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My Old Kentucky Blog With an LP, The Rookie, bookended by two EPs since coming onto the scene 2011, Southern Cal electronic group The New Division are ready to invade your ears with new album, Together We Shine, on March 18th. The release brings to a close 2 years that have been dedicated to the creation of the album that saw a hard-drive containing what was supposed to be Together We Shine get completely damaged leading to a new direction for it. This collection of eleven tracks features guest appearances by Dave Keuning (The Killers) on “Smile,” Starflyer 59 on “Honest,” and Sarah P of Keep Shelly in Athens on “England.” “Stockholm” serves as the first single and shows a continuation of a layered, more robust sound that works driving in your car or in a club. You get a sense celebration in the song after all of the struggles which occurred during the making of the album.
Indie Music Filter Ever wanted to know what Paris is really supposed to feel like at 8 A.M in the morning? Mathieu Gouny paints a vivid picture for you with beautifully laid out synthetic and organic sonorities that wade along an expanse of nostalgia and exoticism. I felt neither ‘here’, nor ‘there’ during the track – which would make it an unfixed flotation devise into some sort of mind-wondering perhaps? Let me formally introduce Santoré, the 24 year Parisian with perfect timing.

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Quand on l’a rencontré avec Aelred, début décembre, après son concert aux Instants Chavirés, on savait déjà qu’ “Estampida” serait l’un de nos albums préférés de cette année 2013. On aimait la sérénité, le geste sûr et ample, les respirations et la grâce qui se dégageaient de ces neuf chansons pour voix et guitare espagnole. Ce disque avait le culot de venir de quelque part et de rompre la monotonie des parutions qui ressassent le même idiome, les mêmes figures, les mêmes obsessions, anglaises et américaines. Le plaisir d’écoute y était immédiat, mais on sentait aussi sous les belles évidences, le jeu, l’invention, et un appétit pour le monde et les autres peu commun.