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Photovoltaic cells tap underwater solar energy. Broadcast Yourself. Broadcast Yourself. Broadcast Yourself. Broadcast Yourself. Broadcast Yourself. Broadcast Yourself. Broadcast Yourself. BEAU PARRY. Broadcast Yourself. Facebook Asks Every User For Their Phone Number and Pins Security Link Atop Homepage To Prevent Disaster. Every single Facebook user is or will soon be seeing a link at the top of their desktop news feed asking them to “Stay in control of your account by following these simple security tips”.

Facebook Asks Every User For Their Phone Number and Pins Security Link Atop Homepage To Prevent Disaster

The link leads to the the Facebook Security page where users are taught how to spot a scam, pick a unique password, and most interestingly, confirm their mobile phone number for account recovery. Sexy Pictures. The Rise of Mobile Photography [INFOGRAPHIC] Many of the photo filters on Instagram evoke a sort of instant nostalgia.

The Rise of Mobile Photography [INFOGRAPHIC]

Pretty soon, though, mobile photos will be just about all we have to be nostalgic for. You've probably noticed the trend in your own photo streams and news feeds. Mobile is rapidly edging out analog and even digital photography. Wordpress and Facebook are finally together, officially. Facebook announced an official WordPress plugin today for cross-posting content, enabling tighter, cleaner, and simpler integration between millions of WordPress blogs and Facebook.

Wordpress and Facebook are finally together, officially

All I can say is: finally! I’ve been using WordPress blogging software since before it was WordPress. The next move for Facebook’s ad empire: real-time bidding. With its stock value sinking, Facebook is looking to restore faith in its ad-based business model any way it can.

The next move for Facebook’s ad empire: real-time bidding

It’s solution? A form of ad auctioning known as real-time bidding. With the new system, dubbed “Facebook Exchange”, advertisers will be able to display more targeted ads using the browsing history of individual Facebook users, Bloomberg reports. Google's New Brain Could Have a Big Impact. Late last month, Google’s search engine got significantly smarter.

Google's New Brain Could Have a Big Impact

A store of information dubbed the “Knowledge Graph” now adds useful context and detail to the list of links that Google serves up. Searching for certain people, places, or things produces a box of facts alongside the regular results. Quantum Cryptography Outperformed By Classical Technique. Quantum cryptography has had a bad couple of years.

Quantum Cryptography Outperformed By Classical Technique

For a decade or so, we were promised the capability to send messages with absolute secrecy guaranteed by the laws of physics. At least in theory. In practice, however, things turned out a little differently. In 2010, a team at the University of Toronto in Canada announced that they had successfully hacked a commercial quantum cryptography system. Fundamental Science and the Big Machine : Annaka Harris interviews Lisa Randall. Lisa Randall is one of today’s most influential theoretical physicists and a Professor of Physics at Harvard University.

Fundamental Science and the Big Machine : Annaka Harris interviews Lisa Randall

Her work has been featured in Time, Newsweek, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, Rolling Stone, Esquire, Vogue, the Economist, Scientific American, Discover, New Scientist, Science, Nature, and elsewhere. Randall is a member of the National Academy of Sciences, the American Philosophical Society, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and the American Physical Society, and is the recipient of several honorary degrees. Apple: Androids are much less likely to be running an up-to-date OS than iPhones and iPads. Apple CEO Tim Cook, and his senior executives, took to the stage at WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) in San Francisco earlier today.

Apple: Androids are much less likely to be running an up-to-date OS than iPhones and iPads

As well as announcing upgrades to some of the firm’s laptop hardware, and discussing new features coming in Mountain Lion and iOS 6, they also found it impossible to resist taking the opportunity to crow about Apple’s success at getting users to run the latest version of its mobile operating system. Scott Forstall, Apple’s senior vice president of iOS software, told the developers assembled at the conference that over 80% of iPhone and iPad users are running iOS 5.

That compares to a paltry 7% of Android customers who are up-to-date and running Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) on their smartphones and tablets. According to the stats that Forstall presented, most Android devices are still running version 2.3 (Gingerbread) of the operating system. With an iPhone or iPad, all you’re waiting for is Apple to publish an update or security fix. Revealed! The top five Android malware detected in the wild. The release of a brand new version of Sophos's free anti-virus for Android (it actually does much more than just anti-virus, hence our marketroids call it Sophos Mobile Security) makes this an opportune time to update users on the Android malware landscape.

Revealed! The top five Android malware detected in the wild

SophosLabs has examined the stats produced by installations of Sophos Mobile Security, which is now being used on Android smartphones and tablets in 118 different countries around the world - and it's making for interesting reading about which malware is being most frequently encountered on the platform. 1. Andr/PJApps-C. When Sophos Mobile Security for Android detects an app as Andr/PJApps-C it means that we have identified an app that has been cracked using a publicly available tool. Spun Out Of Evri With $3.5M From Paul Allen, SportStream Brings Its Social Sports Platform To The iPad. The Web is noisier than ever before.

Spun Out Of Evri With $3.5M From Paul Allen, SportStream Brings Its Social Sports Platform To The iPad

Content is being produced en masse, in realtime, making it increasingly difficult to separate the signal from the noise. Evri, the realtime content discovery engine, aims to help you find the signal in the noise by indexing millions of news sources and turning that mess of unstructured data into topic-based channels. The Fear Factor in Information Security. Building Secure Web Applications: An Infographic. Article by Nate Lord Neglecting to take proper security measures at the application layer is one of the most common causes of data breaches, yet many companies still leave their applications unprotected. Securing your applications begins with developer training on the risks applications face and the methods required for vulnerability prevention. Who Are the Real Online Influencers? [INFOGRAPHIC]

As the web's capacity for pageviews increases, marketers are becoming less interested in reaching as many people as possible, and more interested in reaching the right people. According to Deanna Brown, the CEO of Federated Media, that's why context is so important — the ability serve high volumes of advertising continues to expand, but the real value for a brand is to surround its message with the right context so that it reaches the most influential people among customers. Yet, while most marketers agree that reaching influencers is important, they question how to measure influence and how to determine the most influential people online in the first place.

Are you influential if you reach a massive number of followers? Or is it more about reaching small groups of highly targeted individuals? The infographic below, from influence marketing firm Crowdtap, sheds some light on the current predominant thinking regarding how to reach influencers. Hands-On First Impressions of iOS 6. At WWDC 2012, Apple unveiled the next generation of iOS. iOS 6 sports more than 200 new features and upgrades — including the new Apple Maps, deep Facebook integration and improvements to Siri. Although iOS 6 won't be available on compatible devices until sometime this fall, the first beta build is currently available to developers.

We've installed iOS 6 on our new iPad (64GB Verizon LTE model) and poked around with the new features. 5+ Ways Entrepreneurs are Different from Everyone Else. Successful entrepreneurs are really smart. Top Trends of 2012: Video on Tablets. Facebook Has Become a Lazy Marketing Tool. Batbot: Building a functionally correct bat wing robot. Apple Campus 2 floor plans take you inside the 'spaceship'

Intro. Malcolm Gladwell on entrepreneurship: history will remember Bill Gates, forget Steve Jobs. The two great icons of our industry, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, came up in a talk given by Malcolm Gladwell recently at the Toronto Public Library. iRYAN MEANS. Mosquitoes fly in rain thanks to low mass. Reset Your Password. Weak Passwords Remain Epidemic, Says Cambridge Researcher. The use of weak and insecure passwords remains a key security vulnerability for every country in the world, say researchers.

A report from Cambridge University Computer Laboratory has found that users continue to utilise easily-guessed passwords, with young users particularly careless with their password selection. The Latest on the Facebook Phone. What Hit Earth 1,200 Years Ago? Japanese scientists studying tree rings data found something strange: 1,200 years ago an extremely intense burst of high-energy radiation of unknown origin hit planet Earth. Am. Feed your mind.


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