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Started in 2002, SpartanTec is a complete technology solution provider. We are 100% committed to making sure businesses have the most reliable and professional IT partner. Our team of talented IT professionals can solve your IT nightmares once and for all.

What is Zero-Day? A zero day is the code that attackers use to make a hole and it is also the unpatched software hole that was once unknown to the vendor of the software.

What is Zero-Day?

Zero day refers to the zero day exploit and zero day vulnerability, too. Zero day vulnerability is the software’s security hole such as the operating system or the browser software that is still unknown to the antivirus vendor or the software maker. Healthcare Ransomware Problem Is Getting Worse Recently. Ransomware attacks are one of the most prevalent cyber attacks on healthcare.

Healthcare Ransomware Problem Is Getting Worse Recently

It has been around for many years, however, it became a trend in 2016. Recently, there is a significant increase in the frequency and types of ransomware attacks being perpetrated. Since 2019, even before Covid-19, healthcare providers became the primary target of ransomware Myrtle Beach SC attackers. This is because healthcare providers are more likely to pay the ransom to prevent the attackers from stealing or leaking patients’ sensitive information such as the patients’ names, social security numbers, addresses, phone numbers, medical data, insurance details and so much more.

Covid-19 only made the vulnerability of the healthcare sector worse. For example, in June 2020, the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) School of Medicine paid its attackers $1.14 million. Call Now. Latest Malware Is Targeting Macs And Is Hard To Detect. There was a time when Apple was a niche player in the technology market.

Latest Malware Is Targeting Macs And Is Hard To Detect

As such, one thing Apple users could count on was the fact that they didn’t have to worry much about viruses or malware. Hackers didn’t bother targeting them because there was so much low hanging fruit in the Windows market. Times have changed, and Apple is now one of the dominant forces in tech. Email Phishers Going After Online Shoppers This Holiday Season. Unfortunately, there’s a downside to that.

Email Phishers Going After Online Shoppers This Holiday Season

Hackers and scammers around the world have taken note of the trend and are already moving to capitalize on it. Security professionals at CheckPoint have seen a massive 440 percent increase in phishing scams aimed at online shoppers. The most common of these are emails designed to look like they come from one of the major shipping companies, bearing subject lines that indicate some problem with the shipment of a recent order. Naturally, online shoppers are anxious to get the goods they ordered delivered on time, so this is a clever bit of social engineering that virtually guarantees the recipient of such an email message will at least open it to read further. Call Now The body of these messages tend to proceed down fairly predictable paths, usually claiming that the shipping charge was incorrectly calculated when the recipient checked out and they’ll need to pay a small additional fee in order to get their package shipped.

Cybercriminals Confess: The Top 3 Tricks And Sneaky Schemes They Use To Hack Your Computer Network That Can Put You Out Of Business. There are new stories out there to get your blood boiling as cybercriminals work to ruin people’s lives and livelihoods.

Cybercriminals Confess: The Top 3 Tricks And Sneaky Schemes They Use To Hack Your Computer Network That Can Put You Out Of Business

These criminals don’t care what kind of damage they do. They only care about one thing: money. 5 Tips To Improve Your Network Performance. Having a network performance that’s flawless means improved productivity and efficiency.

5 Tips To Improve Your Network Performance

The math is a bit straightforward. Making necessary changes to boost your network performance is key to boosting your overall productivity as well. There are a lot of tools, techniques, policies, and measures that could be applied to provide the network the boost and enhancement it needs to improve its performance. How To Improve Network Performance Consider Using The Virtual Local Area Networks (VLANs) A virtual local area network makes the broadcasting domain by dividing a physical network that exists into different logistical networks. What are the Benefits Of Outsourcing IT Through Managed Services? Here are the benefits of IT outsourcing.

What are the Benefits Of Outsourcing IT Through Managed Services?

Control your IT costs. Outsourcing IT through managed services helps you budget effectively since your fixed IT costs will be converted into variable costs. This mean you only have to pay for the services you use whenever required. Cybersecurity Tips For Work From Home Employees. There’s an increasing number of Americans who have shifted to work from home, which means most of the operations are done online.

Cybersecurity Tips For Work From Home Employees

However, cybersecurity experts are wondering if the work’s remote nature may lead to internet security problems later on. Even though most employees are used to working at the office where there’s a well designed IT system, it’s almost never possible to determine the number of permutations of a home internet setup. If you are working from home, here are some cybersecurity Florence SC tips that can help reduce your security risks. Common Cybersecurity Weaknesses In Remote Workspaces.

Cybersecurity Tips For Your Work From Home Employees. Nowadays, a growing number of people have started to work from home.

Cybersecurity Tips For Your Work From Home Employees

Several studies have shown that employees that work from home, stay productive because they no longer have to commute and there are less distractions. Why Your Employees Need Cybersecurity Awareness Training. When the databases of Target were breached by hackers, the debit and credit card information of 40 million customers were stolen.

Why Your Employees Need Cybersecurity Awareness Training

This continues to be one of the most elaborate cybersecurity attacks in history. Nowadays, there has been a growing number of cybersecurity hacks. Panera Bread, Uber, Under Armour, Delta, Whole Foods, and Macy’s are only a few of the companies that were affected. This doesn’t even include the cybersecurity incidents that involved the mismanagement of IT infrastructure, lapses in network security, and failures in data protection. Big companies aren’t the only ones being attacked. By now you should have already realized that cyberattacks are more prevalent. Hacked Networks And Credentials Being Sold At Alarming Rates. Selling network access is big business on underground hacking websites. Even worse, the business is growing at an alarming rate, according to a report recently published by cybersecurity firm KELA. According to their report, the number of ads found on hacking forums advertising 'Network Access' tripled between August and September, 2020.

The value of the login credentials sold during the most recent month was valued at more than half a million dollars. Ads like these have been a staple of hacking forums for years, but they gained a tremendous amount of popularity in mid 2019, when a number of vulnerabilities in major networks around the world were disclosed. Hackers around the world were quick to pounce, often attacking vulnerable networks. New Updates For Office 365 Will Include Phishing Protection. Are you an Office 365 user? If so, be aware that Microsoft is adding some powerful new protections to the software suite, designed to make you safer. Hackers commonly target Office 365 Florence SC users with a type of attack known as "Consent Phishing. " That basically means that the hacker in question will use a variety of social engineering techniques to try and trick a target victim into giving up his or her Office 365 access, usually by way of an app that asks for permissions.

If the user grants those permissions, the app can install all manner of malware on the target's device. Surge In Ransomware Continues In 2020, Targeting Healthcare. The year 2020 could well be described as the Year of Ransomware. Security researchers around the globe who monitor such things have noted a sharp uptick in the use of ransomware this year, with well known threats like REvil, Ryuk, and Maze being the most common variants deployed by hackers. That's bad enough by itself, but it gets worse. In recent months, much of the ransomware Wilmington NC attack activity has been aimed squarely at the healthcare sector, which is grim news indeed, given that we are relying on that very sector to help put the still-raging global pandemic behind us.

Based on data collected by Check Point, Ryuk ransomware alone was responsible for more than twenty attacks on corporate networks a week, on average, which is a huge spike. In fact, in the US, ransomware activity has nearly doubled, increasing by 98.1 percent this quarter, compared with the same period from last year. Top 5 Cybersecurity Threats Faced By Small Businesses.

In most cases, large companies that got hit by cyberattacks take the attention of the media. But did you know that most cyberattacks that took place last year targeted small businesses, those with less than 250 employees. Cybercrime is evolving and it has become a big and lucrative business. IT experts even predict that the cyberattacks will cost the world $6 trillion by 2021. The Importance Of Cybersecurity Awareness Training. Studies have revealed that human error is the primary cause for over 90% of data breaches. It’s a scary statistic for both large and small businesses. No company is immune to cyberattacks. In order to be successful, a social engineering scam only needs to deceive one employee. How To Prevent and Detect Ransomware. Ransomware has become a lucrative business. New HEH Botnet Malware Can Destroy Devices It Attacks. Security researchers at Netlab have recently reported on their discovery of a terrifying new botnet on the web.

How To Stay Safe From Cybersecurity Threats. Cyber attacks have become a serious problem for small businesses as well as the U.S. economy. The FBI’s Internet Crime Report revealed that the cost of cybercrimes back in 2018 alone reached a whopping $2.7 billion. What You Need To Know About Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Every October, the cybersecurity awareness month is observed. Luxury Brand Louis Vuitton Experiences Data Breach Concerns. If you’re a fan of the luxury fashion brand Louis Vuitton, be advised that the company recently and quietly fixed an issue on their website that may have been exploited by hackers before the company became aware of it. The problem was discovered by independent researcher Sabri Haddouche, who, following proper responsible reporting protocols, reached out to the company and informed them of the issue.

Unfortunately, their response was frustrating and read in part, as follows: Scams Rise During A Pandemic Era. Scammers are having a field day during the COVID-19 era. The pandemic era has created a lot of opportunities for cybercriminals to exploit financial strain, stress, and fear of people. Cybersecurity Professionals In Today’s Modern Day Society. The cybersecurityindustry has been around for more than three decades.

There has been a lot of changes during these years in terms of the industry dynamics as well as the technological innovations. These days, there’s an exponential growth happening in the cybersecurity industry. Is Cybersecurity Important In The Digital Age? The way people see and experience the world has been changed significantly by the digital age. Although collectively the setting where the world works has become much smaller, it’s brought its own share of concerns. Creating Your Dream IT Team For The New Cybersecurity Era. Post COVID-19 Era's Effects On The Cybersecurity Landscape. COVID-19 has changed the lives of people across the globe and individuals as well as organizations have to protect their confidential data.

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Remote Workers Hit By Ransomware. How To Meet The Growing Need For Email Encryption. Garmin Experiences Ransomware Attack Causing Global Outage. Email Security: How Can Businesses Benefit From Email Encryption. Bringing Endpoint And Firewall Together. Latest Microsoft Update Provides Some Needed Bug Fixes. Lessons Learned From 3 Massive Hospital Cybersecurity Disasters. Why Managed IT Services Is Critical To Small Businesses Success. Maintaining Security On Public Wi-Fi. Reasons Your Small Business Need Managed IT Services. Android Users Beware Of BlackRock Malware Credential Stealer. Covid-19 Researchers Come Under Attack By Hackers. Why Are Small Businesses More At Risk From Phishing Attacks? 5 Biggest Cybersecurity Threats That Small Businesses Face. Some High-Profile Twitter Accounts Were Recently Hacked.

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Tips For Detecting and Avoiding Malware. 4 Major Cybersecurity Threats In 2020. Credit Card Data Breach Affects Jewelry, Accessory Store. Proactive Cybersecurity – Watch Out For Compromised Credentials. Why is Cybersecurity Important For Businesses? How To Stay Safe From Cybersecurity Threats. Issues With Internet Based Devices After Expired SSL Certificate. How to Identify Phishing Scams?