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Astral Projection Technique – Lucid Dreaming. Here’s a simple technique through which to become conscious in the astral plane by waking up in a dream, which is commonly known as lucid dreaming.

Astral Projection Technique – Lucid Dreaming

With it, you can carry out exactly the same investigations in the astral world as you would do when you project from your bed. In the normal course of sleep, dreams occur in the astral plane. When dreaming there is no recognition of being in a dream; it just happens and there is no self-awareness to enable us to realize where we are. 11 Tips to Succeed in Astral Projection.

With astral projection we consciously leave the body and go into the fifth dimansion, usually to the astral plane.

11 Tips to Succeed in Astral Projection

To learn astral projection can take some practice, here are some tips that can help it to succeed. 1. If you relax first it will make it easier to astral project. When you relax your body be aware of the areas that are most tense and relax them, check that tension hasn’t crept back into your body when you start your astral exercise, as this will lock you into your physical body and prevent you from astral projecting. 2. Astral Projection - We Astral Project!


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