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LAST STOP PAPER AIRPLANE DOORSTOP. 10 Websites With Fun Tests To Gauge Your IQ. Intelligence Quotient (IQ) is a term that’s related to the wattage of your brain; in short intelligence and reasoning skills measured across a few standardized tests.

10 Websites With Fun Tests To Gauge Your IQ

Before an inferiority complex starts laying its foundation, remember that I.Q is not a measure of knowledge or its practical application. To rub our egos the right way, you might take a few serious approved tests and arrive at your IQ. Me? I don’t want to find out where I end up on the dunce scale, so I usually head to these fun tests to gauge my IQ. Even if I don’t ace them, I can have a bit of fun in the process. Newest Items to make your life easier. FreshTrend Unique Gift Ideas. Best of Kaboodle: Top 25 Funky USB Drives on Kaboodle. MANATEA INFUSER.