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Spencer: Gingrich disavows Sharia “My comrade-in-arms, my pal, my buddy.” — Oriana Fallaci “Robert Spencer incarnates intellectual courage when, all over the world, governments, intellectuals, churches, universities and media crawl under a hegemonic Universal Caliphate’s New Order. His achievement in the battle for the survival of free speech and dignity of man will remain as a fundamental monument to the love of, and the self-sacrifice for, liberty.” — Bat Ye’or "Perhaps the foremost Catholic expert on Islam in our country." — Fr. Spencer: Gingrich disavows Sharia
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The future of Hebron's Jewish past | Melanie Phillips Published in: Jewish Chronicle Until recently, I had never been to Hebron. In the past three months, however, I have twice boarded an armoured bus to make the journey. The future of Hebron's Jewish past | Melanie Phillips
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