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Patry/party favor DIY

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Piñata for my daughter's b'day. After a crazy week at work I finally started working on my daughter’s b’day preparations.

Piñata for my daughter's b'day

Coming Saturday is my cute girl birth day. I have decided to do everything home made for her b’day party to make it personalized. As a part of that decision I made a small Piñata over the weekend. Thought to share this cute Piñata with you all. Here is the cute Piñata for my sweet Princess Sumana. Little bit information about piñata : (Source is The piñata is a brightly-colored paper container filled with sweets and/or toys. In India we use the same type of Pinata for Krishnashtami/Krishna Jayanti celebrations. Pictures of making of Piñata: All my friends requested me to put the instructions to make this Piñata. DIY Apothecary Bottle - DIY Bridesmaid Gift. This do-it-yourself apothecary jar would make a thoughtful guest favor or bridesmaid gift!

DIY Apothecary Bottle - DIY Bridesmaid Gift

Our party calendar for May is packed with bridal showers—stay tuned for an upcoming feature on real-life parties with loads of stealable inspiration! In the meantime, we found this gem to hold you over from our blogger friend Taryn, who runs All of the stunning showers we've seen recently have two things in common: handmade details and customization. Tutorial: How to Make a Pomander Flower Ball. Tavle-bakke/chalkboard-tray - Leas lirumlarum. DIY Herbs in a Teacup: Eco-Friendly Favors.

Posted on April 11, 2012 by Christina I have an obsession with vintage teacups.

DIY Herbs in a Teacup: Eco-Friendly Favors

Whenever I see one that catches my eye at a yard sale or second hand store, I’ll snatch it up if it’s a good price. Occasionally, my girls and I will have a tea party with them, but mostly they just sit in my cupboard looking pretty. Why not put them to good use? Last year I made teacup bird feeders to give to my kids’ teachers. The herbs in my garden are exploding with life – why not create share the wealth with DIY herbs in a teacup. They’re super-easy to make and inexpensive! Wedding DIY: Cupcake Liner Pom-Poms.

Water Blob: Tutorial. A few weeks ago I saw this idea for water blobs floating around online and decided to try it ourselves the next time we were having friends over to play.

Water Blob: Tutorial

Can I just say that this “water blob” was amazing amounts of fun.


Lollies - a little ART CAN'T HURT. A perfect rainy day thing to do!

lollies - a little ART CAN'T HURT

The colors make any day better! How to make LOLLIESyou will need: jolly ranchers, candy sticks, parchment paper, foil & a cookie sheet 1) lay a piece of foil on cookie sheet. cover foil with a piece of parchment paper.2) unwrap candies and place side by side on parchment paper in your choice of color & flavor combinations. use three candies together for extra large lollies, and only two candies together for regular lollies.3) heat candies in oven for about 5 minutes at 200 degrees. keep a close eye on the candies and take them out as soon as they've barely melted together. if you leave them in too long they will melt too much and you won't be able to put a stick into the lollie. alter the cook time accordingly.4) carefully take cookie sheet out of oven. immediately lay candy sticks into place on melted candies. slowly twirl in melted candy to coat the stick and so it will hold in the lollie. they're hot!

DIY Craft Project: How to craft a twine-ball light garland {As featured on Rock n Roll Bride} Time for another DIY craft project and today I’ll be showing you exactly how you can make this twine-ball light garland yourself.

DIY Craft Project: How to craft a twine-ball light garland {As featured on Rock n Roll Bride}

It’s one of those projects that’s a little bit messy and does take quite a bit of time, but it is so much fun. Plus you have a really cool piece of decor at the end of it. Perfect for parties or around the home, you can paint it up in any colour you want to match your design scheme, and when lit, it looks so pretty, casting lots of patterned twinkly light everywhere. Mine is now taking pride of place in my office. The BEST Play-Dough Recipe.

Have you ever made play dough and it just fell apart??

The BEST Play-Dough Recipe

Well… not this time. This recipe will make play dough that is seriously the closest thing to store-bought you’ll ever make. No falling apart or drying out (as long as stored in a sealed container). It will last up to 6 months.The secret to this recipe?? Two things: First, Cream of Tarter… it’s what helps the dough stay together. and Second, not a lot of salt… all that salt dries out your dough! Ready to make it?

Ingredients: 1 C Flour 1 C Water 1/4 C Salt 1 TBSP Vegetable Oil 2 tsp Cream of Tarter Food Coloring (actual coloring or a kool-aid packet will do) Sparkles (If you wanna be a fun mom!) Pour in all ingredients. Stir until everything is mixed well. Once the mixture is (mostly) clump free.