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Spectrum Medical Group, Inc.

Do you suffer from chronic or acute pain? Spectrum Medical Group, Inc. provides range of treatments to help you achieve your optimal health. To know more, please visit their website else call at (323) 629-4445 and book an appointment.

Physical Therapy in Los Angeles, CA. Orthopedic Doctor in Los Angeles. Knee Specialist in Los Angeles. Get Physical Therapy in Los Angeles, CA. If knee pain is affecting your quality of life and preventing you from doing things you love, our multi-modal approach to pain care can provide you with new hope for lasting pain relief.

Get Physical Therapy in Los Angeles, CA

Our goal is to relieve your pain, and prevent it from coming back. At Spectrum Medical Group, we utilize a Multi-Modal approach to pain care that will involve multiple techniques, physicians and pain care therapists. Unlike other pain practices, our unique team approach is designed to diagnose and treat your immediate cause of pain, then through appropriate applied therapies help prevent your pain from returning. We utilize a combination of knee pain management practices, from interventional administering of pain medication to our viscosupplementation therapy, comprehensive physical therapy and rehabilitation. Our strategies maximize your opportunity for long term pain relief. Contact Spectrum Medical Group. Top Rated Chiropractor in Los Angeles. One of the options for pain relief that you may or may not have considered is chiropractic.

Top Rated Chiropractor in Los Angeles

Many people overlook the benefits and the role that chiropractors provide. Yet chiropractors offer millions of people around the world with a non-invasive pain relief and treatment approach that has helped so many. As a drug-free and non-invasive treatment option, you should consider the chiropractor’s office as the first stop in your journey towards wellness and health. An experienced and trained chiropractor such as Dr. Amin Nia at Spectrum Medical can help you with: Looking For Stem Cell Therapy in Los Angeles, CA. Stem cell therapy involves harnessing the power of your body’s healing abilities to stimulate regeneration and regrowth.

Looking For Stem Cell Therapy in Los Angeles, CA

Stem cells are responsible for rebuilding and regenerating the body. The underlying premise, is that stem cells are in fact living cells that can transform themselves into different types of tissue or functional cell. Therefore, they are able to differentiate into ligaments, tendons, bone, nerve, and cartilage. When an injury occurs, it is the stem cells that are released and summoned by the body to rebuild damaged muscle, joints, or cartilage. By injecting these stem cells directly into the damaged area, it may assist and accelerate the body’s natural healing process. Until recently, treatment options for osteoarthritis or joint pain were limited. Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy Minimally invasive procedureAvoid surgery and its many complications and risksMinimal post-procedural recovery timeNo use of general anesthesiaPain reductionIncreased mobility and function.

Neuropathy in Los Angeles. Neuropathy is a condition that affects the nerves, which send signals between your body and your brain.

Neuropathy in Los Angeles

This can include sensations such as pain, hot, cold, and more. When your nerves are damaged or in any other way affected, this can cause issues where you can feel pain where there is none, have issues with co-ordination, numbness in your limbs, and muscle weakness. One very exciting new relief option for neuropathy pain is the Calmare®, which is a non-invasive machine approved by the FDA and the European Union for the treatment of neuropathic pain.

With over 4,000 patients treated, it is proven to work in many countries. The Calmare® is a non-surgical, non-narcotic treatment that is effective. To understand how the Calmare® works without the need for surgery or mediacation, we need to examine in some greater detail as to how the nerves function.. Get PRP Therapy and PRP Injection in Los Angeles. What is PRP Therapy?

Get PRP Therapy and PRP Injection in Los Angeles

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy is a conservative and holistic approach to increase the healing speed of damaged tissues. PRP uses super concentrated platelets and is commonly done to complement other procedures or on specific localized chronic pain issues. How is PRP therapy administered? A qualified professional will draw a small amount of blood and spin it in a centrifuge, isolating the platelets.

The site of injury is then treated using the PRP preparation. It is expected to experience pain for the first two weeks after the procedure, however pain is reported from mild to minimal. Benefits of PRP Therapy PRP Therapy may be used to improve healing after surgery for some injuries. Find Knee Specialist Doctor in Los Angeles. Say Goodbye to Knee-Pain, Without Surgery Over 85% of Successful treatment Hello, I am Dr.

Find Knee Specialist Doctor in Los Angeles

Arlen Green. Did you know that more than 100 million Americans suffer from knee pain? Have you asked yourself how different would it be if you could get rid of that pain? Have you considered surgery? People who suffer from knee pain take supplements or pain killers before seeking advice from a doctor. What is available to treat knee pain? After a careful study and several tests, the FDA approved a new treatment aimed to people with knee pain. How does the treatment works? The ultrasound technology allows doctors to identify the problem area, with great accuracy. When will I feel the changes?

Most of the people experience improvement within weeks and can start enjoying their everyday activities. Orthopedic Doctor in Los Angeles.