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YTWC's Nuzlocke by Yamashita-akaDoragon on deviantART. Soul Silver Nuzlocke by SilverVanadis on deviantART. In Black and White by Wasserbienchen on deviantART. Celen's Nuzlocke by Wasserbienchen on deviantART. Nuzlocke Adventure by TalaSeba on deviantART. Pi and Pea's Nuzlocke Adventures. Landwalker's Nuzlocke by land-walker on deviantART. Yellow nuzlocke by land-walker on deviantART. Nuzlocke by Xyliax on deviantART. Chronicles of Johto - HIATUS by Livious on deviantART. Of All Things - Soul Silver Nuzlocke by Yamikaisu on deviantART. Nuzlocke run by CosmicMarsupial on deviantART. Nuzlocke Challenge - LeafGreen by e-Hjorth on deviantART. Nuzlocke Challenge by LizardAndBlankets on deviantART. Crystal's Soul Silver Nuzlocke by Goddess-Chachi on deviantART. Nuzlocke Challenge by french-teapot on deviantART. Kisilin's deviantART Gallery. Older Stuff by SubterFuze on deviantART. Tard's emerald nuzlocke by GiantTurnipArmy on deviantART. Nuzlocke Challenge Comics- HG by pettyartist on deviantART.

NaNoWriMo Nuzlocke by Rynale on deviantART. Nuzlocke by Kidura on deviantART. Nuzlocke White Comic - ONGOING by ky-nim on deviantART. SS Nuzlocke by Fullmetalsasukefreak on deviantART. NuzRooke by DragonwolfRooke on deviantART. [COMPLETED]Freddy's Blue Nuzlocke Adventure. Hello! I finished my Gold nuzlocke playthrough recently, and people seemed to like it so much that I could hardly wait to do another one. The rules are pretty standard, release if fainted and only catching the first one on each route.I'm adding a clause that means I'm not going to catch any if my team is full (no spares, for example), and I'm not going to buy any items.

I can still use items I've picked up, but not in battle. I'm going to allow myself to buy full restores for the Elite 4, though, otherwise I'd cry. So that's it. And Hedderf will get updated when I have spare time. So thank you again everyone. Oh gosh. Page 41 <--- Huge flash thingymabob finale Epilogue <--- The End sQUEAKYfOAMpEANUT amazing Guest ComicSeiga's really fantastic fan artChrisZ's brilliant awesome fan artBeautiful drawing of Connery by Shelly ;; Important blog with important things.

Death's Nuzlocke by Protocol00 on deviantART. Old Nuzlockes by DSWalton on deviantART. Pokemon Ruby Nuzlocke by Mad-Revolution on deviantART. Fire Red Nuzlocke by NintendoPie on deviantART. Nuzlocke of April by deathdesu on deviantART. DEN Nuzlocke Cover by Nyapapa on deviantART. COMIC: Ken's FireRed Kick@$$ Mode. Woot!

COMIC: Ken's FireRed Kick@$$ Mode

I've been wanting to do this comic for a little over a year now, and I finally started it. This comic is based on my own personal Nuzlocke run of Pokemon FireRed, starring an old character of mine from a (non-existent) Pokemon fanfic. While this story is based on the plot of the FireRed/LeafGreen games, I've inserted a few elements from Ken's original story to change things up. You can also view my comic at my deviantArt page. Hope you guys enjoy!

Episode 1: A Slacker's Day Off Episode 2: Errand Runs Episode 3: Team Building Episode 4: Rock 'n' Roll Episode 5: Routes and Ripoffs Episode 6: Self-reflection Episode 7: Rivalries Abound Episode 8: Meet Mr. Episode 9: Shii-storm. Pokemon: Hard Mode. Chel's Game Pages by Sanpincha on deviantART. PGNC The Comic by Earl-GreyXX on deviantART. DaT Nuzlocke by Nyapapa on deviantART. Nuzlocke of Ernie by Sea-Salt on deviantART.