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TechCrunch. Every Company Is A Media Company. Mobile App Growth – Discover growth hacks for mobile apps & games, daily. Social media strategists working within corporations. Mobile Advertising News & Information. The Future Of PR When Every Company Is Now A Media Company... - Posted by Tom Foremski - April 24, 2009 [On my recent trip to Portland I caught up with Kathleen Mazzocco from Clear PR.

The Future Of PR When Every Company Is Now A Media Company... -

I mentioned one of my old posts (April, 2006) that every company is a media company. Every company has to learn how to publish using the new (two-way) media technologies, to reach their customers, their employees, partners, local communities, etc. And one role of PR is to help companies become media companies and help them tell their stories. Here is more on this theme.] By Kathleen Mazzocco, Clear PR I wanted to continue the conversation we'd started regarding the future of PR. Let me continue by recreating a conversation I've had lately with clients: "It's time. Here's why: your favorite print media brands are under siege and quite a few will succumb.

The latest recession has merely accelerated a trend that was already well underway and cannot be reversed even after the economy bounces back. And the impact of print coverage is not what it used to be. Mobile Dev Memo - Android and iOS Development Resources. Covering the world of social media. Nielsen Study Finds Very Poor Performance For Branded Content. Why PR and Content Marketing Are the Same Thing. Content marketing and PR often seem to be pitted against each other, for one reason or another, but the truth is that they’re becoming the same thing.

Why PR and Content Marketing Are the Same Thing

For example, take the press release. Press releases help showcase your latest product or service or show some cutting-edge research into the industry. More importantly, of course, journalists and analysts will cover the announcement. A good release can grow your brand awareness by getting your company’s name out there. That said, announcing your product is one thing and getting your target audience to read the announcement is another. A new study by PR Newswire found that the key may be to use content marketing. The Importance of Mixing Content Marketing with Traditional PR These kinds of statistics shouldn’t be surprising.

More and more, press releases are becoming a gateway to that education. The goal of a press release is to intrigue. PR Newswire didn’t skimp out on the research here. 25 Content Marketing Facts That Will Make You Consider Mobile. In most areas around the world, mobile is ubiquitous.

25 Content Marketing Facts That Will Make You Consider Mobile

Its adoption and use as the first screen is happening at a faster rate every day. That is why you, marketers, bloggers, and publishers, must make sure that you are not only adding emphasis on mobile, but making it one of your primary focuses. Hopefully this list of facts will convince you that you need to begin placing a strong emphasis on mobile. And you can start with adding Zemanta! Not only are our related posts optimized for mobile, but they are customizable and look stunning on any mobile device.

Zach Eberhart As a working member of Zemanta's marketing team, I am now completely immersed in the entirety of the blogosphere. Social Media Content's Role in Marketing: Your Top Questions Answered. On Journalism and Twitter by @fieldproducer, @acarvin et al. 7 Deadly Sins of Business Storytelling : Lifestyle. Business storytelling is an art, you can set to work honing it for maximum impact.

7 Deadly Sins of Business Storytelling : Lifestyle

Learn more about the 7 deadly sins of business storytelling. February 14, 2011 When it comes to persuasion, companies traditionally appeal to left side of the brain, using logic and reason. However, persuasion occurs just as much (if not more) through emotion. Daniel Pink, author of Drive, writes, “Right-brain dominance is the new source of competitive advantage.” Before you craft your story, ask yourself: “Who is my audience and what is my goal in engaging them?” While the reason you are telling a business story may be quite different from the reason you tell a story at a party, the same techniques apply. 1. 2. In practice: Go to the page on your company’s website where you describe what you do. 3. 4. 5. PR & Content Marketing: It’s a collaboration, not a competition. Written by: Elise Anthony We’re often asked, “What’s the difference between PR and content marketing?”

PR & Content Marketing: It’s a collaboration, not a competition

With more channels and analytics at our fingertips than ever before, the lines are becoming blurred. So we turned to Cooper Smith Koch, principal of Cooper Smith Agency, to get a view from the “other side of the fence” on the “new” press release, how content marketing and public relations enhance the marketing plan, and the one thing every marketer must avoid. D Custom: How are emerging communication channels changing the press release as we know it? Cooper Smith Koch: People say the press release is dead. Written as web content for corporate sitesEmbedded with YouTube videos and Flickr albumsLoaded with words people actually type during google or bing searchesDistributed internally to sales teams and employees, externally to customers, prospects, and even franchisees to send to their customersMinus the boilerplate of static company background.

BBC College of Journalism Blog - Social media: what's the difference between curation and journalism? Marketing. 'Media as a Service' - Moving Beyond Narcissistic Content Marketing.