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Make Shabby Chic Hooks. Home » $5 and Under, Decor, Headline, Tutorials 6 April 2010 97,394 views 20 Comments by heather You're gonna be mad at me when you see how I made these because you don't have these things in your stash and you pledged to bust your stash in April.

Make Shabby Chic Hooks

I went to the dollar store on March 31st looking for more hooks so I could make more of these, but they were OUT, so I'm mad too! Let me just start by saying I'm totally jealous of those people who have design sense. I've been on the lookout for hooks. Plastic Spongebob hook (hideous!) Project Materials: Plastic hook, $1Acrylic paint, on hand or $.50Faux metal embellishment tags, $1House number or other embellishment, on hand or $1 Total: $2 and up To Make: Step 1: Paint the Spongebob off that hook! Step 2: Paint the embossed metal stickers with the same color of paint. Step 3. (Optional) Step 4: Glue house number (or other embellishment) to the hook. p.s. Disclosure: this article may contain affiliate links or other forms of sponsored content.

Button art on the cheap. I love kitschy little home decor items/wall hangings, because a little color goes a long way to spice up a room.

Button art on the cheap

ESPECIALLY when you live in an apartment (hello Mod Podge Command Central) and you can’t paint the walls. I have a love affair with buttons; I would marry them if I could. I decided to spice up a boring wall in my room with this cute little piece, incorporating my very favorite buttons and, of course, Mod Podge. Here’s how to make it. Gather These Supplies Frame – mine is from the Dollar Tree Spray Paint or Acrylic PaintGloss Mod Podge Flat paintbrush Scrapbook paper – one sheet Buttons – as many as you want; I used 15 Craft glue Craft knife and mat Pencil or pen Let’s do this thing! You are going to laugh, but I actually had this frame, spray painted Robin’s Blue, in my craft stash. Because I lost the back of my frame, I had to cut a frame back from a spare piece of cardboard. Lay your frame back down onto your sheet of scrapbook paper and trace. Daily color: branch. Get Crafty With Maps. The Tale of the Three Brothers. So. Over the July 4th weekend I decided to embark on a new craft-like project.

I’d always thought it would be cool to paint a chapter of a book on a wall, but never actually followed through with the vision. Untillllll I decided to ask my mom if she trusted me enough to paint the wall in the stairwell leading to the basement and she said YES. I started drawing lines on July 4th and two weeks later, I had successfully painted the entire chapter of The Tale of the Three Brothers from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on the wall, word for word .

I completely guessed as to whether or not it would all fit, and miraculously it fit perfectly, all 20-something pages. Make it a kitsch stitch.