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Jimmy's Roofing is the most preferred roofing company, servicing Spokane and Coeur D' Alene region since 2001. We specialize in residential, commercial roofing and other areas that need roof repair and maintenance.

Roof Replacement Spokane. As a full service Roofing Contractor, there is no area of the industry where we cannot perform expertly and no type of material that we have not installed.

Roof Replacement Spokane

We handle commercial and residential projects of any size. The quality services we provide include: New installations including new construction; tear offs and replacements; and new material changes or upgrades including composition, metal, tile, wood shakes, slate and more.Repairs and restoration caused by leaks and blow offs on flat or sloped surfaces, tree falls and impact related damage, gutter repairs, fascia and soffit issues and skylight lid replacement.Design services that include assisting you in choosing the color, pattern and materials that are right for your home or building.Insurance claims: As your Spokane roofing contractor, we are highly experienced in working with all the major carriers regarding claims for storm damage, vandalism and fire. Roof Replacement.

If you need a Roofing Contractor that provides all residential and commercial needs, call us.

Roof Replacement

We offer proven performance, experience, and the best customer service in the area.Learn More We are the Metal Roofing Installation specialists you can trust. This surface has gained in popularity in recent years due to the durability of the products, their resistance to weather and their long warranty period. Let us give you an estimate for a roof that lasts a lifetime.Learn More If you need a Flat Roof Replacement, call us first for a complete inspection of your existing surface. Roof Inspection. Scheduled Roof Inspections are the best way to identify any potential issues and correct them before a problem develops.

Roof Inspection

Our local team of professionals will perform a detailed evaluation of your system to ensure the lifetime of protection you expect. Call today and we will respond quickly to serve you. Regular roof checks are valuable for determining the overall condition of an existing installation and also pinpoint leaks or potential leaks early on. Whether you have a commercial system or a shingle housetop, we will thoroughly evaluate the entire surface and even photograph the process.

When we discover a minor repair, we can fix it on the spot. Most problems with both commercial and residential surfaces can be repaired quickly and easily. We believe Spokane roof inspections offer the kid of preventive maintenance that helps you attain maximum performance and durability. Have you experienced storm damage? Jimmy's Roofing. Metal Roof Repair covers a gamut of materials.

Jimmy's Roofing

We can fix all varieties, including steel, zinc alloy, aluminum, tin and copper. There are two basic categories that make up this type of surface: Shingles: Metal roof repair for shingle surfaces is very often the result of an improper installation followed by severe weather. Installed properly, shingles of aluminum, steel or copper should last without issues for 40 years or longer.

Repair also becomes necessary if the shingles were not fastened properly or an inferior underlayment was used. While metal installations are among the longest lasting, it is vital to keep them in good shape and take care of leaks. Metal surfaces have been a staple of home-building throughout the United States since the country was formed. Repairs are generally needed because an installation has become old, or the materials were not installed correctly to begin with. Jimmy's Roofing. Roofing shingles and other construction and demolition materials once accounted for 40 percent of the material entering the landfills in the US annually.

Jimmy's Roofing

Thank to increased environmental awareness and recycling programs, this amount has decreased by more than half according to recent studies. In Washington State, roofing shingles recycling programs are in place for all types of roofing shingles. The primary materials are asphalt, aluminum, steel, and concrete. Aluminum and steel are recycled along with other items made from the same materials, while concrete is pulverized and used for road bedding. Very little aluminum and steel gets recycled from roofing as these are relative newcomers to this particular industry, and their useful lives often exceed that of the home on which they are installed. Asphalt roofing shingles present a few obstacles in regards to the reuse of the material from which they are made.

Roofing Products. Roofing Contractor. Residential Roofing. At Jimmy’s Roofing we focus our attention toward listening to and meeting the needs of our customers.

Residential Roofing

We take pride in offering lasting solutions to home owners with re-roof or repair needs. Re-Roofing of New or Existing Homes: Asphalt ShinglesMetal Roofing SystemsCopper RoofingTile Roofing SystemsSlate RoofingWood ShakesSynthetic Shakes/SlateSingle Ply Systems (TPO, PVC, EPDM)Torch Down/Rolled Residential Roofing Systems Emergency Leak Repair: 24hr/7 Days a Week Emergency Leak ResponseFixed Right the First Time/No Call BacksOn Site Repair EstimationsPictures are Provided of the Repair Process Roof Insurance Claims: Homeowner Consultation about making a claimLiaison between Home Owner and Insurance CompanyManage and Complete all Roof Related RepairsAssist Homeowner in obtaining Completion Insurance Payment.

Roof Maintenance. Fast Response.

Roof Maintenance

Expert Repairs. Roof leaks can be very difficult to diagnose. To make matters worse, water will often travel a great distance before it enters the interior of a building. You need a roofing expert that is knowledgeable enough to find the true source of the leak and repair it properly—and efficiently. Dedicated service department. With highly trained technicians, you’ll get immediate response for any leak or roof issue. Roofing Company.