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Entreprises. ArchiSHS. Ifremer - Archives historiques. Archives de l'Universit de Haute-Alsace. Einstein Archives Online. Smithsonian Institution - Science Service Historical Image Collection. Service des Archives de l'Institut Pasteur - accueil. Unesco. « Chaque fois qu’un vieillard meurt en Afrique, c’est une bibliothèque inexplorée qui brûle. » Richard Hoggart, Assistant Director-General for Social Sciences, Human Sciences and Culture of UNESCO from 1970-1975, wrote that his inward motivation to join UNESCO came from hearing this line spoken by the Delegate from Mali, M.


Hampâte Ba, at the 1966 General Conference. In 1978 Richard Hoggart wrote “An Idea and its Servants: UNESCO from within” about his experiences here. In the preface he makes the following statement: “All organisations need regular, frank and fair criticism.