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How Has COVID-19 Accelerated Change in Market Dynamics. Key Software Languages to Master During The Lockdown. Covid-19 and the lockdown to contain its manic spread has led to some interesting developments.

Key Software Languages to Master During The Lockdown

One of the most striking ones is, no doubt, the rush to master new skills and learn new things. While it might be culinary for some, it is computers for the others. Most precisely, for many, this free time is also a great opportunity to brush up their software understanding and programming language skills. 10 Ways in Which Technology Can Help Combat Any Pandemic. From the treatment methods to the running of the economy and everything in between, our lives were never as heavily dependent on technology as it is today.

10 Ways in Which Technology Can Help Combat Any Pandemic

Here is a quick look at some of the top ten ways that technology can help - 1. Quality healthcare remotely: From monitoring patients remotely to analyzing biometric data from wearable, the possibilities are immense. There are many options including telenursing, digital assistance to monitoring respiratory systems remotely and digital stethoscope, the possibilities are immense. Secure Video Conferencing Booms As Pandemic Abates. ‘Work from Home’ and virtual meetings are the order of the day.

Secure Video Conferencing Booms As Pandemic Abates

Increasingly, companies and employees are seeing the merit in this type of remote working aids. This is exactly why you can see secure video conferencing booming even as the fear of the pandemic abates. There are many reasons that support the all-round acceptance of virtual meetings through video conferencing. These include- Cost-Effective: Travelling for a meeting, organizing a place for the meeting, snacks during the meeting, and everything else with respect to a meeting involves cost. Saves Time: It does not just save cost but saves time too. Privacy and data security intact: However, data security is a key concern. How Effective is Video conferencing as a Corporate Meeting Tool? The answer is probably no.

How Effective is Video conferencing as a Corporate Meeting Tool?

If current trends are any indicator, here is a corporate practice that is likely to be around for a while, at least. Creative Ways of Using Technology While Working From Home. From virtual meetings to collaborative work on cloud-based software.

Creative Ways of Using Technology While Working From Home

The scope of options and potential is simply infinite. All you have to do is unleash your creative instincts to make the best of the opportunity and enhance your individual and team productive quotient. Create flexible meeting hours: Offices are bound by set timings, but the best benefit of virtual meetings is of convenience. You don’t have to stick to a specific time-band. Check with the team and work out a mutually convenient slot. Use online appreciation tools for boosting team morale: Simple stuff like an online thumbs up or clapping emoji can become your tools of enhancing the team’s morale while dealing with current challenges. Use tools to organize in a color-coded exciting fashion: Organizing files and work memos is important. The impact of Covid-19 on the Internet Of Things. It has also changed the way we perceive technology and the whole digital experience as such.

The impact of Covid-19 on the Internet Of Things

When you look at the Internet Of Things, there are some distinctive impacts that can be directly attributed to this pandemic. Reigning in costs: As demand dries up and businesses are struggling to keep their head above water, the cost is a key concern. Almost at every juncture, there is a need to rein in cost, cut it down and rationalize it as much as possible. The Internet of Things is making all of this a reality.

It is helping bring down capex, cut down wastage, and optimizing production in many different ways. Automating processes: IoT today is being pressed into service almost at every walk of life, and automation is one of the biggest areas of research and development. Flexible supply chain movement: The Internet Of Things or IoT also ensured that supply chains become significantly more flexible, and bottlenecks start getting resolved a lot more effectively. Conclusion. How Using a Chatbot Helps in Improvising the Online Business. How Can Digital Twins Help In Planning and Product Development.

Companies are increasingly looking for a digital way to stay ahead of the curve in product development.

How Can Digital Twins Help In Planning and Product Development

Digital twins, in that context, are the latest poster boys of product development. Its role in augmenting the retail customer experience as well as product planning is fast emerging as a definitive point in giving companies an edge to get past the competition. Product Planning. How Competition Analysis Helps You Keep A Step Ahead. But also allows you to define a reasonable game plan to stay a step ahead of the competition.

How Competition Analysis Helps You Keep A Step Ahead

Strategic research about competition and analyzing it helps you understand how you can beef up your business plan and handle the potential threat that they might pose. This is often the fine dividing line between a great business and a mediocre opportunity. It also throws light on possible areas to develop on. Identify your competition: The biggest benefit of competition analysis is that it helps you identify your top competitors. Whether they are based globally or locally, you will know who you are dealing with directly. An idea about customer base: Most importantly, this competition analysis allows you to get an idea about the potential pockets where your competitors are getting clients from. What Makes For A Winning Pitch Deck- Our Guide with Top Tips. The need of the hour is to create a pitch deck that will surely unleash the funding gates for you and help kickstart your venture.

What Makes For A Winning Pitch Deck- Our Guide with Top Tips

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