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20 photos historiques d'exception. Histoire, sport, faits divers insolites ou évènements marquants, découvrez 20 photos historiques exceptionnelles qui retracent notre Histoire depuis l’invention de la photographie.

20 photos historiques d'exception

Paris lors de la crue de 1924 1ère photo prise par Neil Armstrong sur la lune, 1969 Soldat de 15 ans de l’armée rouge, 1942 Un Homme aux Pays-Bas recoit une amende pour port de vêtement indécent, 1931 Benjamin, le dernier tigre de Tasmanie connu, mort en 1936 Prototype d’un téléphone Apple 1983 (le 1er Iphone ?) Sur le tournage de Réservoir Dogs R2D2 et C3PO, 1982 Parachutistes au dessus de Moscou, 1940 Le Nautilus à New-York, 1956 Mur pour accueillir Mussolini, 1938 Chute du mur de Berlin, 1989 La plus longue moustache du monde en 1977 Mohamed Ali vainqueur de Williams, 1966 Le premier restaurant Mc Donald’s des frères Richard et Maurice Mc Donald en Californie Sunderland – Newcastle, Roker Park 1970 On a retrouvé le 1er Hipster de l’histoire Le célèbre panneau HollywoodLand, les 4 lettres Land ont été enlevées en 1949.

29 Fascinating Photos You’ve Probably Never Seen BeforeTales Maze. The lava lake of the continuously active volcano Erta Ale, Ethiopia Where the Great Wall of China ends A geyser right before eruption Bavarian town of Nordlingen built in a 14 million year old meteor impact crater A huge dust storm that hit Western Australia in early 2013 A rare 360 degree rainbow captured from an airplane Climbers going up Mount Everest in May 2013 Daytona Beach 1957 An aerial view of a scrap tire dump Bagger 288, the largest land vehicle in the world A cross-section of an undersea cable Inside one of Google’s data centers Einstein’s desk hours after his death Michelangelo illustrated his grocery lists so that his illiterate servants would know what to buy him.

29 Fascinating Photos You’ve Probably Never Seen BeforeTales Maze

The inside of a FedEx Boeing 757 without any cargo Overcrowded prison in El Salvador. 40 imágenes que te van a hacer ver la historia de otra manera. Norway – The Land of the Midnight Sun. Norway is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

Norway – The Land of the Midnight Sun

It’s home to more natural wonders than we can count and it has stunning cities, fascinating history and really happy people. Norway’s not cheap. But it’s worth visiting. Check out these amazing photography and Hopefully, these pictures will be enough to get you moving. Enjoy! © Alexander Artworkx Trolltunga – stone ledge on Mount Skeggedal towering over the lake Ringedalsvatn at 350 meters. © Christian Bothner White nights on the Lofoten Islands in the Norwegian Sea. Alamy Northern lights in the skies over Hammerfest. © Asbjørn Floden Atlantic road. © Bergen 64 Waterfall “Seven Sisters”, Romsdal county. © Caroline Kind Norwegian national costume. © Benjamin GS Storseisundet Bridge – the bridge connecting the mainland and the island province in Avery Møre og Romsdal. Alesund on the west coast of Norway.

The 19 best drone photos of 2014. The sky is the limit when it comes to creative uses of drones for photography — see for example Dronestagram or the National Geographic magazine contest.

The 19 best drone photos of 2014

Given this new golden age of aerial photography, we are showcasing the what’s out there. Here’s our picks for the best photos that drones took in 2014. Soaring eagle An eagle soaring in the Bali Barat National Park in Indonesia. IMAGE: CAPUNGAERO/DRONESTAGRAM The Sagrada Familia in Barcelona The Eixample, Barcelona’s grid-like district, and Antoni Gaudi’s famous — and still unfinished — Sagrada Familia, seen by a drone.

All eyes on the drone People stare at a drone in San Jose del Monte City, outside of Manila, Philippines. A drone hovers over Russian beachgoers in Abkhazia. Funeral U.S. Little players Kids playing in a soccer league in Athens, Greece, get ready for a game. The church and the clouds Clouds surround the the Temple Expiatori del Sagrat Cor Church in Barcelona. Schoolyard of shadows Tilted tower Star-shaped village Home of a Hermit. Freebies. Muzy. Fotografía fascinante, naufrágios. A mucha gente le gusta ver naufragios y barcos abandonados como estas fotos. Estos barcos abandonados y oxidados, parcialmente hundidos.

Algunos de ellos se estrellaroon en playas arenosas o arrecife rocosos. No son más que antiguos naufragios, son famosos y algunos atraen a muchos turistas. Hay más de 3 millones de naufragios conocidos en todo el mundo. Estas magnífica fotos solo son una pequeña muestra.