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Spark Email is an Indian email marketing service provider that allows you to drive revenue through the email, mobile and social campaigns. We provide end- to-end campaign services that include Responsive Email Template Design, HTML coding, conversion of PSD to Email HTML, Email Integration, Social Media Marketing and many more things for your B2B and B2C clients.

Campaign Management. We Specialize in Executing Interactive Email Marketing Campaigns We adapt our master checklist & workflow to fit your process and needs Process & Tasks Populate an agreed upon template with all the data, metrics and observations from the campaign Develop charts for the key performance indicators (KPIs) Show campaign performance relative to client history, vertical, and industry as applicable.

Campaign Management

Mailchimp Experts. Why Choose SparkEmail ?

Mailchimp Experts

Being highly specialized in designing responsive MailChimp newsletter and email templates, we can handle your entire email campaigning program. Upright from campaign management, email listing, conversion of HTML files, coding and sending emails, we do each and everything on your behalf. Our team of expert developers and designers can beautifully design customized email template as per your business requirement. Up till now, we have successfully delivered thousands of successful MailChimp projects to our esteemed clients and we do believe in continuing the same trend with the new MailChimp clients also.

Whether new email designing, integration of sales contacts from a CRM to MailChimp list, troubleshooting or training, we’d love to help you in every situation. Mailchimp Experts. Poor Email Practices to Avoid Unless You Want Angry Subscribers. Email is the king of digital market, it can make your business fall up or down.

Poor Email Practices to Avoid Unless You Want Angry Subscribers

So, it is one of the most important tool that should be handled very carefully and cautiously. On a daily basis, you are receiving a number of emails in your inbox. Making your email looks right and excellent is an easy task, after following these steps and measures. 1.Stop the e-blast Same thing repeating again and again becomes boring after a time interval. 2.Read the message before sending As we are humans, committing mistakes is a by default process to learn something new. 3.Don’t use the CC Function Make use of the Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact and Dot Mailer to prevent the problems that causes with your email server. 4.Clearly mention Call to Action Make sure your contact details are clearly mentioned on the email.

Custom Email Templates Much Better then the Pre-created. How to Embed HTML 5 Video into Email. As the world is fast progressing towards digitization, nowadays, it is possible to use HTML 5 for the embedded videos.

How to Embed HTML 5 Video into Email

By embedding of HTML 5 videos into an email, subscribers are able to watch brilliant masterpiece videos immediately. This article is basically written for teaching you how to embed the HTML 5 videos into the email. Adjacently, we have shared the information about the failure techniques that workouts when the video doesn’t get displayed in the email inbox. Advantages of Using Videos in Emails. How to Bring Your Emails Back to Life with Dynamic Content. For engaging and generating interest of the readers to open up your email from the huge list of emails that consist in the subscriber’s inbox, is a challenging and tough task.

How to Bring Your Emails Back to Life with Dynamic Content

Through the subject-line, meta-tag lines and vital information in the first two or three lines, the readers draw the conclusion of whether the email is useful for them or not. Know your customer Here we are sharing some real facts and aspects, that needs to be learned by the writers before making any presentation to the audience. Tips, Tricks and Tactics for Effective HTML Template Design. If you are going to launch an email campaign, then choosing the right email template is the foremost question that comes to mind.

Tips, Tricks and Tactics for Effective HTML Template Design

Here in this article in which we will give you a detailed explanation on the free HTML email template. HTML email is an email that is formatted like a web page using the colors, graphics, table columns and links. Below we have discussed some of the features of HTML email template. 1.Adjustable Color scheme Customize the email template according to the company’s requirement. 2.Mobile Responsive The HTML email template can be rendered according to the size of the mobile device. 3.Extensively Tested The email template can be designed by thousands way.

Technical Problems with HTML Email Template. Email Template Design For Campaign Monitor - SparkEmail.