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Office Cubicle Converted Into A Castle. DirecTV employee and Redditor ErikAufDieMeer turned his cubicle into a castle.

Office Cubicle Converted Into A Castle

A cardboard castle. The most impenetrable kind! I hope he built this thing on the clock. Why? Because damn the man, that’s why! Official site of award-winnning artist and novelist, Kathy Cano-Murillo. In the process of redoing our art studio, I wanted to go big and sparkly.

Official site of award-winnning artist and novelist, Kathy Cano-Murillo.

We ripped up the icky carpet and found smooth concrete underneath. We went to Home Depot and bought a garage floor epoxy coating kit. I saw that it came with black and white decorative flecks, and instantly thought – “why not glitter?” We bought the sandstone color and I bought 6 jars of chunky gold glitter at Michaels (I was going to use my Crafty Chica Goddess Gold Glitter, but I didn’t have enough to cover the room).

Here’s how I covered and sealed my floor in glitter: Supplies: 1 garage floor coating kit (found at home improvement stores) 2 paint rollers, handle, 2 trays 1 scrub brush for cleaning the floor before you start 1 bucket and mop 6-8 jars of chunky glitter, bowl 1 brush for edging 1 gallon of water-based polyurethane varnish, high gloss Fans, open windows! How To: Make Animal Corn Cob Holders. Remember those Dino Corn Cob Holders we saw a while back?

How To: Make Animal Corn Cob Holders

Me too! I remember them like it was yesterday, which isn’t saying much because yesterday is a total blur. Now you can make your very own Custom Animal Corn Cob Holders, assuming you have a basic level of skill and the ability to follow directions. I’m 0 for 2! The tutorial is brought to us by Instructables user mikeasaurus. Via: Find it, Make it, Love it: 5 Gallon Bucket Seat. We are finally getting some warm and even hot weather!!

Find it, Make it, Love it: 5 Gallon Bucket Seat

Oh how happy this makes me : ) That means flip flops and popsicles and swimming and camping and gardening and the sound of lawn mowers and sweaty, stinky kids (you know that smell….when they’ve been out playing in the heat and they run into the house and fill it with their outside kid smell and they are so stinky and it’s wonderful because they’ve been playing and having so much fun! : ) So with more warm weather just around the corner, we’ve got the perfect summer companion: the 5 gallon bucket seat.

Think camping trips, soccer games, parades, even sitting around a fire pit in your own backyard! Socktopuses. Hand-stamped wrapping paper. September is a month of birthdays for us.

Hand-stamped wrapping paper.

I'm a little behind, but have been trying to catch up this week. I selected a few small things to send to a faraway friend before realizing I somehow have no wrapping paper, bags, or boxes in this house (a rare thing!). Yesterday everyone was calm enough to allow me a tiny sliver of time to create-and I used it to get on the floor with some pieces of plain brown packing paper, a pencil eraser, and a black ink pad.

So simple, fun, and addicting! If I had been able to locate my exacto I could've changed things up by cutting the eraser into a triangle or something similar. Valentine Jewelry: Love Bead Pins. This photo originally appeared in FamilyFun Magazine Total Time 1 hour Ages preschooler Glue dots and lines (available in various sizes in the scrapbooking or tape and glue aisles of craft stores) have made fixing one material to another as simple as peeling and sticking.

Valentine Jewelry: Love Bead Pins

Here, we've used them to decorate dyed, hard-boiled eggs with colored sand. So go ahead and break the mold when decorating your eggs this year -- and have an eggs-traordinary time in the process. What you'll need Egg dye Hard-boiled eggs, cooled Colored sand (available at craft stores) or fine glitter Small bowls Glue dots or lines How to make it Dye your hard-boiled eggs and allow them to dry completely. Weaving Danish Heart Baskets for Jul. Happy Jul everybody!

Weaving Danish Heart Baskets for Jul

The Christmas season in Denmark is called Jul, (pronounced “Yule”) and starts on December 1 with a variety of traditions, foods and activities that will continue until the evening of December 24th, a day known as Juleaften. I come from a long line of Scandinavians. We’ve got Norwegians, Danes and Swedes in the bloodline, so I tend to cherry-pick the traditions, foods and activities my ancestors participated in, and bring only my favorites into everyday life.