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SPI Software provides timeshare software to resorts, clubs, fractional owner ship and all kinds of vacation ownership properties.

Data you want, when you want it. … #timesharesoftware #vacationownershipsoftware #metrics. TBMA play an important role for #timeshare owners, and we're proud to support their organization. When Digital Meets Physical: What Pokémon Go Means for the Travel Industry. By Nick Vivion In our world of fragmentation and hyper-targeted micro-niches, few mainstream hits cut through.

When Digital Meets Physical: What Pokémon Go Means for the Travel Industry

That's what makes the nearly-instant global popularity of Pokémon Go so intriguing. The mobile app uses GPS and augmented reality technology to lead users on a hunt for the digital pets. Augmented reality often elicits mixed reactions, ranging from the hopeful to the dystopian. The technology layers digital information onto physical space, using the screen as the middleman. "Pokémon can be found in every corner of the earth," the introduction proclaims. The Pokémon Go phenomenon shows how brand recognition and technology can boost a brand to new heights. The power of collaboration Pokémon Go is the world's first mainstream "real world adventure" game. Google has a clear financial interest in expanding how humans interact with physical space. Not a sold out resort? See how the SPI Sales Module can help you! #timesharesoftware #vacationownership #resorts. Reports show that the hospitality industry added 58,000 jobs -SPI is looking to add to the #jobgrowth. #applynow.

Timeshare Software for Resorts. These #startup #travel companies are pretty neat. Now that the Fourth of July holiday has passed in the U.S. and much of the world is enjoying summer weather, we thought it was the perfect time to check-in on how summer travel is being made easier in 2016.

These #startup #travel companies are pretty neat.

This week we’re spotlighting companies that want to get travelers outdoors and moving, and taking advantage of beautiful weather whenever they can. Running routes that tell a story of a destination and a bike ride mapping a street view experience of a bustling downtown are only two innovations that these startups hope will motivate travelers to explore as far as the summer sun will take them. Summer is the universal season of travel that makes many travelers want to create memories with the smartest technology that’s available. RunGo is a virtual running partner providing turn-by-turn voice navigation for pre-charted running routes around the world.

>>SkiftTake: Running is one of the best ways to explore a new city for the first time. 4 Worries That Keep Hotel Executives Up at Night – Skift. The beauty of an annual hotel investment conference is getting the opportunity to speak with a lot of hospitality executives, all in one place.

4 Worries That Keep Hotel Executives Up at Night – Skift

And that’s exactly what Skift embarked on during the NYU International Hospitality Industry Investment Conference in New York City on June 6 and 7. What surprised us, during many of our conversations with these leaders is what’s on their minds most—and what, frankly keeps them up at night. (This is also a question we posed recently to more than two dozen chief marketing officers as part of our Skift CMO Series.) Overall, the general mood during the conference could be best described as “timid optimism” on the part of hotel brands and management companies. And one of “getting ready for a downturn” on the part of hotel owners. Whether we’re talking strictly about the hotel industry itself, or the larger global tourism industry as a whole, it’s clear that 2016 will be a year of tremendous transition.

SPI Orange Dashboards. SPI Software @SPIOrange announces major enhancements to OwnerConnect web owner portal in version 3.1. @SPIOrange takes the wraps off their latest rev of online consumer portal. SPI ‘Owner Connect’ Revolutionizes Owner Servicing @SPIOrange @SharonINKpr. TBMA - Systems and Components for Dry Solids Handling. Timeshare Software for Resorts. Timeshare Software. SPI Timeshare Software - SPI Software. Timehare Resort Software. Timeshare & Vacation Ownership Software - Since 1978, SPI Software has been an industry leader, providing best-in-class software solutions to resort developers and operators of timeshare, clubs, fractional, whole ownership, and mixed-use properties.

Timeshare & Vacation Ownership Software -

The robust and reliable web-based and Microsoft.NET platform delivers highly flexible, easy-to-use and cost-effective performance. Our mission is to make the complex simple for our customers. With SPI Orange, management, tracking and reporting across the business, are easily handled. SPI's flagship timeshare software product, Orange, includes modules for marketing, sales, finance, property management (PMS), maintenance fee and receivables servicing, central reservations, owner services, advanced reporting and website applications. Available web applications; OwnerConnect (owner portal), GuestConnect (booking engine) and Orange Dashboards are power tools that are ready to go, no development required.

A Timeshare News & Travel Magazine. TS-Today. Resort Trades Magazine – Every Resort… Every Month. ARDA : American Resort Development Association. Timeshare Industry Adds $79.5 Billion to U.S.

ARDA : American Resort Development Association

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Timeshare Software for Resorts.