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VIDEO: Times VS. W.L. A Wave of the Watch List, and Speech Disappears. The irony... Note: The deadline for this Request for Proposals has passed.

The irony...

Department of State Public Notice Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor Request for Proposals: Democracy, Human Rights, and Rule of Law in the Near East Region. The Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor (DRL) announces a Request for Proposals from organizations interested in submitting proposals for projects that promote democracy, human rights, and rule of law in the Near East region. PLEASE NOTE: DRL strongly urges applicants to access immediately in order to obtain a username and password. DRL invites organizations to submit proposals outlining program concepts and capacity to manage projects targeting the following issues: Empowerment and Protection of Persons with Disabilities in the Near East.

Please refer directly to DRL’s posted Proposal Submission Instructions (PSI), updated in November 2012, available at. The sequel. As Prepared for Delivery Good morning.

the sequel

I am delighted to be here to speak with you and through C-SPAN to the viewing audience around the United States. The daily briefings I do are on C-SPAN every day and feature snappy repartee with reporters who are a professional and talented group, who have been covering foreign policy in some cases longer than I have been in and around government. And this is my 34th year in some facet of national security policy. I came to appreciate the difference between the State Department Press Corps and journalists who cover other agencies or branches of the government. To Host World Press Freedom Day in 2011. The United States is pleased to announce that it will host UNESCO’s World Press Freedom Day event in 2011, from May 1 - May 3 in Washington, D.C.

to Host World Press Freedom Day in 2011

UNESCO is the only UN agency with the mandate to promote freedom of expression and its corollary, freedom of the press. WL & Internet Freedom. Here's a list of essential posts on current Wikileaks controversy, starting with coverage by techPresident's editors and including posts by the various speakers in Personal Democracy Forum's December 11 New York City symposium on Wikileaks and internet freedom, plus others we've found useful and/or provocative.

WL & Internet Freedom

Micah L. Sifry, "From Wikileaks to OpenLeaks, Via the Knight News Challenge," December 17, 2010. Reining in freedom on the Web. Photo: Lea Suzuki, The Chronicle Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg listens to speakers during a press conference at Facebook on Wednesday, October 6, 2010 in Palo Alto, Calif.

Reining in freedom on the Web

Zuckerberg announced 3 new features including a new way to form groups. Reining in freedom on the Web A few days ago, Facebook asked me to change my user name. The name I had chosen wasn't obscene, it did not incite racial hatred, it was not an attempt to usurp the name of the all-powerful Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook's CEO, founder and majority shareholder), nor was it even vaguely similar to a registered trademark.


Freedom on the Web. Timeline WL- Attacks. On Sunday 28 November WikiLeaks began releasing the first of its 250,000 leaked US embassy cables.

Timeline WL- Attacks

Almost immediately, a hacking attack known as a "DDoS" – distributed denial of service – attack tried to knock it off the net. These are the attacks that have followed in the succeeding days. Sunday 28 November 2010 • TECH: DDoS attack hits WikiLeaks as first set of US diplomatic cables is published. Wednesday 1 December 2010 • TECH: Tableau Software, which offers free software for data visualisation, removes the public views of graphics built using information about the diplomatic cables. Intermediary censorship. By Index on Censorship / 3 December, 2010 Private ownership of web hosting raises serious questions for free expression, says Jillian C York WikiLeaks’ latest release is making its rounds in the media.

Intermediary censorship

Links to are circulating, posted on Twitter and Facebook, passed around in emails. WL & 21st Cent. statecraft. Have 250,000 leaks sunk the State Department’s ‘Internet Freedom’ policy?

WL & 21st Cent. statecraft

20th cent. roots of 21st cent. statecraft. Let's imagine a parallel universe for a second.

20th cent. roots of 21st cent. statecraft

In that universe, the U.S. State Department decides that energy -- rather than the Internet -- would form one of the core pillars of "21st century statecraft. " To that end, the secretary of state would give a speech about some highly abstract and ambiguous concept like "environmental freedom" that would strike the right chord with the media -- if only because it promises a greener future for all of us! Since energy-inspired "21st century statecraft" would be difficult to practice without courting the private sector -- the likes of Haliburton, Exxon Mobile, and Chevron -- their executives would be taken on regular tours of exotic places and invited to private dinners with the secretary of state. People spearheading this kind of energy-inspired "21st century statecraft" would have a very friendly relationship with the corporate world, occasionally leaving government service to work for the giant energy corporations.

Internet Freedom Fraud (Morozov) Originally posted on Slate.

Internet Freedom Fraud (Morozov)

In March of this year, Hillary Clinton announced that the U.S. government had granted a license to a company whose software would "help information continue to flow freely into and out of Iran. "