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Hair and Beauty. Make a Stranger's Day with Random Acts of Kindness ★ 101 random acts of kindness. 50 Simple Ways to Pay It Forward — the halfway point. Don’t wait for people to be friendly, show them how.

50 Simple Ways to Pay It Forward — the halfway point

~Author Unknown Recently, I read a little paragraph in a fellow blogger’s post about paying it forward and it made me smile. At a toll booth, he paid for his vehicle’s fee and the one behind him. This is something my husband and I did often years ago when we would cross the Golden Gate bridge several times a month. Not everytime, but often, we would pay our toll fee and that of the car behind us. It’s a fun thing to do once in a while. Once, long after I first started paying it forward on the bridge, I experienced being on the receiving end of this practice. I think the concept of paying it forward is so wonderful for a number of reasons: 1) It turns our focus away from ourselves. 2) It’s centered around giving rather than taking. 3) It’s joyful both ways.

I think we all could use a little unexpected act of kindness once in a while. For those who are skeptical, I pose these two questions to chew on: Image by *Darinka* "Carpe Diem - Seize The Day" T-Shirts & Hoodies by Laurynsworld. "Sweaty Toothed Madman" T-Shirts & Hoodies by Laurynsworld. Dreams tshirt.


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11 Acting and Modeling Audition Tips The following article concludes the top 11 Audition Tips to ensure that you show good performance and body language.

11 Tips to improve your Acting and Modeling Audition

Make sure that all the preparation you do for a Audition isn’t in worthless. Your body language is key to Modeling and Acting Audition success. The top 10 ways to improve your Acting and Modeling auditions when you go to a new Production house or Ad Agency are as follows: 1) Don't refer anyone as Uncle or Aunty Mumbai film and Advertising industry people take this as a insult, and nobody wants and unwanted relative, be professional use the best word "Sir" or "Madam" or add "ji" with there name, this brings more respect. 2) Make Good Eye Contact Make good, strong eye contact. 5) Don’t be too relaxed It’s easy to appear as if you relax too much. 6) Don’t be too AlertIf you’re too alert then you won’t appear too relaxed. 9) Breathe deeply One of the best ways to relax before an important audition is to breath deeply.

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Amazing Mixed Foods! Gingerbreads Head Recipie. The season of giving will be upon us in just a few short days.

Gingerbreads Head Recipie

I love December. People start baking and sharing sweets with friends and family … even people that might not normally bake any other time of the year. There is just something about the holidays and baking for others that makes people feel good to give. I like to give fudge, pies, cake balls, cookies… cookies … and more cookies. I don’t really have a favorite kind though. I like my sweets on the smaller side, so I end up with larger numbers. One … more cookies. Two … I could have fun and focus on their faces … oh and three…… less piping and less chances for my icing to look crooked. : ) Ooooh, ginger, cinnamon and cloves.

Can you smell it? Add the spices to your flour … it will make your dough delicious. I don’t have pics of the rest of the ingredients, but we don’t want to look at those anyway. We want cookies. I used a small cookie cutter to make the base for the faces. Little bitty blank canvases.

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