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8 Multi-Residence Building Upgrades That Pay Off. If you own a multi-unit rental property, you know that real estate management involves attracting quality tenants, minimizing operating expenses, and maximizing rents.

8 Multi-Residence Building Upgrades That Pay Off

Upgrading your units will entice desirable tenants and encourage them to stay through multiple lease cycles. Whether you manage a duplex or a sprawling multi-building apartment complex, you can significantly improve the look and functionality of your units and increase your building’s resale value without spending a fortune. Here are 8 worthwhile upgrades (we don’t include things like painting and cleaning since these are considered basic maintenance): 1: New Interior Doors Interior glass sliding doors instantly elevate the look of a space and create visual appeal. 2: Wood Flooring Carpet is outdated and undesirable. On the other hand, tenants love wood flooring.

How to Design an Office Millennial Employees Will Love. Millennials are a growing presence in the workplace.

How to Design an Office Millennial Employees Will Love

Born roughly between 1980 and 2000, members of this tech-savvy generation will make up 75% of the workforce by 2030. Millennials are already heavily influencing company operations, layout, and interior design. Let’s explore what drives this generation and what design features they want at work. What Millennials Value Millennials are one of the most studied generations—some argue the most studied generation. Give Your Office A Fresh New Look In 2019 With These Design Trends. Office design and layout heavily influence employee comfort and productivity.

Give Your Office A Fresh New Look In 2019 With These Design Trends

An inspiring office space will motivate employees to do their best work—and that’s good for employees and good for business. Whether you’re relocating, opening a new office, or planning a redesign of your existing workspace, we’ve highlighted some of the latest office design trends worthy of incorporating into your plan. Bold Colors Most of us spend the better part of our lives at work. For decades we’ve been subjected to (or subjected our employees to) boring colorscapes that feel clinical and detached.

Neutral office décor may be safe, but it does little to inspire creativity. You don’t have to commit to huge swaths of color. Free-Range Cohabitation Spaces The concept of cohabitation spaces—multiple companies under one roof—is not new. Features of free-range cohabitation spaces include: Open office designs have their benefits, but it’s important to ensure employees also have quiet private spaces. HOW INCORPORATE MOVABLE WALL PANELS INTO COLLEGE CAMPUSES. College and university campuses are experiencing a design revolution.


Where rows of near-identical classrooms and massive lecture halls once dominated college campuses, bright and airy tech-enabled spaces are taking their place today. Inspired by Silicon Valley, designers and architects are hyper-focused on creating open, collaborative spaces where creative ideas can flow freely—and college campuses are no exception. The idea is that buildings with open designs create opportunities for productive run-ins. Wide, daylit staircases and hallways encourage students to linger between classes and appointments, increasing the likelihood of unexpected encounters.

Today, movable wall panels and glass partitions allow designers to create dynamic spaces where students can thrive. As the Founding Dean and Vice Provost at Cornell Tech told the New York Times, “Being in bigger interactive spaces encourages expansive thinking, while being in a box of a room encourages box thinking.” 4: Enclose lobbies. The Benefits of Natural Light. If you want productive employees, you need healthy employees.

The Benefits of Natural Light

You also need happy employees. Increasing the natural light in your office is one of the surest ways to improve wellness and boost energy levels. Next time you move into a brand-new office or update your workplace, ditch the light-obstructing cubicles and solid walls for high-quality glass partitions and sliding room dividers. The Importance of a Healthy Workforce Health is tied to performance, that much is clear. Subjective well-being can improve cognitive abilities and processes, inspire creative thinking, and stimulate problem-solving. Employees that report better wellness scores also tend to have a more optimistic attitude toward work and a greater proclivity to collaborate with others.1 Finally, research suggests that the physical layout of the workplace can have a major impact on innovation levels.2 In other words, wellness has a positive impact on performance and attitude across the board.

It’s simple: Let more light in. Tips and Tricks for Designing a Productive Workspace. It’s one of the greatest challenges facing employers: workspace design and productivity.

Tips and Tricks for Designing a Productive Workspace

It’s clear that one affects the other—studies have consistently proven that our environment has a significant impact on our ability to focus—but what is the best route to office space optimization? Which arrangements contribute to a happy, healthy, productive workplace, and which detract from it? How do employers rearrange their office spaces to get the best out of their team? Here are some of the most common obstacles to productivity, and some creative solutions for solving with them. The Physical Layout The physical layout of your office should reflect your company culture.

Unfortunately, there seems to be a perpetual tug-of-war between the need for community space and the desire for privacy, the value of openness and the importance of privacy. The Solutions Room Dividers: Open office plans became the rage for a while (and still are, in some places). Enter flexible room dividers. The Clutter The Desk. THREE INNOVATIVE DOOR SOLUTIONS FOR THE MODERN OFFICE. Planning your new office space?


What’s the first thing that comes to mind? Desks, chairs, computer servers? How about sliding glass door dividers? What about door handles and locks? Latches, locks, and levers may not be the first pieces of technology you think of when organizing new office space, but they are some of the most important. Choosing the right door hardware can also be one of the most complicated decisions that businesses make as they arrange their new office or facility.

Select the right doors, and you’ll get convenience, keyless entry, and accessibility all wrapped into one. Bright Idea #1: Improve Accessibility with ADA Compliant Doors and Locks An estimated 13 percent1 to 19 percent2 of the American population suffers from some form of disability. Fortunately, they don’t have to start from scratch.