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Art Fundamentals-The Elements and Principles of Art. Art Basics It all starts with the Elements and Principles of art.

Art Fundamentals-The Elements and Principles of Art

I like to explain to my students how the Elements and Principles of art work through the illustration of cooking. (I even speak like I am Julia Childs when I am explaining this concept to them. ) Difference Between The Elements and Principles of Art It's easy to get confused when discussing the elements and principles of art and group them all together as one big group of abstract terms. When you are cooking something, you have a list of ingredients that are organized by the recipe. The lines, shapes, forms, values, colors, textures, and spaces that are implored must all work to make your artwork great. So you must spend some time exploring them, understanding them, and learning how to use them together effectively. The recipe is the principles of art. The elements can be arranged in a work to produce balance, harmony, unity, rhythm, proportion, variety, emphasis, and movement. So you must explore the principles as well.

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The ultimate planning solution for art teachers or home schoolers. Thesis - Exploration of Value. 40 Best Photoshop Brushes To Use In Photo Manipulations. In order to create a great photo manipulation you have to combine skillfully certain elements to achieve that symbiosis between photography and graphic design. Important in the manipulation process are the brushes, these interesting elements which give your photomanip a more interesting look, help the elements to blend better or to create inspiring environments. In this article you will find 40 of the most useful brushes for photomanipulations.

Download the brushes and use them wisely. Fantasy Lighting Brush Kit Skin and Cosmetic Brushes 3 in 1 Tree brushes Blood brush set Bullet Holes Brushes Mountain brush set for PS CS Beyond the Mist PS Brushes Smoke Brushes Set 2 Aurora brush Ocean Wave Brushes Fantasy Wing Brushes Cloudy brushes Leavy Borders Brushes. Shaun's Brush Set 001. 40 Best Photoshop Brushes To Use In Photo Manipulations. How to draw and paint tutorials video and step by step.

How to draw hand holding gun.

How to draw and paint tutorials video and step by step

This tutorial have two different parts. The first part is drawing a hand holding a pistol from forehand viewing and back hand viewing. The second part is how to draw a person holding a rifle using both hands. This tutorial is basic tutorial and easy to follow video instruction and step by step images. Similar to our tutorial on How to draw hand holding sword we have on our blog. Below are images easy to constructed, learn to draw hands holding guns from different position. 1) This is drawing a hand on holding a typical pistol on the forehand side. how to draw hand holding gun 2) Drawing hand holding pistol, back hand side how to step by step how to draw hand holding pistol 3) This a drawing of both hands holding a rifle. Drawing hand holding rifle Watch art lesson video how to draw hand holding gun front and back, then drawing hand holding rifle.