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Gaming Unplugged Since 2000. Gatherer - Magic: The Gathering. …and knowing is half the Battlefield. Hello friends, and welcome to Commander Week!

…and knowing is half the Battlefield

As we look towards Journey into Nyx, I thought it would be fun to spend a while talking about one of the most popular casual formats, Commander! One of the central features of Commander is, of course, the commanders themselves. When constructing a Commander deck, you pick one legendary creature to be your deck’s “commander” or “general.” You then pick 99 additional cards (including lands) to form the rest of your deck. Each of those cards has to fall within your commander’s color identity, which includes the colors of the mana symbols in that creature’s mana cost, as well as any mana symbols that occur in its text box or color indicator.

When you start the game, the 99 cards in your deck become your library for this format. However, the rules of the Commander format itself allow you to cast your commander from the command zone at any point you could cast that card. Once your commander has gone back to the command zone, you can cast it again! Daily MTG.