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Let us begin by saying that we absolutely love ponds and water gardens. SplashScapes Pro is Charlotte’s most experienced residential waterscapes expert for ponds, water features, waterfalls, fountains, design, maintenance, service and repair on all sizes, small, medium to large! No Job is too small or large! We build ponds for all budgets, it’s a true passion that we have when it comes to anything that involves ponds. In today's market competition is a challenge but customer satisfaction is our strength. Our focus is pleasing you, we are The Pond People in Charlotte!

Pond Myths - SplashscapesSplashscapes. Ponds & Water Gardens - SplashscapesSplashscapes. Our natural ponds are an ecosystem unto their own.

Ponds & Water Gardens - SplashscapesSplashscapes

A pure habitat that supports life with aquatic life such as fish, frogs and other species plus plant life of all varieties! Let’s start first by saying that natural ecosystem ponds are such a beautiful and important part of Nature! We love building these natural ponds…and we build ponds for all budgets! So, ponds not only create a natural ecosystem in their defined environment, but they also fit into the community or life cycle of the entire ecological region. Water is the most basic of these. A pond ecosystem is like a triangle. One pond in one backyard may not seem very important, but when you have a thousand similar backyard ecosystems functioning simultaneously, there’s truly a positive impact being made on the environment. Birds have also been driven from many of their natural wetland habitats, which they need so desperately to survive.

SplashScapes Pro – The Pond People in Charlotte! Calming Ponds & Landscapes - SplashscapesSplashscapes. Homeowners love adding little improvements to their home in order to help boost property value and then be able to make a profit from it if they ever decide to sell.

Calming Ponds & Landscapes - SplashscapesSplashscapes

This is true for most homeowners. Even those that don’t ever want to sell their home are often looking for ways to raise the overall value, because the value of your home leaves a legacy and becomes an important asset. It can be something you can lake a loan out against, or pass on to your kids or family. That’s why people make improvements all the time, like adding ponds or waterscapes. Questions To Ask A Pond Installation Crew - SplashscapesSplashscapes. If you’re wanting to hire a pond installation company to set up a pond in your Charlotte home, you may have plenty of questions to ask before you decide on a certain pond, or even if you’ll install one at all.

Questions To Ask A Pond Installation Crew - SplashscapesSplashscapes

The questions you should ask can vary from the warranty to facts and tips about keeping the pond going. Asking about a guarantee or warranty on the pond would be very smart because you can never be too safe when it comes to landscaping and home improvements. You should also ask your Charlotte pond installation group if they offer pond maintenance or any kind of aftercare service. This is important because it means they will be more than willing to make sure the pond is still running afterwards.

Most reliable companies will offer some kind of manual so that you can keep it going if you want to, but they will probably also offer their maintenance services to make sure that the pond keeps running after the initial installation. This article was written by Guizmo. Reasons To Hire A Pond Installation Crew - SplashscapesSplashscapes. When it comes to home improvements, there are certain projects that people feel comfortable taking on.

Reasons To Hire A Pond Installation Crew - SplashscapesSplashscapes

These usually involve things like painting the shed, putting in some new furniture, and maybe some landscaping like mowing the lawn and planting a few plants. However, one of the Charlotte home improvement projects that you should probably not try to do your own is pond installation. Pond installation is more difficult than most people imagine. It is not just about digging a hole and watching how it goes – it’s about getting the right wiring, filters, digging up the necessary space without leaving extra air pockets underneath, and somehow getting it to all fall together without having to deal with excessive debris in the pond.

They have to make sure that pine needles and autumn tree leaves aren’t going to be constantly falling into the pond and throwing off the ecosystem. Pond Construction: Better To Hire A Contractor - Splashscapes PRO. Ponds are beautiful.

Pond Construction: Better To Hire A Contractor - Splashscapes PRO

They add a certain natural element to our backyards that make them feel put together and relaxing. They can be great to look at, and very entertaining if you decide to make it a fish pond. However, as beautiful as ponds are, they can be a pain to install – specially if you don’t have the right tools or materials. If you look hard enough, you can find manuals for how to do just about anything. Boost Property Value With A Makeover! Think of your yard the way it is now.

Boost Property Value With A Makeover!

Now take a few seconds to imagine how it would look and feel if you hired a pond installation company and had them recreate your Charlotte backyard. Imagine the sounds of the calming water and being able to walk out and watch it. Imagine installing a small waterfall to add trickling sounds and create a calm atmosphere after a hectic day at work. If this sounds nice to you, it will also sound nice to potential buyers when the day comes to sell the property. Charlotte is a growing city. Charlotte Pond Installation and MaintenanceSplashscapes. Untitled. Waterscapes & Home Value. The housing market has been booming recently, which is everything that a homeowner wants to hear.

Waterscapes & Home Value

Property values are up and inventory is low, which makes it the prime time to reel in a profit on your home. However, you may be thinking about things that you can do to make your home stand out from the rest. Have you considered having a pond installation crew recreate your Charlotte yard and add a waterscape? Waterscapes are calming and beautiful. In a southern state like ours, they can thrive year-round and improve your home’s beauty.