ve previously looked at how UK nonprofit DoTheGreenThing is solving the creative merit problem by borrowing talent from the traditional ad industry to reshape the message. Condom Campaign Highlights Dizzying Costs of Having a Kid. If Don Draper were walking among us, we're betting he'd count this as a pretty clever sell: Sir Richard's, a new condom startup, is advertising its wares not by promises of hair-pulling, nail-scratching pleasure, but rather economics.

Simply put, it costs so much to have a damn kid that you better not have one by accident. The new brand is the brainchild of TDA, an ad agency based in Boulder, with backing from Kreloff Equity Partners. The goals for Sir Richard's are several: One is simply aesthetic, as the guys at TDA figured that condom packaging had settled into cliches that rendered the product nearly invisible. Flux Bible : choisissez votre religion, customisez. Qwiki. It's More Likely You Will Survive A Plane Crash Or Win The Lottery Than Click A Banner Ad. Burger King Fr : itinéraire d'un fake ordinaire. I Voted. The creative internet (106 things) L'inconnu du métro. Word Lens, l'application qui traduit en temps réel. Ikea. Art of Food. This USB Outlet Lets You Recharge Without An Adapter.

Volkswagen. The Dark Side. Save as WWF, Save a Tree : Home. Le corbeau et le renard - Jean de La Fontaine - Social Fable. Six Word Stories. How trends & creativity become.

Interactive Infographic of the World's Best Countries. Truly creative people see things differently. OH MY GOD WHAT HAPPENED AND WHAT SHOULD I DO? Journalism Warning Labels. Posted by Marc van Gurp | 15-08-2010 21:24 | Category: Activism, Media Isn’t it strange that the media carefully label any content that involves sex, violence or strong language but there’s no labelling system for wacky journalism and other questionable content?

Journalism Warning Labels

(like this blogpost :-) Geek comedian Tom Scott designed a solution for this. Making Facebook Physical.