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Asteroids. Raiden Game History Raiden carries on with the successful formula of the many shooters that has preceded it.


It is the first game in a successful series of blasters featuring an experimental supersonic attack fighter, that has to defend earth from the invading alien hordes. The name Raiden derived from an actual Japanese fighter that was in service during the second world war. The History of Raiden First released into the arcades in 1990, developed by Seibu Kaihatsu and published by Fabtek. The object of the game is simple, as the player you take control of the Raiden attack fighter, and must battle your way through eight levels and various enemies. When all eight levels are completed the game begins again on the first level, only this time the enemies fire at a higher rate.

Conversions and Sequels Due to the success of Raiden, the game spawned three true sequels, these include; Raiden DX (1994) Raiden 3 (2005) Raiden 4 (2007) Asteroids. Donkey Kong. Hangman Game - Play Hangman Online. Hangman. Frogger. History of: Frogger The early 1980s was a big time for video games, with the various gaming companies competing tooth and nail to release the most popular game in the arcades.


In this era companies were breaking away from the norm, and the trend seemed to be the designing of what can only be called "cute" video games. The example below is no exception. Hot Dog Jumping Frog: The History of Frogger Published in 1981 by Sega/Gremlin and developed by Konami, Frogger became a classic among the gaming public, with a truly original concept and theme. The object of the game was quite simple. At various times throughout the game a lady frog would appear. Conversions and Sequels Frogger, although simple by design was thoroughly addictive to play, and the inevitable release on home consoles seemed to increase it's popularity even further. Commodore 64 Atari 5200 S.N.E.S Nintendo Game Boy Microsoft Xbox 360. Hexxagon. Lemmings. No seas un lemming, busca tu destino - - - Real life lemmings. Pac Man Classic Arcade Flash Game.

Pac Man Game History Ask anyone a question to name a video game, and I bet the majority of people will give you one answer...Pac Man.

Pac Man Classic Arcade Flash Game

This is a game that has truly stood the test of time, a phenomenon that spawned a new breed of video gaming. Even in today's high-tech society, Pac Man is still immensely popular with teenagers and adults alike, and is continually released on a plethora of different systems. The History of Pac Man Pac Man was developed by the Japanese game designer Toru Iwatani, and programmed by Hideyuki Mokajima San. However, in an interview in 1986 Toru Iwatani admitted that this was only half true, and that the idea came from simplifying the Japanese character for mouth pronounced Kuchi (which is a square) as well as the basic concept of eating. The game was published by the Namco company, and received mixed public reactions upon release. In 1982 Pac Man was released for the Atari 2600, it was the first version of the game to be released on a home console. Pacman.

Space Invaders. Space Invaders. Q*bert. Q*Bert Game History I bet any avid gamer from the early 1980s can identify with Q*Bert.


The small orange character with a rather long tubular nose. The comic value of the game was immense. Whenever colliding with an on screen enemy the swear bubble would appear, along with very expressive eye movement. This emotion gave the character a very human touch, which many gamers instantly related to. The history of Q*Bert: @! Released for the arcades in 1982, designed by Warren Davies and Jeff Lee, published and developed by Gottlieb, Q*Bert is a single or two player alternating turn game of the platform genre.

The object of the game is quite simple, guide Q*Bert around an isometric pyramid while changing the colours of the cubes. Unfortunately the game isn't as straightforward as that. The only aids at Q*Bert's disposal are spinning disks situated at the side of the pyramid. Tetris.