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AI Series 01: Tomo game - Artificial intelligence has been born! Meet Tomo, a neat robot who loves to chat. - a clever bot - speak to an AI with some Actual Intelligence? Jeeney AI. A.I. Foundation Bot Directory. Yuichan Artificial Intelligent Socratic Zen Conversationalist. Chatbot, Chatbots - Artificial Intelligence. The Chatterbot Collection - Chatbots - English. Play Chat Bot 2. RRRR : Cheer Up the ChatBot. Jabberwacky - live chat bot - AI Artificial Intelligence chatbot - jabber wacky - talking robot - chatbots - chatterbot - chatterbots - jabberwocky - take a Turing Test - Loebner Prize - Chatterbox Challenge - entertainment robots, robotics, marketing, ga. Inc.