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Symptoms of Adults and Children with ADD. ADD/ADHD Symptoms: Difficulty staying on task, poor eye control, poor handwriting Physical Focus: Eyes still and converging on a specific focal point Mental Focus: Responding to a specific item or task for an appropriate length of time ADHD is a condition in which levels of attention and concentration are inappropriate for the child's age.

Symptoms of Adults and Children with ADD

The child is easily distractible and often impulsive. Teach 4 the Heart on Pinterest. Teach 4 the Heart Teaching Resources. I am the founder of Teach 4 the Heart ( I've also taught middle school math for four years, including Math 6, pre algebra, and Algebra 1.

Teach 4 the Heart Teaching Resources

I've also taught English and accounting. I lean towards a more traditional teaching style, but I am always looking for new ideas. I believe technology should aid in genuine learning, not just be used for its own sake. Teaching Assistant of the Year - Pensacola Christian College - 2008 Graduated from Heritage Christian School in 2004 Earned a Bachelor of Science in Math Education from Pensacola Christian College in 2008. I believe that when God calls us to teach, He promises the strength to do it well. Free Behavior Charts To Target Single Behaviors. What is PBIS? School Climate: Academic Achievement and Social Behavior Competence The purpose of this technical brief is to provide an operational and applied overview of school climate that can guide decisions related to policy, professional development, and practice and systems implementation at the classroom, school, district, and state levels (by Center for Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) School-wide Evaluation Tool Implementation Manual The SET Implementation Manual was developed to provide guidance and technical assistance to those who would like to use the School-wide Evaluation Tool (SET) to assess a school’s fidelity of implementation of school-wide positive behavior support.

What is PBIS?

Tier 3/Tertiary Series Training Resource Guide from Illinois PBIS Bully Prevention in Positive Behavior Support From 60 to 600:The Perfect Storm (APBS 08) The presentation describes the features and procedures for moving evidence-based educational practices from demonstrations to large-scale adoptions. PBIS: 225 Incentives for Students of All Ages. Incentives are a great way to engage your students and create excitement for your PBIS rewards program.

PBIS: 225 Incentives for Students of All Ages

However, coming up with incentive ideas may be a challenging task. So we’ve created this list of PBIS incentives to help educators and administrators support Tier 1 of their PBIS program. Incentives are categorized by: Grade: K – 12thPrice: our estimate of the school’s costCategory: Tangible, Recognition, or PrivilegeValue: one trophy represents items that can be earned with one or two weeks, two trophies represent items that may take up to a full grading period to earn, and three trophies for items that may take half of the year to earn.

PBIS in the Secondary Level. Before becoming a certified teacher, I worked for three years with schools and literacy organizations in Philadelphia.

PBIS in the Secondary Level

I then taught high school English, primarily ninth grade, for six years, also in Philadelphia. Last year I worked as an intervention specialist with grades 3-8 in a small charter school, still in Philadelphia. This year I'll be back at the same school, but in a different role. In my new position as a literacy coach I'll still be providing literacy interventions to students, but I'll also be working with teachers on best practices. My six years as a high school English teacher were spent in some of the most challenging schools in the district, the kind of schools that made other teachers in the district shudder and say, "I don't know how you can work there.

" 50 Student Rewards That Don't Cost a Thing. The discussion has been had over and over again.

50 Student Rewards That Don't Cost a Thing

Should students be rewarded for doing what they are supposed to do already? I am not here to start a debate on this one, but I will say that I have had students who respond extraordinarily well to rewards, or reinforcers as some would prefer to call them. I don't think that they are the end all and be all of classroom management, but they can be an easy way of adding some positivity. With that being said, I refuse to continue buying items for a treasure box, or something of that sort. Instead I have a list in my classroom of one hundred things that my students can choose from, all of which cost my exactly $0. Don't get me wrong, none of these are groundbreaking, but they are here in one spot. PBIS BRAG TAGS Freebie ON TPT. Brag tags are an effective way to recognize and reinforce positive behavior in the classroom.


15 Creative & Respectful Ways to Quiet a Class. Have you fallen into the trap of saying “No talking!”

15 Creative & Respectful Ways to Quiet a Class

Or “I need quiet!” All day long? It’s exhausting to keep repeating your requests for silence, and after the hundredth time, kids just tune you out, anyway. There have been some great discussions about how to get students to quiet down on my Facebook page, and I want to share what’s worked for those teachers as well as what I’ve tried in my own classroom.

Contributors’ names are written in parentheses where applicable. 1. For the youngest students, use finger plays like the Itsy Bitsy Spider and Open, Shut Them. 2. If you’re not comfortable singing with your class, try playing music on your computer or CD player. 3. Bethany M. uses a zen chimewith a long sustain. Connect & Chat about PBIS @ #pbischat. 25 Strategies for Chatty Classes. Have a chatty class?

25 Strategies for Chatty Classes

Do your talkative students get louder and louder during small groups until it feels like chaos? Do they talk when you're talking then ask you what the directions were as soon as you finish? Don't worry. This is totally normal. And completely fixable. PBIS Rewards That Won't Break the Bank. I think most teachers would prefer a world where all students were intrinsically motivated, but it just isn't an every day reality.

PBIS Rewards That Won't Break the Bank

Many of us dig deep into our pockets and find extrinsic rewards to help change certain student behaviors. Guilty! PBIS Rewards that are Free. Our school has adopted a program called PBIS- Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports. The idea behind this program is that you use positive reinforcement to get the behaviors you want to see, and teach expectations. At our school we want the children to be Safe, Responsible, and Respectful. If you see a child doing these things, you give them a Tiger Ticket, and say how they were being safe, responsible, or respectful. If they have earned a ticket each day, they are entered in a daily drawing. With this program you are supposed to give a daily reward, weekly reward, and a monthly reward. So over the summer, I thought about how I could make my program in my room run a little better. My kids were SO excited about all of the rewards! Now for some of the "house keeping" I have the helper of the day collect and record tickets at the end of the day on a spreadsheet.

Middle School Student Reward Ideas. Regain Control of Your Classroom NOW. The bell rings and chaos ensues. Kids are chatting it up, a few are wandering around, and you have to admit that pretty much no one is paying attention to you. You raise your voice – and no one can hear you. You flick the lights – to no avail. You wait. You give them the evil eye. Teaching Social Skills to Youth. 20 Creative Ways to Encourage Good Behavior at the End of the Year. Advice from Real Teachers Series Do you dread the last few weeks of school because your students are full of energy and unable to focus?

Administrators might say to stick to your routines and keep your kids busy with regular assignments, but that didn't work for me. Making my students do seatwork at the end of the year was like putting a lid on a pressure cooker, turning up the heat, and wondering when it was going to blow sky high! For me, it was far more effective to do something different at the end of the year, something meaningful but exciting enough to keep my kids interested and on task.