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Speed Typing Online

What is the best keyboard to type fast? Most of us use QWERTY daily. But according to one post in DAS keyboard name "What are your tips for typing 100+ WPM" says QWERTY keyboard setup will slow down your typing speed. If you want to increase your typing speed, switching to DVORAK will be a smart move. DVORAK minimizes the distance between the keyboard and makes fingers move less and hence more likely to strain. It is the best keyboard to increase your typing speed. Try the keyboard and have your typing speed test after one month. Either you will see the results or your fingers will learn a new keyboard. The free typing online test tool is will help you a lot to learn DVORAK quickly. It also supports all keyboards for typing tests. So if you want to test typing speed in any of the keyboards, visit the given website.

Typing Speed Test - TypingSpeedTest.Online.