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Sparko Sweets handcrafts the best lollipops in Los Angeles, CA. They are the creators of the original Galaxy Lollipops and Customized 3D Lollipops.

(1) 5 Fun Adult Birthday Party Ideas At Home. The pandemic is not going to stop us from partying (only with family, of course).

(1) 5 Fun Adult Birthday Party Ideas At Home

Here are five exciting adult birthday party ideas at home: 1. Game night. Play some games with you favorite people, be it board games, card games or even video games. Just have fun and savor the positive vibes of the night. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6 Reminders For When Life Seems Difficult. 1.

6 Reminders For When Life Seems Difficult

Nothing lasts forever. Everything will come to pass. In five years, the things that you think matter today (like a broken relationship) will not matter that much anymore. These things will only make you stronger, and you will look back to the day when you wanted to give up, but didn't. 2. 3. 4. 16 Facts you should know about Candy Hearts! Love is for me, love is for you, love is for all.

16 Facts you should know about Candy Hearts!

Love is an emotion, love is a drug, love is a scroll. There is no day enough to express what you have in your heart for your loved ones. However, there are somedays you just want to travel that extra mile to show your loved ones that they hold your heart. 5 Self-Love Habits You Need To Start Today. It's a difficult world we live in and it's always hard to spread love to others if we cannot even start with ourselves.

5 Self-Love Habits You Need To Start Today

These things take time and practice, but it's great to start as soon as you realize it. Here are five self-love habits you need to start today: 1. Three Cute Gift Ideas For Valentine's Day. The month of love is just around the corner, and we know you're already thinking of what to give to your special someone.

Three Cute Gift Ideas For Valentine's Day

A lot of things have happened in the past year, and this year, we are all filled with hope and we are ready for the good things that are hopefully coming our way. And with that, it's great to be able to celebrate Valentine's Day with the person you love, and best of all, make them feel special with any of these cute Valentine's Day ideas: 1.

Self-Care Practices You Need To Start Doing This 2021. Last year had been filled with worries and fear for most of us, but of course, 2021 is here, and we have to be hopeful for better days coming our way.

Self-Care Practices You Need To Start Doing This 2021

We know that these times have been difficult, but we should not forget to take care of ourselves. Self-care is one of the most important ways to achieve a happy life. Here are a few self-care practices you need to start doing this 2021, if you haven't started doing them yet: 1. Meditate. 2. 3. 4. Top 5 Sparko Sweets Lollipops 2020. So 2021 is here, and most of us are relieved.

Top 5 Sparko Sweets Lollipops 2020

But like we always say, we are so grateful that we have you supporting us and appreciating our products. On that note, we would like to give you the top 5 Sparko Sweets Lollipops of the year 2020. 1. Why are candy bars so good? (And some Chocolate Bar History for you!) When we were kids and even up to this day, candy bars have always been a crowd favorite.

Why are candy bars so good? (And some Chocolate Bar History for you!)

Halloweens are never complete without the candy bars we all love and long for. Other occasions can also be made special with some candy bars! But why are candy bars so good? It really depends on your preference, but we everyone has a favorite! Candy bars are sweet treat for children and adults alike, and they have always been popular all over the world. During World War I, chocolate bars gained huge interest as the American government began buying up large quantities of chocolate in 20- to 40-pound hunks. 5 Resolutions You Can Make This Year 2021. It has not been an easy year, 2020, for all of us, but we can always hope for better things to come.

5 Resolutions You Can Make This Year 2021

This new year brings us a new hope that we can carry with us throughout everything, even when unexpected things happen. Here are some doable resolutions you can make this year to, at least, make it a little more special. 1. Drink more water. And just take more care of yourself. What is the Best Valentine Candy? Did you know that February 14th is the second largest card giving day of the year, just after Christmas?

What is the Best Valentine Candy?

And did you know that the oldest record of a valentine being sent, according to our friends at the website, was a poem written by a French medieval duke named Charles to his wife in 1415. Charles penned this sweet note to his lover while he was imprisoned in the Tower of London at just 21 years old. One of the lines in the poem? "I am already sick of love, My very gentle Valentine. " So sweet! This day is celebrated differently across the world! Customize your way to Christmas! Christmas is just around the corner, and as they say: it's the most wonderful time of the year.

This year has not been so easy for all of us all over the world, but we are grateful that we are able to go through all of it together. This Christmas season, reward yourself and your loved ones with some customized gifts! Christmas Lollipops for Party Favor - Sparko sweets. Honey Lollipops that are good for you! According to our friends over at, HONEY has so many health benefits and even doctors highly recommend it. Honey may help treat upper respiratory tract infections (URI). In a new paper in the journal BMJ Evidence-Based Medicine, Oxford University researchers looked at 14 previously published studies related to the effectiveness of honey for the relief of URI symptoms.

They found that compared to usual treatments (like over-the-counter meds and antibiotics), honey improved both cough frequency and severity, it and may serve as an inexpensive alternative to antibiotics. Honey could also fight Metabolic Syndrome. Honey’s antioxidative properties also help to reduce oxidative stress, one of the central mechanisms in MetS. Honey may also support a healthy gut and provides nutrients. Christmas Lollipops for Stocking Stuffers and Party Favors. Sugar Free Lollipop - Sparko Sweets. Embed Code For hosted site: Click the code to copy <div class='visually_embed'><img class='visually_embed_infographic' src=' alt='Sugar Free Lollipop - Sparko Sweets' /><div class='visually_embed_cycle'></div><script type='text/javascript' src=' class='visually_embed_script' id='visually_embed_script_2010125'></script><p> From <a href='

Sugar Free Lollipops - Great Tasting Flavors by Sparko Sweets. Custom Printed Lollipops and Products. A scary story to get you excited for Halloween: Halloween Lollipops for Party Favors, Gifts, and Giveaways! Design Your Custom Lollipops for Parties and Events! We know how much heart you put into planning a party or an event, from the preparations to everything else in between. Custom Printed Lollipops and Products. Sugar Free Lollipops - Great Tasting Flavors by Sparko Sweets.

Who Made THE WEEKND Frog Lollipops. The Weeknd, byname of Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, (born February 16, 1990, Toronto, Ontario, Canada), Canadian rhythm-and-blues singer and songwriter who was perhaps best known for his explicit songs about sex and drugs, many of which were autobiographical, and for his soaring falsetto and its singular tremolo. With Drake as an admirer and backer, Tesfaye had greater access to recording opportunities, and by March 2011 he had put together a nine-song mixtape, House of Balloons, which he released as a free download.

The album gained critical notice and was short-listed for Canada’s Polaris Music Prize. Tesfaye made his first public appearance as The Weeknd in a Toronto nightclub in July that year. He released two more free mixtapes in 2011, Thursday, and Echoes of Silence. In addition, he contributed to the 2011 Drake release Take Care. The Weeknd partnered with Republic Records in September 2012. The Weeknd subsequently asked his record company for help in crafting songs. Lollipops Theme Party. Different Types Of Lollipops By Sparko Sweets. Customized Lollipops Candies For All Occasions. 1 view 0 faves 0 shares 0 comments. Sparko Sweets Twinkle Lollipops. Personalized Lollipops. Handcraft Beautiful Birthday Party Lollipops. Personalized Lollipops - The Perfect Party Favor. Sparko Sweets: Galaxy, Custom, Personalized Lollipops Boutique.